188 – Pray & Obey

While i talk a lot about sex or sex-related or fictional sex stuff, i do believe my DD relationship is more than that.

I believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

And i believe that when you pray, your prayers are answered in full. Now that said, it’s not that i always get the exact answers i want. But i always DO get answers. Meaning, God isn’t Santa Claus. i don’t get to have a wishlist and it all comes true the minute i ask for it. i am not entitled to everything i want or think i have to have.

In fact, think about it….. if we all got what we wanted, wouldn’t we be a world of selfish people? And how would that even be possible anyway? Meaning, what would happen if someone prayed (and it was answered “yes”) for something to happen, but someone else prayed for the exact opposite to happen? How do both people get what they prayed for?


HIM: “I am going to ask her to marry me. And Lord, please let her say yes.”

HER: “Lord I’m not sure I want to marry him. Please don’t let him ask me to marry him.”

Who wins? How is it possible for both to get what they want?

i pray (almost) everyday over every meal, i pray before bedtime…. and i pray before being spanked.

Now i am fully aware i am taking the verse in this pic a bit out of context here….. but….. it is true for me that i pray in my bedroom with no one around to see.

When i am told to “Assume The Position,” to be spanked that means i go to our bedroom, in silence and in compliance, alone, and take all clothing off. i then bend at the waist, with my top half laying over the bed and my feet flat on the floor, spread at shoulder width.

And i wait.

Most of the time, the wait for Sir to come in and administer the spanking is just a few minutes. But Sir has been known to take longer too.

i always feel my heart racing and my pulse throbbing with anxiousness and anticipation.

While i accept punishments and i know i have done something to deserve the punishment, i do not like the punishment.

So i pray while i wait for him to come in.

Alone, in my bedroom, with no one to see…. i pray.

i pray all sorts of things, but mostly it is for me to have an open, loving, accepting attitude. To have God lead David’s mind and hand as he pulls me back – mentally and physically- to the place i need to be. That David does it with a loving heart, and God’s guidance.

i also pray that David feels God’s presence as he leads our family and does God’s will for us in this moment, but every moment. That David seeks God’s will at all times.

All this to say – even in spite of being naked, preparing to have a painful reminder of wrongdoing, i pray in secret and alone.

And i only tell you because i firmly believe “Pray without Ceasing” and “Give praise and Thanksgiving in all that you do” and God will he just and fair.

And when i pray in my room, He will reward me!

Now time to get to work and pray i can stay out of trouble today!



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