60- who snaps the hardest?

i managed to get myself into trouble today. i got very stressed out in a situation that was timed and had a deadline, and David was only trying to help. But he caused my stress to go up because i had a plan and just needed to execute it. So i snapped at him, “ok, fine! I got this. Go do your thing now and let me do this!”

And T-H-E very second it came out of my mouth i regretted it. But too late. Damage done.

David just gave me a look that said it all. i could read his expression and it said, “I know you didn’t just talk to me that way!”

And i immediately responded with, “i am sorry Sir, that was an unintentional snap.”

He calmly said, “I’m sure I will have an Intentional snap very soon where I will accept your apology”.

i knew that meant the snap of the paddle pressing hard against my ass.

i had no choice but to face the consequences of my stupid, stressed-out, speak-before-i-think actions.

Thankfully, he walked away and allowed me to refocus and get the deadline met. i got the work done in time and turned in with 2-minutes left.

(NO, i did not procrastinate. It was simply an assignment with a super tight deadline and the clock was not my friend.)

Spankings during this social distancing time have been hard to do because they are not quiet events and our son is home more than ever.

And as luck would not be in my favor, the first time since mid-March, my son’s BF invited him over to their house and since it was just the two of them (and BF’s fam), i said yes.

So an hour later, our son was out of the house. David and i ate dinner and i just knew that i should be in position to accept the spanking (soon). So i just went to the bedroom without being told. Striped naked. Per usual. Leaned over with my elbows on the bed and feet flat on the floor. Ass sticking straight out, available for use.

So after getting into position, i waited, for one hot second. And here he came.

He grabbed the paddle and started peppering my ass to warm it up. The warm up stings. It feels like mosquito bites hanging up on my bottom.

As he did this, he asked, “going to snap at me?”

i said, “no Sir”

“Why not now? You did earlier. You seemed to think it was ok then!”

i responded with, “it was wrong.“

And he said, “good answer…now. Too bad you didn’t think before you spoke before. And now your ass is going to sting when we are done so that you remember you don’t get to snap at me. Or else I will snap at you. And my snaps will hurt far more than your snaps could ever do.”

i lost count. He was right. The snaps were so many. And what’s more is he didn’t actually swing hard or powerful. It was just snapping. And the more he did, the more it stung.

i estimate i received around 200 “snaps” in all. All with the paddle. All in about 10’ish minutes. Not much force at all actually, but more or less in the same spot. Over and over again.

And then it was finally over. For today. But alas, tomorrow is maintenance.

As we lay in bed and i type this, he just rolled over, said good night, “I guess we will sting your butt again tomorrow. Because it IS Friday. Sleep well!”

In my head… “oh joy. Can’t wait. W-H-Y couldn’t it be any day but Friday tomorrow? My butt is still stinging even now, so I wonder how it will feel tomorrow.”

And out of my mouth, “thank you Sir. You sleep well also.”

He said, “good answer.”



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