DAY 8 – My Submissiveness

So i have NOT kept up with the 30-days of submissiveness postings, but i want to resume those. It may prove to be intermittent and not “daily”, but i think that’s okay too. So…. day 8…..

DAY 8 : LOOK!Post a kinky image you find erotic. Briefly describe what arouses you most in the image.

This prompt has caused me so much angst. i am struggling to pick just one image, so i decided to do more than just one…. in no particular order…

Pic 1: spanking… the very essence of Domestic Discipline:

Spanking is a real part of my relationship with David. Spanking a bare bottom, that has been offered up freely to a dominant, Hoh is acknowledging that i am not in control. Ever.

In addition, i should always look, smell, and sound appealing to him.

Pic 2: the paddle

David’s favorite disciplinary tool is the paddle. My paddle looks quite similar to this one. i hate the paddle … that it is (ever) even needed. But i love that David and i have found this lifestyle that works too. No fighting … verbally or physically… takes place in our home (when we are in our mode of DD anyway!). i freely accept the paddle as a necessary tool to keep our marriage where we both want it to be.

Pic 3: afterward…

Almost always after the paddle, he allows me to cum. It depends if it’s a true punishment or a maintenance (“stay the course reminder and reward for doing so”) though too. Punishment can’t ever be rewarded with sexual pleasure or else it would make me WANT to be bad.

Pic 4: why i do what i do….

YES, i do truly believe that if i can’t submit to my husband, i will never be able to truly submit to God’s authority either. God said in the Bible women are to submit and men are to love.

Pic: And last one….

i have a strong fantasy desire to be the center of attention for a room full of people – men and women. To be tied up and put on display and/or use, however, the party- goers wish to use me is their desire and my command. To be an ultimate party-favor, for the duration of the party and to serve any person’s whim. We shall see if this ever happens… i mean, it IS a fantasy and sometimes they come true.




    • Hi Nijntje –
      This is a great question, and one I’m not entirely sure how to answer.

      Spiritual reasons are a big part of why I submit, but I engage in DD because I think it’s a great way to ensure the submission occurs. (Reward/consequence).

      I think David & I have always had a Dominant/submissive relationship, but it wasn’t until we implemented DD that it was front of mind either.

      I feel I’m rambling, because again, I’m not entirely sure why I do it – other than: it feels right, it makes me happy when he’s happy, it cuts down on fights, and it is religious for me.

      • I don’t think you’re rambling, I think you have a pretty good grasp on why you want this in fact! Thank you for taking the time to answer. 🙂

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