61 – who would volunteer?

One question i find to be a bit silly is “do we need to have an attitude adjustment?”

When i was asked this as a kid and now as a submissive wife in a DD relationship, i know that the “attitude adjustment” is punishment…. aka: spanking.

Who would ever say, “why Y-E-S, we do need an attitude adjustment!” Let’s go get that done now!”


i mean seriously, if you think i need an attitude adjustment.. just do it already. But maybe it was just an opportunity to change my behavior before HE decided i needed an attitude adjustment. Either way……

No. Not me.

So guess what i said today when asked that? NO. Capitalized. But not rude. Just firm.

Just curious … what do YOU say?!?!




  1. I’m a brat and a masochist, so my usual response would be either “I dunno, do we?”, “Why are you asking me? You’re supposed to be the boss” or, more dangerously, “you do? Okay, bend over then!”. When I was young, my father, who was a children’s social worker, always used to say “do we have a problem?”. Once I stopped learning to fear him, I got cheeky and my reaction was always “I don’t know, do we?”. Personally, attitude adjustments wouldn’t work on me. I have an attitude, and he’ll just have to adjust to it 😉 xx

  2. Mmm-hm. This is a question my husband asks, but he genuinely wants to know the answer. Sometimes I DO need the attitude adjustment, but sometimes I just need someone to listen and sympathize with me. When he asks that it’s like a signal to me that I need to decide how the conversation is going to continue, with me acting a brat and getting spanked, or with me reassessing how I am speaking and asking for him to listen.

    • Val – ok, this sounds very reasonable and definitely a different perspective than I have ever thought before. All good points! Thanks! Marie

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