204 – spanking AND Chastity!

Today i earned a spanking. A discipline one. It hurt. A lot.

It made me mad actually to be told to “Assume The Position,” but i did it without complaining. And i accepted it. Because that’s what i do.

That didn’t change the fact that i was mad about it. By the end though, i was past the mad and realized i (basically) needed it too. But i didn’t want it… because… well…. i never do!

And now for the rest of the story.

Our son was leaving this morning to do an all day school activity (7a-9p) where he would not have access to a wall plug charger. As he was packing his bag to leave, i asked if he needed to take a charger power pack thing (what are those things even called?) for his phone. He said no, he had one.

Well, David overheard me and said, “I have that brick power pack. Do you think he wants it?”

i said, “No, i don’t think so.” And he walked away so i thought all was done.

About 5’ish minutes later, David comes out with brick power charger in hand. When i say “brick”, it is about the same size and weight. It’s a heavy-duty remote power pack, to say the least!

He said, “This is the one I was talking about. This is a brick power pack.”

i looked at him and said “i knew what you were talking about before. i am also aware of what a power pack is.”

He looked at me and said, “Was that necessary?” With no time to respond, he followed with the answer, “I don’t think it was!”

Ahh crap.

Ok, so i admit i was annoyed at him…. i mean, i DID know what it was that he was referring to, and i didn’t think bringing it out to show-and-tell was necessary…… but i also didn’t think my tone showed my annoyance when i responded. Apparently it did!

Not to mention….i was taking care of things and our son had already said no he didn’t need one.

SO …. let it be. Drop it already.

And wouldn’t you know it — at THAT moment, our son comes down the stairs and David hands him the power pack and our son says, “This is a brick! But I could probably use it.”

Seriously?! Proving David right just pissed me off more! And David smirked at me with a “told you so” look.

Soon afterward, our son left the house and i was starting my usual morning routine to shower/dress/etc, when David came up and said, “Are you going to Assume The Position?”

i looked at him and said, “No”

(Not MY fault he ASKED me. If you are going to ask a question, you may not always hear the response you are looking for. If you tell me to do it, i will do it. But then don’t ask, just tell me too!)

He looked surprised at the response, and he said, “uhm… wrong answer. YES, you will! Now!”

i looked at him and said, “ok.” And he left the room for me to “Assume the position” and wait for him to return.

He always gives me a waiting period. Usually and sometimes about 10’ish minutes. Today was the same. During that 10’ish minutes i usually find peace and calm in preparing my mental-self for the discipline. Today, i just got madder.

i laid on the bed thinking about, “WHY was THIS the reason i was in this position? What about all the other times that he has lately ignored lip, or rules being broken? Why be the disciplinarian now? WTF??”

So on Saturday i was going to meet up with my sister to do some activities for the day, when David said, “you have a bra on.”

And i responded with, “yes.”

And he said/did nothing.

So WHY did you ignore that breach? And THIS one landed me here?

i laid there thinking about all the recent events that really were worse than this one, and that went seemingly ignored.

Then he came in. Immediately picked up the paddle and laid it against my ass where i felt it’s presence. And he said, “why are you here?”

“Because i talked back.”

“Was it the words or the tone that landed you here?”


“Uhm… probably both Sir.”


“Correct answer!”


“Do you think it was appropriate?”


“No… but…”


“Do you think the word ‘but’ is needed?”


“Y-E-S! I DO!”




(Insert wincing and difficulty speaking as the sting is so real in my ass now. And my temper is subsiding in a hurry!)

“Because i don’t understand why you’ve ignored the other transgressions lately and THIS is the one that landed me here.”


(Insert flinching and unease in ability to sit still now. Wishing it was done already! Thinking about saying ‘yellow’)

“Well, I tried to ignore the first few things thinking it was just a moment for you. Plus it seemed you were testing me then. But you are clearly thinking I will ignore it all and this was my final straw.”


Yellow Sir!”



(Little ones, but still continuing.. as that’s what happens with yellow. Less, but not stopping yet.)

“Are you going to be more respectful now??”

“Yes Sir”

(He rested the paddle against my ass once more….)

“Great! Then one last BIG smack. Prepare yourself . This one is meant to hurt and meant to last!”



That’s when he said, “now all is forgiven. And time to get you ready for the day. Go get the chastity belt. I will put it on you.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir”

After it was on, he added, “oh and be sure to wear clothes WITHOUT a bra today!”

And so it was. And so it is.

And as i left the house he handed me a sealed envelope saying, “here are the keys. If you need to take it off, open the envelope. But make no mistake, I sealed it on purpose. You need to think twice before using this. Do I make myself clear?”

Again…. “Yes Sir. Thank you again Sir”

And he hugged and kissed and told each other we love one another… and off to work i go.

So in the end …. While i didn’t much think i deserves to be in “the position” for spanking…. i needed it. It tamed me. It put me back into the submissive mode TOWARDS HIM, not just myself!

And THAT is the rest of the story!



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