262 – And just like that, i was spanked. HARD!

My ass turned a brilliant color of red, hurt to sit, and the next day is STILL tender and bruising.

Yah. So. i knew it was coming. i took it like a champ, but it hurttttttt.

i didn’t know the exact time David’s plane would land back home. i only knew it was around 11a. So i started watching Life 360 for location updates around 10:30. i KNEW i HAD to be in position on time or it would be a double whammy. And i was NOT going there!

Life 360 showed his plane on the ground about 11:05. i watched as his little icon moved slowly, presumably as he walked throughthe airport. Once i knew he was on the road and headed home, i started to get ready.

i was previously told to Assume the Position at the time i knew he had left the airport.

We live about 30’ish minutes from the airport, so i knew the wait would be a test of itself. i went to our bedroom and fully undressed. i pulled the bed covers back. i got the paddle out of its drawer. i grabbed a pillow and set it midway down the bed. i climbed on the bed. i tucked the pillow under my hips, to raise my butt up in the air. i grabbed the paddle, and bent over at my waist. i placed the paddle on my lower back/ upper ass. i tucked my arms under my head. i laid my head on the bed.

And i waited.

And waited.

And i ALMOST fell asleep! Laying on the bed, without anything to do except wait and contemplate my (very) immediate future, caused me to get bored and drift off. Thankfully i did NOT actually fall asleep. i can’t imagine his response had he found me asleep! (Oh my!)

As soon as i heard the garage door open, my heart started racing.

Please Dear God allow me to accept this discipline with grace. Be with David as he delivers this discipline. Lead him in your will. Guide him to know when justice has been served, and without HIS remorse but instead my own.

And he walked in.

“Hello Sir.”

“Hello. I’m glad to see you in position. Are you ready?”

“No, i am not ready, but i know i need to accept this anyway.”

And he picked up the paddle from my lower back/upper butt, and i held my breathe expecting the first swat to land. Instead, it softly touched my bottom. He held it there for what felt like several minutes, but was in reality most likely only several seconds.

i heard, “do you understand why you are here?”

“Yes Sir. i got unnecessarily mad at you and defied your authority, which was disrespectful to you.”


Ouch! Man that hurt. Ok…. Breathe!

As he smacked my butt, my whole body moved forward toward the top of the bed. No warm up today!

Get back in position and relax your muscles. Accept this with grace! You knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant!

“Yes, you are correct.”

He held it against my bottom again. He spoke again, “And was there a better way?”

“Yea Sir. i should have just talked to you.”

Swat, (pause), swat, (pause), SWAT! (and a pause)

Ahhh crap this hurts! Get back in position and relax again!

He said nothing, but as my body moved with the intense smacks he delivered. He gave me enough time to reset and prepare for the next one. Each one was delivered with intensity and intention and purpose.

And we started another round. One. After. Another. i lost count. i tried hard to keep count, but Sir didn’t make me count aloud. Thankfully. As i found it took everything in me to accept each smack, in a respectful manner as i knew i needed to.

This hurt so bad. It is serving its purpose… to correct bad behavior!

After a few more, Sir held the paddle up against my ass again. He must have known i was (unintentionally) holding my breathe as each swat found its mark. This was a chance to recover and be prepared for more. i wasn’t sure if the pause was good or bad really!

After each one, Sir gave me about 5-seconds to reset and release my breathe. And smack!

And release, and Smack!

Then he held the paddle to my ass once again. He spoke again. “Have you learned anything today?”

“Yes Sir. i WON’T be doing this again.”


As he said that, i felt the paddle pull away from the seat of my bottom. As it did, i pulled in my breathe, gritted my teeth, and expected the next swat to make its mark.

But i felt nothing.

Could we be done?!


Ouchie…. This was the worst one yet! Wow! This one was intense.

Maybe it was because i wasn’t able to anticipate it so well with the dramatic pause, but i swear Sir added more power to this one for sure!

Even before now, i knew they would get progressively worse too!

i felt several more too!

My resistance was lessening. i was resigning and relaxing into it. This is usually when i start to tear up and the water starts leaking out of my eyes. i felt a few more spanks collide with my ass and i could tell the tears were starting to form.

David knew i was resigned to accept it now. He knew i was feeling the remorse. He also knew how red my ass was already showing too.

He held the paddle against my ass again and asked me, “Do you have anything more to say?”

“Yes Sir. i am sorry.”

With that, he pulled the paddle back and i prepared for another. But it didn’t come.

Instead, he pulled my upper body up from the mattress and into a hug. He kissed my lips and said, “I love you and your submission. All is done.”

i hugged him right back. And i reciprocated my love for my Sir.

And he said, “let’s go enjoy lunch out and do some shopping.”

i didn’t know what shopping he had in mind, but i was feeling incredibly humble and wasn’t about to say a word about that. i said, “thank you Sir for loving me enough to lead and discipline me.”

i wore a cotton dress to lunch. i knew i needed the soft fabric against my burning bottom. The dress was lowwww cut and showed off my cleavage in a polite, but sexy way. i wore nothing underneath. In fact, besides my sandals, the only other thing i put on was my collar. The collar was to remind me who i am (and not earn a repeat visit to the Position any too soon!)

We went out to lunch.

The seat of my Sir’s truck felt like it was on fire. It was SO hot! Or maybe it was the heat radiating from my ass and trapped between the cotton dress and the leather seat that was causing the problem.

When we got to the restaurant, i requested a booth, where the cushioned bench would be so much better than the wood chairs. Sir laughed but agreed. All throughout lunch he made references to my “hot ass.” i knew he wasn’t making flirtatious comments either.

When we left there, we went to the sex toy shop, Adam & Eve. i had no idea his “shopping” would be for sex toys! He found a few things i would not have bought, mainly for cost! One thing he got was a new whipping tool. Not sure what to call it but i will have to find a way to describe it to you at some point, after it tears up my ass no doubt!

Another thing he found was a rabbit vibratory that had an electric shock function too. i have never owned any electric shock toys. Wasn’t sure if this would be good or bad! As Sir handed me the toys he said to go check out, and i did.

i have NO doubt the two cashiers noticed my low cut dress, my lack of a bra, and my collar. They spoke to me politely enough, but admittedly much of their conversation was directed to Sir. They explained that the electric shock function works “differently inside a body, compared to being on the outside. When you have this inside her, touch the button to start the electricity function. It will cause her muscles to contract where she will reach orgasm much quicker.”

He said, “good to know.” And he smiled at me. As he said this to them, i wondered, “will i get to orgasm or will he stop it just short?!”

After we paid, we came home.

He told me to get undressed and lay on the couch. He used the new electric toy on my needy pussy and he allowed me to orgasm… over and over again! That new electric shock delivered, just as the ladies said it would. i was in multiple orgasm, subspace heaven! i lost count for the second time in one day.

The day started on a humbling note and ended on a super high note. As i laid in bed going off to sleep, i felt really special and happy, despite my rear end still throbbing and showing signs of one continuous bruise. My badge of honor that i was pleased to accept!

That was all yesterday.

Today i was allowed to give Sir a blow job, where i got super horny. i so badly wanted to climb on his cock and ride it like nobody’s business, but he did not allow that. He stopped me from it, saying he knew i was thinking selfish (get an orgasm out of it) thoughts. He was not wrong!

And but a short few minutes later, he wanted to “try out the new whip toy.”

i knew i wasn’t in trouble, but i wasn’t thrilled to have my still-bruised-and-still-tender-bottom spanked. i didn’t complain though. Instead, i leaned over the side of the bed and spread my legs wide. He used this new tool to turn my ass a bright red! It stung as it collided with my ass. He didn’t spank me too long, but it was long enough too. i think Sir enjoyed it. i may be seeing more of this thing, that i’m not sure how to describe. Maybe i need to take a picture, post it, and ask you how to describe it or tell me it’s name!

This all made me SO wet! i don’t quite know why, but every time i am spanked my puss gets sopping sloppy wet. (Yesterday i was dripping down my own leg!)

But he did NOT touch me. NO orgasms today!

When he didn’t allow me to ride his cock, nor did he touch my pussy after he spanked my ass, i knew an orgasm was NOT in my immediate future so i went and put the chastity belt on for tonight. i needed to save me from myself! As i came out of the closet, Sir held his hand out and i placed the key in it. He smirked and said, “I like it!”

After he read in his book, he just now turned out the light and with a half laugh told me to “enjoy your frustration tonight.”

i pouted and said, “i don’t think i will Sir.”

He laughed and said, “I will!”

In a joking tone, i poked at him and said, “i think you rather seem to like having me frustrated Sir.”

And he responded back, “I definitely do!”

One of the worst spankings i have had to date and the first time to receive two in two days too, even though the second one was a bit of a maintenance type than a discipline type.

And i am frustrated tonight, but still proud of who i am. i am His submissive wife, and i have accepted all this with the grace i prayed for!




    • Paddlefan, as always you make me feel good and blush. As if my bottom cheeks weren’t red already, now my facial cheeks match! Thank you! ☺️

  1. Marie, you and David have a great relationship, sure everyone slips up now and then but you handles your punishment like a trooper and David held you close afterwards and sooth your hurting self, he does love you or lees why would he take the time to make you a better person. Sir

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