Why Domestic Discipline?

Hi! i am Marie. 

This is my blog site that is all about:

My Married Domestic Disciplined (“DD”) Life.

i have been married to David for over 20 years. And we found DD slightly over 4-years ago, and implemented it into our marriage and life.

What is Domestic Discipline (or “DD”)? Well, it is about having consequences to negative actions. It is about allowing David to discipline me, including spanking, when it is deemed necessary. And being honest, most of the discipline comes in the form of spanking really!

When is discipline between a husband and a wife necessary? In short, it is when i don’t submit to David. We have agreed that every family should have ONE head of household. And for us and for our Christian life, we believe that God made and designed men to lead and women to submit (and yes…) to obey.

Submit and obey?  YES!  We do believe in Christ.  And we try to follow the Bible’s instructions.  It clearly indicates women should SUBMIT and obey.  And for us, this works.  We understand it might not work for all, but it does for us.

WHY would you do that?    Our relationship was struggling.  We had “too many Chiefs and not enough Indians” or “too many cooks in the kitchen”.  Pick whatever phrase you want.  But basically, every good organization (even governments, sports teams, successful businesses) has but ONE leader.  And i’ve chosen to let my husband be that leader for our family.

Okay, but why is Discipline necessary? Frankly speaking, it may not be. But just like any “rule” in life, there has to be consequences for breaking it. If you run a red light, you have to be prepared to get the ticket from the officer – or even worse, be in an accident that damages you, your vehicle, or another.

So we have found that allowing David to be in control, set the rules, and discipline (me) for noncompliance as he sees fit, WORKS for us.

Lastly – throughout this blog you’ll see the little letter i. – i believe that i am little. i am smaller than David. i am not as big as David, who is my husband and my dominant Sir. He leads and i submit. NO, i do not have self confidence issues. In fact, i’d say i am strong and confident enough to do this as a nod to the relationship dynamic we have! So when you see the letter “i” as a little one, it is very intentional.

Truly lastly – i do all this submission, obedience, and discipline willingly! It is all consensual!

So without further ado…. read the blog, follow the blog, ask me questions, email me, and give me feedback. (If you disagree, i’m okay with that, as long as respect is still displayed).

And if you are like me, you’ll want to start at the beginning, so i’ll make it easy for you: 1 – The Journey Begins