83 – Remorse… or lack thereof.

Today i orgasmed…. Without permission. It’s been a long established rule… that is NOT allowed.

This. After having just done so well with edging AND David being so kind just one day prior. 🥴

For a long time now, David & i both have known that i love to have my puss filled. Like really filled. Completely Full.

He has been working toward the ultimate goal of fisting. And it gets me super turned on when he decides he wants to try it. And this morning David told me he wanted to try.

To date we have not succeeded in this. But to even get close (to fisting) it takes a lot of lube, so he told me start edging, get myself (naturally) wet, and he would be in afterward. So i was excited. Super excited. And started.

When he came in, i was getting fairly wet already. He liked it.

He took the bottle of lube and squeezed some out onto my clit as i was also touching it. As he was about to start taking over where i was working, he looked me straight in the eye and said, “I like what I see!”

And that sent me over the edge!

i orgasmed without permission.

And he looked at me with incredulity and said, “Did you just cum? Without permission?”

And i started laughing. Out loud.

Not the right emotion, but i was still technically in the midst of the orgasm, and his surprise and response made me smile… and laugh.

He smiled and said, “well, that’s all you get then! Get dressed and off to work with you!” (And he didn’t seem mad at all. But was most definitely done.)

A few hours later, i got a text, “do you feel remorse?”

i thought about it for a hot second… and… i didn’t.

So, i texted, “No Sir”

And he responded, “you should.”

i responded, “i’d agree.”

He said, “but you don’t, do you?”

i texted, “does it count that i know i should be?? 😉”

He said, “No. Expect repercussions.”

Tonight….. after watching tv for awhile, he said, “are you feeling remorse now?”

Me: not really.

Him: then it’s time. Go Assume the Position.

And i did.

And now i sit here typing …. feeling a lot more remorseful than i did a mere 30-minutes ago. My ass is red and sensitive to the touch,

And he then said, “and don’t think for a minute that this is also your maintenance. That will happen as always (on Friday morning….which is tomorrow…. approximately 12-hours from now.)”

Sure wishing i’d felt a lot more remorseful on my own accord. Maybe at the end of maintenance he will try to fist me, cuz i sure didn’t get any filled-to-the-top feelings today! But i kinda doubt it.



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  1. I had to smile when you said you started laughing. This is something I could’ve done too – and did many times. It’s like, even though you don’t want to laugh, there’s just nothing you can do to stop the laughter. And yes, then, once your bottom is red, you feel the remorse… I recognize that too 😉
    ~ Marie

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