82 – The Struggle is Real

The times i struggle to submit the most is when i completely get stressed out or overwhelmed… and especially when people at work make me mad. i have a stressful job, but most of the time it is manageable. But some days, it just seems over my head and definitely beyond my mental capacity.

Today was one of those days!

In fact, i left work early because i just couldn’t “adult” a minute longer. Specifically, while the ultimate person i want to please is David, i am a people pleaser overall. And when people (our clients) are NOT pleased, especially a lot of them on one day, it causes me anxiety and i wave the white flag and go home.

At work we have been dealing with an upcoming deadline and we have been sending emails telling people (clients) what we are doing to ensure the deadline isn’t missed and that we are taking care of them. And many have come back with a thankful attitude, but others have had a super-negative attitude and almost attacking really… “why? I didn’t asked for this!” … and all i can think is, “and maybe you didn’t ask because you forgot to! And how would we know that? Maybe you should offer up a positive response and a ‘thanks but no thanks’ words instead of jumping on us like we did something wrong!”

In fact, this is one of those things that if you were (still) my client, you would actually expect me to do for you! And it’s only when you don’t want to be a client anymore, but of course never told me, that you’d be annoyed with it.

Needless to say, all these not-clients made me mad today. And i just couldn’t deal. So i came home.

And these are the times when i struggle the most to hold my tongue, to say kind things to David (and our son), and just not retreat into my own mind. It’s these times that i feel selfish really. i want to do what i want, and to tell the world to go away…. in not-so-nice words. And what i’d like to say to them, i sometimes say to David as if he were them. To which, as you can imagine…. he does NOT care for. He always says things like, “You can tell me without all the angry emotions. And keep in mind, I am not them!”

Today i tried to not let it show and to just act “normal,” but that turned into me “trying to act normal, and definitely not succeeding”.

Obviously from the minute i walked in the door, David could tell i was cranky. In fact, as i was typing this just now, he asked, “are you in a better mood?”

i shrugged and said, “yeah, i guess.”

Now that came after he made steaks and baked potatoes for dinner, so really, my attitude was kinda crappy.

He looked at me, raised his eyebrows and said, “you need to go take a warm bath, relax, and then assume the position.”

i just asked, “in that order?”

He said, “that’s what I said. Do you have a problem with that?”

No Sir.

Now in case you forgot, “Assume The Position” means to prepare myself to be spanked. So i assumed that at this point i had sent him over the edge of “tolerable bad behavior”, but it was a little confusing to me why i was to take a bath (which i love to do to unwind and destress) to then get a spanking, but i just thought, “it is what it is and don’t question it. Just do it!“.

So i went and took a relaxing warm bath… dreading the time i’d have to get out. i mean, a spanking is exact opposite of the relaxing bath, but i suppose my crappy attitude warranted it and either the bath or the spanking would ultimately have the impact (pun intended!) that David was looking for.

i stood on the floor, bent over the bed at the waist, naked, facing the bed, placed the paddle in the small of my back, and waited. And prayed. Like i always do.

i didn’t wait long. David came in and said, “good girl. I think you need some stress relief. You had one part with the bath, are you ready for the next?”

Me: “Yes Sir”……. (meanwhile in my head a different dialogue was happening….. “no, not really, but i know i probably need this and haven’t treated you too well tonight, so… i submit and let’s do this!”)

He picked up the paddle and i expected to feel it collide with my ass when he pulled me up off the bed, turned me toward him, and kissed me.

Then he pushed me back against the bed and laid me onto my back. He opened my legs and his tongue collided with my clit. The surprise caused me to arch my back, which lifted my puss in the air. He wrapped his arms around my thighs and held me firmly in place while his tongue slipped inside me and tantalized my clit! And i felt the orgasm rise in no time at all as he sucked with fervent energy. i squeezed out the words “Sir, may i cum?” And i heard him make the sound, “uh huh” but his mouth never once relinquished it’s grip on my puss!

His tongue is so amazing that if i were asked, “if you could only have one sexual act for the rest of your life, what would it be?” My answer would be “to feel Sir’s tongue on my clit and in my pussy”.

And i exploded…. over and over again. i lost count of the multiple orgasms that flowed as he continued to plunder my pussy with his tongue. This after last week’s dry desert was SO amazing!

When he was done, he said, “I’ll ask you again, now are you in a better mood?”

Me: “Oh yes Sir, i most definitely am now! Thank You Sir.”

The struggle can be real and it was tonight… but i held it together enough to get stress-relief in the best way possible. The rewards were sooooo worth it! ❤️.




  1. Awe! Yay! This is part of the reason I love your blog so much. Sometimes being an adult sucks. Glad that David had a creative plan for your stress relief and you trusted him enough to know that he’d provide what you needed. Hugs.

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