261 – Today i am mad.

i got very mad at Sir tonight. And tomorrow, i will be spanked for it.

i said NO! to Sir. i know i don’t do that. But i did. Intentionally too!

Because i got that mad at him.

So we have streaming tv. And his dad, my father in law (FIL), sometimes dials on and watches specific shows on our service. When he does that though, it turns off what we are watching.

Well Sir is out of town and it happened while i was watching a tv show. i got a message that said, “You’re watching tv on too many devices in too many locations.” It gives me a choice to click on continue watching or cancel. If i continue, it will knock my FIL off again. And while i could do that, he will get that message and hit “continue watching” himself and it will knock me off where we play a tv version of ping pong.

So i got pissed and i told David so. i said, “this is stupid that we share tv service with your dad. We can afford to pay for our own service, and so can he. i should be able to watch what i want, when i want.”

i got a message back that said, “CHILL OUT!” Well, i didn’t.

And while David showed me an alternative way to get the show on that i wanted, i told him, “i got it on now, but i am still mad. This is stupid!”

To which he said, “well tell him.”

Now i wasn’t mad at my FIL, but at David. David gave him the password and he used it. My FIL didn’t do anything wrong.

So i said, “No. i told you.”

i waited.

i saw he read it.

About 5-minutes later, i got a response.

It said, “Are you telling me no?”

And i wrote (very boldly and confidently), “Yes Sir. i did. Because i am that mad.”

He wrote, “ok. When you see I’m leaving the airport (to drive to our house), you will Assume The Position.”

We have Life 360 app where i can see where he is and vice versa. i will have to watch the app to see when he’s leaving though as the airport is not a saved place. Only the saved places will trigger an automatic notification to me and he knows this. So he’s making me watching the app to know when he’s leaving the airport, in addition to the spanking now too.

Fine. i don’t care!

“Yes Sir.”

And then i got another message that read, “And you’ll wear the (chastity) belt from now until I leave the airport tomorrow to. You will not orgasm at all!”

Fine. i don’t care about that either!

“Yes Sir.”

And i put it on, even though i contemplated not doing it. While he won’t know exactly when i put it on or take it off, he will know if i don’t wear it. The belt leaves indentation marks on my skin that would be missing if i were to not wear it. The indentations are not permanent, and the belt doesn’t hurt but it does have to be tight enough to be effective. So it presses against my waist line, and leaves marks. i have noticed there seems to be a correlation between how long i wear the belt to just how long the marks stay. So i almost have to wear it for the duration prescribed if i am to take it off when Sir leaves the airport (and for it to be long enough to have the marks still be present when he gets home).

And now we aren’t exactly talking. i’m not sure if it’s a lull in the conversation and communication, or if he’s that mad that he’s not speaking to me. Although i am pretty certain it’s just a lull. Either way, right now, i am happy for the break to recoup and regain my composure.

Tomorrow’s spanking won’t be easy, or light, or maintenance. It’s going to hurt. And i am ok with that… at least right now anyway. i’ll wait to see if or how badly i regret this tomorrow!


i did discover, even last night, that Sir was speaking to me and said good night and that he loves me. (Just doesn’t love my anger!).

We talked more and i told him that i was mad at him, not his dad, which is why i told him NO that i would NOT tell his dad not to use our service and that he could pay for it himself.

To which, David started typing….. i saw the little bubbles. i got a bit anxious at his response as i was entirely sure that i should NOT have probably revisited this whole topic in the first place, but rather let it be what it was to be. But then also, i was openly telling him how mad i was and (while not in so many words…..) was also saying how wrong i thought David was in doing this.

Then i saw his response.

“In all your anger, have you forgotten all the money they’ve given us with (XY and Z). Not to mention, when I share codes with your family, you don’t seem to think that’s problematic. I don’t think what I’ve done is so egregious that it warrants your anger or defiance. You do not need to ever tell me No like that again.”

Ugh. He’s SO right! i have forgotten.

While i don’t necessarily agree with how he’s chosen to be kind and repay their graciousness, he’s not wrong at all. i am.

And i apologized. And i told him he is right.

To which he didn’t respond. But he didn’t need to. We both know where we both stand.

And i also know that a regretful, remorseful, raw butt will ensue. And to that end, we both know i will accept it, as it is appropriate to do so.

Ugh. Now i am dreading tomorrow….. but….

It is what it is now.




  1. I believe most submissive wives blow up now and then and you’re no exception. Hopefully you will get the corrective spanking that is needed to put things right and everything will be back to normal.
    Thank you soo much for keeping us informed about these kind of events on your journey of submission.

  2. Well Marie, you certainly got yourself into a pickle, i agree with paddlefan and i think David is justified in his response. Better to do what is correct then not and suffer the consequences. Sir

  3. i am so glad to hear i’m not the only one who’s having a rough week! i have the next three days off of work though so here’s hoping Mo Ard Rígh and i can set things right again with some communication and maybe some corrective training! i have a feeling we will have matching backsides after these next few days! Sir has been letting me slide and show my brattitude lately because of how exhausted and unwell i’ve been due to my allergies and some digestive issues. Well between a nice hot bath and lots of allergy meds i’m feeling much better today so tonight when i get home from work i have a feeling i will have to pay the piper so to speak. Eesh… whatever happens i will definitely be posting about it later! May the gods have mercy on our backsides!

  4. So stupid you have to be happy with his dad kicking you off your own service. He can spank you but can’t stand up to his dad. I want DD one day but not if I am only allowed to be happy all the time and can’t say when he or his family is wrong. That’s not you being submissive that’s you being a doormat.

    • Amy, I wouldn’t say David “can’t” stand up to his dad. He told me to because he was making a point to me. He actually offered his dad to use our service. David did it because my in-laws have done so much for us over the years, that this seemed an easy way to give back. When David first offered, he didn’t appreciate how it would not allow us to watch when he’s watching. And even when it as discovered, we have options of watching shows with other apps (as we stream). Just thought I’d clarify. Marie

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