62 – Big Bang

One small thing can have such a big impact.

On May 29, shortly after my last post, i was the middle car in a 3-car pile up. Was not my fault. And overall, i walked away but did have bangs, bumps, bruises, and a bit of trouble to recoup from. My car on the other hand… toast!

All because the girl in front of me decided at THE very last minute she had to get into the right lane to get onto the freeway. Too late. 45-mph. Cars already there. She slammed on her brakes and caused me to do the same, but the truck behind me didn’t.

“One-small-thing” being her decision to radically change her direction. Had she not been insistent on going the way she wanted to, just let off the brake, resumed her previous path… it ALL would’ve been avoided.

Which could be a deep thoughtful here in the making…. had she not changed her direction, had she just continued on… a huge accident could’ve been avoided. And now there are consequences to pay. We all pay for our decisions one way or the other. But making radical, last minute decisions is probably NOT wise and typically results in trouble. That’s pretty much my marriage in a nutshell right there. “Stay the course, do as we’ve talked about, don’t make radical unilateral decisions and changes on your own… and all is well. And if not, well… face the consequences!” Easy! Right??? 🧐🤔

So after getting hit from behind and pushed into her, i have now been feeling “old” with a banged up body.

And David has been very kind to deal with the insurance and the collision center to calculate the damage ($41k). He has dealt with it all.

And now… no maintenance, no spankings, just recovery. But will be ready to get back to “normal” too.

Miss normal. In SO many ways this 2020 year, i miss normal! 🙁




      • Marie, if it’s any consolation, I’m on crutches myself. I badly sprained my foot and possibly broke my toe in a fall on Thursdays I couldn’t get it seen to because of covid! X

      • I’ve taped.it and just hoping. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot they can do for a broken toe and as my brother has done it before I’m just following his advice.. well trying to anyway, staying off of it isn’t quite so easy when you’re a housewife!

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