59 – what will he say…. or what would you say?

i sent this email to Sir about 15-minutes ago….. what do you think he will say in response? or what would you say?

Sir –
i’ve had an idea that i’d like you to consider. And implement at your discretion, if you like and want.

i’m calling is ESD. Extreme Submission Day(s). While i call it a “day”, that’s figurative and can be for as long or short as you desire.

The idea is that on that day, (my) ultimate submission is all that matters. It would be intense, required, and my entire focus for that day.

Each day would have a task for me to complete. If you like the task, you can call for it to be a regular ESD task, a permanent submission task, or never again. And if not completed to your satisfaction, punishment would be immediate.

All you have to do is say “ESD – today” (Or maybe you give advance notice – “this Thursday will be a ESD, so plan accordingly and be ready”). When the ESD is called, it is then my ultimate and only priority for the duration of the ESD.

When the ESD arrives, you lay out the focus or task for that day.

Here’s some examples of what i was thinking for possible ESD tasks:

1) i must remain within your eyesight at all times during the ESD. If you move, i move. If i have to do something (like bathroom break), where you are not, i have to ask permission and it’s your discretion to approve or not.

2) i remain completely naked for the duration of ESD, and you touch if/when you want. No covering up, even if i get cold.

3) i have three holes, at least one must be filled at all times. And only if a second one is filled can the first be emptied.

4) make me set an alarm (like maybe every 30 min or 60 min), and i must go edge for a set amount of time (like maybe 5-minutes) but never allowed to cum unless it’s by your hand and you decide to allow it.

5) i suck your cock for as long as you want and only stop when you say so.

6) i give you a seductive and relaxing massage, for as long as you want and only stop when you say. And maybe it’s with me being completely naked also.

7) you tell me the only words i am allowed to use are “yes Sir” or “no Sir” and nothing more regardless of what is said or done.

These are just a few ideas i have for ESD tasks. i could come up with that many more too, if needed.

The main purpose and reason i thought of this ESD is that by calling for “extreme submission” for a specific time period that when completed, would be a reminder that the “main stream submission” is easily attainable and maintained.

Please give this some thought. And either way, i respect your decision.

I love you!




  1. Wow. The extent of submission is made a function of being used. As a man who needs a woman to desire me, that ongoing affirmation of being desired is most appealing. Beautiful. To express your love so profoundly.

  2. The only thing I would say is be extremely careful about how much expectation you put on your good Sir. I completely understand it, it’s so easy to get absorbed into this exciting world and the idea of perfection and a sort of D/s happily ever after, but unfortunately it doesn’t always go that way. Before my husband, I had a submissive male and it was very hard work for me to give him the scenes that he was asking for and to be a carer for my gran with Alzheimer’s disease. I gave up in the end because I was making myself ill by trying to be everything to everyone. Sharing sexy, fun ideas is great, but make sure you’re keeping a line of communication open about the practicalities of these ideas and be open to compromise. Big hugs to you both and I hope it goes well for you xx

  3. Hi Marie! 🙂 I agree with Mrs. Wolfie, I think she has some very good points to share.
    I would also like to share from my own experiences that it is important to put this into the perspective of wants or needs. I mean that, if this is something that you are really needing in order to feel balanced and complete than you should try to make that clear. If on the other hand this is just something you were thinking on but can easily do without, well that’s a want and maybe not as weighty in consideration for your sir. (I hope that makes sense.)
    The other point i would suggest is that at least in the beginning, you explaining the amount of time you would like might be important too. You may think a short ESD is 6-8 hrs and your sir might think you mean 30-60 mins! Clarity in communication will help you both in the long run, at least that has been my experience.
    We’ve done something similar in the past …. i think i have an idea of what you mean. 🙂 Good Luck!

  4. I LOVE this idea. It is very much like how we started with what we call “Immersion” – a week of intense submission (more Master/slave than D/s) designed to explore new things and test my limits. “Immersion week” would have a list of new rules and tasks, as well as new consequences for failing to meet my duties and commitments.

    One of the keys that have made these “immersions” a success is communication. Talk about what it is you wish to achieve regarding your submissive mindset, not just the specific tasks. He may have ideas of his own. Make it a collaborative thing of tasks you want to explore as well as ones he wants to explore. And agree that these new things are ONLY for the time period specified unless you both agree to incorporate them in day to day living. It’s truly a time of exploration, without expectation of committing to them for the long haul.

    Sometimes we incorporate something from immersion into our everyday life, but mostly, things from Immersion stayed only as part of immersion.

    Also – I hope this doesn’t come across overly critical as I am answering it how I would expect my husband to respond if I made such a request using the words you used. One of his pet peeves was my tendency to qualify everything I wanted by adding a bunch of extra words. He wants me to get to the point and thus he would have scolded me (and spanked me) for using such words:

    “i have an idea…”. Yes, any suggestion you make infers as much. No need to add unnecessary words. Get it the point and make your request.

    “…that I’d like you to consider.” So, in other words, sometimes you make a suggestion for no reason but this time you want me to consider it? Quit beating around the bush. Out with it!

    “and implement at your discretion, if you like and want.” You are telling me something I already know and do. It’s up to me what we do or don’t do, I don’t need to be reminded of that, but apparently you do.

    “Please give this some thought…And either way, i respect your decision.”
    You know I dislike you pleading with me, that somehow by adding “please” you are trying to manipulate the outcome. And you are inferring that I can’t determine what is deserving of my thoughts and what isn’t. Further, you inferthat you might not respect my decision thus your need to state you will?”

    I am expected to simply state what it is I want. That’s it.

    “Sir, I would like to …” and then let him ask questions or make his decision.

    That’s me and I am not saying that should be you. However, I’ve found it tickles my submissive spot when he corrects me for such things.

    However you stated it, again, the idea is wonderful and I believe both of you will enjoy it. Good luck!

    • Your version is very much how i am expected to communicate. Anything less i am being oppositional and topping from the bottom. My Daddy would be furious that i came to Him giving Him ideas of how to Dominate me rather than ask Him how He’d like to shape my submission.

      • Thanks. I give David lots of ideas all the time and he uses what he wants/likes, puts his spin on it, or trashes the idea altogether. He tells me I’m much more creative than he. :). And while communicating in the right tone is necessary, he says he appreciates the ideas being put forth.

      • Tone is everything. 😉 Between Stephen and me… I am way more creative and adventurous. He loves my creatively kinky brain. I just have to be really careful how I present things.

    • Thanks Jennifer for your thoughts and wisdom. In truth, your Immersion week(s) is what inspired me for this. With our teen son at home, having a week of Immersion would be (virtually) impossible at this point in our lives. So, I thought this may be a smaller version.

      Re Wordiness: has always been my weak pint. Even in HS, my English teacher told me the same. Good to remember and try to do better.


      • Wow. Thank you for sharing that. It’s always heartwarming to hear when others take inspiration from things I do. And as for wordiness, I can relate. I am a queen of being wordy! Why use one word when ten sounds so much better? Ha. Yeah, it was a major adjustment for me in changing how I speak to my husband. I actually like the more “just the facts” speaking but it took me some time (and many spankings) to make it a habit.

        Your “immersion version” is perfect for your situation. Good luck with it!

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