13 – Corset Waist Training and sex and spanking, oh my.

Have you done it before? i just started this past week.  Tell me what you think!?

i love it!  It is hot, sexy, and slimming.


And i’ve noticed that Sir LOVES it too!  🙂

i probably should have asked permission to buy it, wear it, and do it in the first place, but i didn’t.  And (probably because he DOES love the look, i got away with the unilateral decision i made! wink,wink!)

PROS:  Hot, Sexy, Slimming. 

Okay, so i already said that.  But let’s expand on that…..

Hot – well – i FEEL hot.  Not heat hot, but “oh la la” hot.

i like being looked at.  i always have.  i live a domestic, suburban lifestyle and looking “hot” isn’t exactly a pro-mom thing.  or a pro-suburban life thing.  Which is probably why i like to show it off and do what i’m not supposed to do!

These things force you to have good posture, which forces your boobs to protrude, which forces you to walk with confidence.  And THAT Sir finds to be hot.  And me too!

Sexy.  Okay, so sexy and hot are kinda the same thing.  But what i’m talking about is the bedroom-sexy here.  Let me tell you what happened….

Sir said i was disrespectful, and i was.  i deserved punishment, that i was just about to receive too.  And David ordered me to the bedroom to “assume the position” (clothes off, feet on the floor, legs spread shoulder-width apart, hands on the bed, head down, and ready to be spanked).

So i did as told.  But – i left the corset on.  Definitely a bold not-so-submissive move, but i was taking a chance with leaving it on, and i did it in a “i dare you to spank me harder if you think i’ve disobeyed this order too” kind of way.  And i waited.

He came in, grabbed the paddle and hit my ass HARD.  (Darn it, i’m not going to get an easy spanking due to looking corset-ready-sexy.  Hmm.)

BUT – alas – that’s when he laid his other hand on the small of my back.  And he said, “You look sexy.  But you are still in trouble.”

And SMACK.  (OUCH!).  So this hurts, but i smiled because i achieved the desired level of naughtiness by keeping the corset on, and he noticed.

And SMACK.  (OUCHHHHH).  But then…..

His hand left the small of my back and i felt it touch between my legs.  (Oh YEAH!)

i flinched because i wasn’t expecting that and that’s when i felt another SMACK. And Sir said, “I didn’t say you could move!”

And his fingers played with my clit.  i tried to stay very still.  But when i’m hit (no pun intended) with sex and spank at the same time, i feel pleasure AND pain, and my brain is racing a mile a minute!  And so is my heart!  And my blood.  And my pussy got wet!

He liked it!  He commented, “i think you are liking this!”

And SMACK. (OUCH again!  Woah, which feeling is DOMINANT in me?!).

But his fingers continued to explore my clit and pretty soon i felt TWO go inside.

And SMACK.  With 2-fingers inside on one hand and the other hand controlling the paddle, that was some kind of sensation!

That’s when he pushed more fingers inside… in fact, his paddle hand dropped the paddle and pushed on the small of my back to hold me in place, while his pussy hand pushed ALL fingers inside me.

He was working towards a full fisting motion.  And it stretched out my pussy and pushed hard inside me.  It got me so wet!  And that’s when i heard, “DO NOT CUM!”  (okay, so is THAT the punishment?!)

We’ve never been fully successful with fisting.  Sir’s hand is large and he says the squeezing tightness of my pussy doesn’t feel good on his hand.  But i think he endeavors to one day get his entire fist into that pussy!  (But today was not that day!)

He pushed me hard into the bed and pinned my neck with his spanking hand so that i couldn’t move while the other hand was jamming in and out of my pussy.  With each “in” it went further and hurt a little more.  A pleasure-filled-hurt though.

After a bit of this, he said, “NOW you may cum” and i did almost immediately.  (Orgasm training is another thing we are working on… another post maybe!).  And the release was amazing!

That’s when David stood me up, put both hands around my neck and from behind me said, “This wasn’t much of a punishment, but i DO LOVE the corset look.  Wear it daily!”  (YES SIR!… Mission accomplished…. hear the theme song in your head… dunt, dunt, du-du-dunt… okay, i’ll stop, but you DO hear it, right?!?!?).

I got away with it this time, but somehow, i don’t think that, corset or no corset, “next time” the punishment really WILL BE punishment.

And Slimming…. okay, well, after those HOT AND SEXY pros, do we really want to talk about any other pros?!?!

– well, maybe just ONE comment – regarding “slimming” – the corset strings are HARD to do up (in the back) by yourself – so Sir is not using his Dominant self to tie me in of his own accord.  And of course, i’d have to have permission to get out of it – but i don’t want to – becuase – well – i find it — HOT, SEXY, and SLIMMING.  (Can you tell, i like it!?!)
And CONS — well – that would just simply be a complete downer to talk about that now –  so we will skip that.  Comment if you really want to hear about the Cons.  😉

So there you have it – i officially wear a corset – and sometimes that’s IT – but the corset is a daily activity now……

Hugs and Kisses ~



  1. Careful lest he learn tricks that can be done with a corset. You’ll be left wishing for a spanking.

    Look around a bit and get GOOD ones. These are different beasts from the “once in a blue moon” play time bits. Amongst the reasons is that there are many that both lace AND zip. Very useful feature in the real world.

    • Thank you for the sage advice! I bought a few that are quite rigid. I am learning to “season” and break them in. I think they are super sexy and I love wearing them… so far anyway. But you are correct, I may wish otherwise if I’m not careful! 😉

      • Your observations are correct. Fit and break in make a difference. In a manner akin to a bra, research and finding the right one is the difference between “discomfort but it is playtime” and “I love this one!”

        Good luck ma’am.

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