189 – Saturday Road Trip

Sometimes being submissive isn’t about bending over, being spanked, or saying Yes Sir.

Sometimes it’s about getting in the car and seeing the countryside …. with my Sir…. with a happy heart and an adventurous mindset.

Just the two of us left the house this morning at 8:30 am and we won’t be home until probably around 10:00 pm.

Our mission is to eat great Texas BBQ, be out of the house, spend time together and see the countryside…. with Texas BlueBonnets in bloom.

The Bluebonnet is the Texas State Flower. The flower gets its name because the petals resemble the bonnet that women used to wear to shield their face from the sun.

The flower became the State flower the year i was born here too. And as a result of Lady Bird Johnson’s highway beautification initiative, bluebonnets were planted across the state along our highways, making springtime in Texas a beautiful sight to see!

My entire job today is to be kind, considerate, and relax for the ride. Sometimes i say things cheeky, unkind, or get a bad attitude and that’s the kind of ways that are deemed NOT submissive or appropriate… especially today on our road trip together.

So all i have to do is have a good time with a good attitude … and if i don’t (have a good time), pretend to do so!! And don’t forget to do so with a positive attitude too!

Sir has already indicated i may be on the side of the road with my pants down getting a spanking with a few of the comments i have already made. And he said “change the attitude.”

i don’t really think he’d actually do that (spank me on the side of the road), because he’s not really about being on display or show like that. Nor are either of us wanting to be arrested for indecent exposure OR someone thinking i am being beaten. But it wouldn’t stop him from doing spanking me when we get home.

What’s my point? Sometimes people think submission is about being naked or sexual or being a sex slave or… … well….. just sex. And sometimes, frankly most of the time, submission is nothing more than a daily process and the way of living where i need to sit back, relax, and think/talk positively and respectfully.

As the road rolls on today, submission is easy. i think. i hope.




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