187 – Fiction: Her cuckquean Sex day

From HIS perspective…..

I am her husband, leader, dominant. She is my wife, submissive, and sex-slave. She’s a submissive wife, and a slave for sex. And our marriage is perfect.

Today I decided to be a bit more dominant than usual… and exercise my right to use her body in any sexual means I desire.

I also had a surprise in store for her that she knew nothing about, but because she’s my devoted wife, and sex slave, I know she will submit thoroughly and probably love doing it.

I had already asked her what she had going on today and she had already told me, “not much”. So my plan was perfect.

I said, “Sweetheart, today you’ll stay naked. I want to you to serve me sexually and to do so, you’ll need to remain accessible.”

She said, “Yes Sir” again. I absolutely love when she shows respect that way, I love hearing the word “Sir “ drip from her mouth!

That’s when I started to walk to my office, within our house, of course. And she followed, as I expected her too.

I said, “You need to kneel beside me.” And I pointed to my feet. She obeyed as I was fully aware she would. And I began to go about my work as I always do.

I reached down and began stroking her hair and she leaned into the palm of my hand. I knew she was loving my attention when I turned my palm toward her mouth and she opened for me. I stuck my two middle fingers inside and she began to suck.

That got me turned on in a hurry and I decided I’d rather have a different body part in her mouth, so I pulled my fingers out and turned my chair towards her.

With my free hand, I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in toward my crotch. She got the hint! That’s when she unzipped my pants and released my cock.

Her warm wet mouth surrounded my cock and she started to suck me hard. Her mouth was warm and wet and my cock was loving the attention.

She was obviously getting turned on too. I knew it when I felt her shift her weight and she wrap her legs around mine. That’s when I realized she was trying to hump my leg and get herself off!

Instead of allowing her to take control like this, I immediately released her hair from my grip and slapped straight down hard on her tit. And I did it three times over. I had to make a point that she would understand!

She flinched and it made it hard for her to continue sucking my cock.

I pulled back and said, “what the fuck do you think you’re doing? I never granted YOU permission to get off like that! Go get the chastity belt. I had hoped we wouldn’t have to use it today but obviously you need to be restrained. And now that changes the surprise I also had for you today. This is extremely disappointing!”

When she returned to my office with chastity belt in hand, I made her lay on her back on top of my desk and I strapped her in tight. I snapped the lock and put the key in the pencil cup holder in my desk. I said, “you’ll wear this now until tomorrow morning. And only I will use this key to release you. No exceptions.”

Her eyes looked downcast. She knew I wasn’t happy and the one thing that upsets her faster than anything is knowing I’m disappointed with her. She lives to please me and I love every minute of her submission too, except of course times like this.

I said to her, “it’s a shame you had to go and be a bad girl today. Your needy cunt got the best of you, didn’t it? Too bad you managed to get yourself locked up. Soon enough you’ll see the fun you have missed.”

I continued, “get back on the floor and start sucking my cock again while I work. You will need to keep me hard for the surprise I have coming.”

She immediately went to the floor and started to open her mouth to receive my cock but I popped her cheek before she could lay her lips onto my cock.

“I have no idea what’s wrong with you today, but you need to start acting like the well trained Bitch that I know you are! Thank me properly!”

It was then that she looked me in the eye, as she knows she’s supposed to do, and said, “Thank you Sir for loving me enough to give me the discipline I need and unfortunately, sometimes deserve.”

I said, “Andddddd?”

She continued, “And thank you for the opportunity to service your cock to bring you pleasure. My pleasure is complete when your’s is too.”

I reached down and petted her cheek and said, “Now THAT is my good girl. I love you too sweetheart.”

And I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her down onto my cock without another word. She responded superbly and my cock was getting hard devouring her wet kisses.

That’s when I knew time was short and I needed to get work done quickly, so while my slave worked tirelessly on my cock, I banged away at my keyboard getting the work done for the day.

And sure enough, right on time, the door from the garage opened. I had given her the keypad code and told her to come straight in the house.

She came into the office where I said hello and she walked around the desk to give me a hug when she saw my wife sucking my cock. She said, “oh wow. What a beautiful sight! Can I snap a picture?? I love taking sexy hot pictures.”

I hadn’t thought of that, but once she said it, it sounded like an amazing idea! I looked at my wife, who had paused and looked up, where I scolded her and said, “cunt wife, don’t you dare stop sucking!”

She resumed and my new girl got out her phone. Click. Click. Click.

Cunt wife did her job and the pics were so hot!

That’s when I said, “ok cunt wife, you may stop. I have someone to introduce you to. Stand please and greet her properly now, won’t you?”

She said, “Yes Sir.” And she stood.

As she stood, Tina said, “oh I didn’t see the chastity belt! So you really do own her needy pussy! So what do I call her?”

I looked at my wife and I looked at my new girl and as I shrugged my shoulders, I said, “I call her my slut, bitch cunt, or wife. Whatever name you please. She knows anytime she hears anything like that she’s supposed to respond. Sometimes I call her my good girl, but as you can see, today she’s not been one of those!”

As I looked at my wife, I said, “Slut, this is my new friend. Her name is Tina. I was intending to have us all play together today but then you went and got yourself locked up. So now…”

Tina cut me off and said, “oh but she still has two other holes that we can play with, right?”

I said, “well sure. If you want to.”

Tina grabbed my wife’s hand and said, “so let’s go to the bedroom and see if either of your other holes can make me ready to receive your husband’s cock. Can you lick me wet until I’m ready for him?”

My wife just looked longingly at me as if unsure of what to do or say, so I helped her by saying, “Of course her tongue is talented. I’ll let her show you how well it works while I use her anal hole to stay hard while I wait for you.”

As we got to the bedroom, Tina said to wife, “take my clothes off and lay them nicely on the dresser.”

And she did. I laid on the bed and watched as my new girl totally owned my wife the same way I would have. It was a total turn on to have someone else help me keep her in line.

It took only a minute and Tina laid down on the bed. She invited slut wife between her legs. I pushed wife forward toward Tina’s pussy and said, “Make it wet for me slut.”

As I moved wife forward, she got onto the bed and I pulled her legs up and apart so that she was up on all fours like the bitch that she is. From there I just had to position myself between her legs and pushed my cock through the anal ring of the wife’s chastity belt and right into her ass. I was nice and had applied a little lube, but I wanted her to feel the full brunt of my cock in her ass.

I got so fucking turned on watching my wife lick the pretty pussy of my new girl. I asked wife, “Isn’t her pussy pretty wife? Why don’t you tell her how much you like it?”

Wife lifted her head and said, “Ma’am this is a beautiful pussy. Thank you for allowing me to get you wet for my husband’s cock.”

Hearing my wife say that was music to my ears, so I flexed my cock inside her ass and slammed in as deep as I could. My balls hit her chastity belt and I felt that cold steel. I pulled out and slammed in and again as hard as I could.

I said, “damn that steel belt is cold as shit. I sure wish you hadn’t tried to fuck my leg.” And I pulled my cock from her ass.

Tina said, “what? Why did she do that?”

I said, “I really don’t know. Wife, why did you try to masturbate on my leg when you know you didn’t have permission?”

Wife spoke and said, “I don’t know Sir. Your cock was tasting so good in my mouth and the urge just overcame me. I know it wasn’t right.”

I said to wife, “I’m glad you see the error of your ways. Of course, now you can hump anything you want, but you know that I’ve curved that pussy cover so no amount of rubbing will be felt on your clit whatsoever.”

“Yes Sir, I know. Thank you for fucking my ass.”

“Yeah, well, that’s all you get from me. Now you need to help me fuck Tina’s pretty pussy. Move to the side and give me room to get between her legs.”

She moved and I got into her place. Then I said, “That’s my good girl. Now grab my cock and guide it into her pussy. Your job is to now watch while I make love to Tina and if my cock slips out of her pussy, you need to be there to press it back in immediately. Do you understand Bitch?”

She said the two words I love to hear most, “Yes Sir”

She obediently grabbed my cock and pressed it to the opening of Tina’s precious puss. And I pressed in deep. Nice and slow.

I heard Tina sign in happiness as my cock filled her up.

I looked at wife and said, “Did you see my cock go into this pussy you made so wet and ready for me? And did you hear how happy my girl is to receive it? Too bad you don’t get to feel it today.”

Tina decided to comment to wife too by saying, “Your husband’s cock feels so hard and warm in my pussy. Yours can’t be as satisfying to him as the warm tight home I just provided him. Watch me as I make love properly to him and see if you can’t learn a thing or two. And maybe your cunt can do better next time too!”

Wife didn’t say anything, but I could tell from the look on her face she was happy to see me happy but sad for the predicament she found herself in. Of course, it was her own doing though, and maybe this will be punishment enough for her to know better next time too.

And as I got in deep, I laid down on Tina’s chest and started to kiss her passionately. I started pressing in and pulling out. Her pussy was so hot and wet.

I looked at wife and said, “My sweet girl, you sure did a great job getting this sweet pussy ready for me. You can be a good wife when you want to be!”

Wife looked down and I said to Tina, “I can tell she’s happy that I’m happy, but she’s also wishing she didn’t find herself in the predicament she’s in now too. While her pussy can’t be rubbed and obviously not able to reach climax tonight, I guarantee you she’s dripping wet inside that belt of hers.”

I looked over at wife and said, “isn’t that right slut?”

And she responded with, “Yes Sir, you are absolutely correct.”

And with that, I felt my testosterone surge and I pushed in and out of Tina’s dripping wet, tight pussy with determination. I started going faster and faster until I was slamming balls deep into her pussy such that when my body hit hers it was causing an audible slapping sound too.

Tina started to moan loudly. She started calling to my wife, saying “Damn this cock is so good. I’m such a great girl with an amazing pussy. You are just his dumb cunt wife. Too stupid to even be able to control yourself. Too bad for you but great for me, that I get to enjoy this cock all by myself now! I’m glad to feel it without sharing it!”

“Oh. YES. Fuck me harder baby.”

“Please. Don’t stop.”

“Give it to me hard. Make me cum!”

Her words spawned me to go deep and fast. As I pulled out, I pulled a tad too far and slipped out.

I admit, I did it on purpose. I wanted to see wife’s response. And she did not disappoint.

Wife had been watching as my cock was disappearing into Tina’s sweet pussy and out again. So when I slipped out, wife grabbed up my cock and guided me back into Tina’s pussy ever so quickly. I couldn’t be more pleased!

“Wife, you really are my good girl now. You are trained well. I’m glad you are helping me make love to Tina in the way she deserves.”

Tina then said to wife, “Come suck my tits and help me get closer to orgasm, Bitch.”

And slut did that. I even commented, “Look at you go slut. Suck those boobs hard.”

And it was exactly what slut needed to hear to go after that nipples even harder as I heard Tina moan louder again.

And I guess it was what I needed to see too as I started aiming at getting us both to orgasm. I said, “Come on baby girl. Keep going.” I wasn’t sure if i was talking to wife or Tina, but probably both at that moment!”

But then I spoke just to Tina, “Orgasm for me. All over my cock. Let me feel your pussy pulse around my hard cock. Make this pussy squeeze around me.”

And I was drove my cock as deep into her wet pussy as I could manage. She groaned and arched her back.

I continued, “Come on sweet girl, give it to me! My slut wife wants you to orgasm, don’t you slut?”

Wife made a “uh huh” sound but never let go of Tina’s nipple while her hand massaged the other one.

I felt my urge to orgasm start to rise. I needed it, I wanted it. I started talking louder and with urgency, “Come on my love, I’m about to cum deep in your pussy. Come with me! Give it back to me too!”

And it took three more deep, hard thrusts when I felt my balls release that hot cum straight into Tina’s pussy at the same time she moaned deep. She was orgasming with me. I held myself deep in her pussy for a few good long seconds as I left my seed shoot deep inside her pussy. I let out an audible sigh.

I pulled out, and laid over to the side of Tina. I said, “wife, you need to lick us both clean. Start with licking me clean while I kiss Tina’s beautiful lips and we regain our strength.”

When I knew she was done with me, I pushed her toward Tina’s pussy and I said, “Get busy on Tina’s pussy now. Be sure to get all that cum sucked out so she doesn’t drip onto her panties later.”

Slut wife sucked so vigorously she almost got Tina to cum again and I smiled and rubbed my hand on Tina’s cheek. I said, “Do you like my house? Want to come over again?”

And Tina said, “Baby, I have really enjoyed this. I needed this stress relief. I love you and your cock. And I love the tongue on your wife, it’s talented for sure!”

I asked Tina if she’d like to stay the night with us and she said yes. That’s when I looked at wife and said, “You hear that? She’s staying with us. You think you can do something good to get yourself released from that belt and maybe get your pussy used tonight too?”

Wife looked at me and said, “I’m very happy Sir. I love pleasing you. This has made me very wet indeed and I’d like to orgasm too. But Sir….. I know you said I won’t be out of this belt until tomorrow and it’s my own doing to be here too. So I will take my punishment properly.”

Tina heard all this and said, “you’ve trained her well!”

I looked at slut wife and said, “think I should make love to Tina again while she’s here tonight?”

My beautiful good girl looked me in the eye and smiled, while saying those same two favorite words that I love to hear…. “Yes Sir.” And I could tell, she really did mean it too!




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