138 – Complete work of fiction – #9

Please consider reading the previous complete work of fiction (or all of them really… starting here) if you haven’t already. Because i just hate repeating all of the beginning and just want to dive right into our fictitious story that hasn’t happened anywhere in reality, and exists solely in my mind!

It was a habit. Sir asked me a question and i responded with the trained response, “Yes Sir.” But the very second the words were out of my mouth, i realized what i’d done.

And then i smiled. Maybe it was kinda-sorta-on-purpose. Maybe i wanted to test Sir. i didn’t consciously or intentionally think through this from the start really. It just happened. But after i did it, i can’t say i was upset about it either. i had to wonder what would he do, especially with this new dynamic of us with this couple in front of us right here and now.

My words didn’t go unnoticed by any of them though. Madam started jumping up and down like a school girl, clapping her hands, and saying, “oh goodie! She already fucked up. I can’t wait to discipline her!!”

And she looked to SS and said, “you’ll let me, won’t you??” i saw her bottom lip come out as she begged her Sir to be allowed to have her way with me.

With his eyes locked on my Sir’s, not looking at her at all, he said aloud, “I’m not sure what David has in mind, but I have no doubt Marie will be regretting her actions. It isn’t my place to allow my wife to discipline his without his ultimate decision on this.”

And David looked at both of them and said, “well if this dynamic is going to work as intended, and as Marie has so obviously screwed up already by uttering words aloud…”

His eyes turned to look me dead in the eye while clearly still speaking to them, he continued by saying, “I think we will ALL have an opportunity to make Marie regret her actions tonight.”

Damn. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. All of it. Everything about this. Seriously, having THREE dominants allowed to discipline me? i was suddenly second guessing all of this. It sounded intriguing at the start, but i never anticipated having all of this at once either. And sometimes the idea of something can be way better than the actuality of it too!

i suddenly felt very unsure, insecure, and quite little. Not in a “little” submissive way, but in a small and insignificant way. Doubt had found its way to my mind.

i hung my head low. Tears were welling up in me. i wasn’t even sure if i could lay my head on Sir’s chest and ask to be enveloped in his arms for a reassuring hug, so i put my head in my hands and stood there feeling sadness overwhelm me and starting to sob.

That’s when Madam got giddy and said, “oh look, our little subby is crying. That’s so wonderful. It will now be easier to make her regret her actions as she’s halfway there already.”

i’m not sure i like her at all. In fact, i am sure i don’t.

But i quickly felt somewhat vindicated in this thought when Sir said to her, “while Marie did in fact disobey, we won’t be building a good relationship together if this is how you want to start it. Marie is a good girl to submit at all and now she’s going to be submitting to all of us. While we need to guide and train her altogether now to be the good submissive slut wife and girlfriend that we ultimately want her to be, we won’t be making her feel afraid of us in the process.”

SS looked at her and said, “Honey, your actions are less than productive here. I told you to remember who you submit to too. David is to be your Sir, as well as Marie’s. So while we are allowing you to grow in your dominant side that you switch to, I suggest you take a cue out of Marie’s book and settle yourself down because you too will now need to receive discipline!”

Oh, maybe i could indeed get used to this after all. At least i now know that Sir and SS are indeed ultimately the ones in control. So while Madam seems to have a wicked dominant side to her, that i will probably always both hate and love, it will be held in check by our men dominants too.

As i heard all this, i quieted my sobs and had emerged from my hands. i was feeling a bit better, but still very unsure of myself. David must’ve known though as he turned to me, and said, “Remember Marie, I asked you to trust me and you said you would. This new dynamic will be a good thing, but every good relationship has its bumps in the road. Do you trust me still?”

With my head looking downward, i nodded. David put his hand to my chin and tilted my face up to his so that he was once again looking directly into my eyes. He kissed me on the lips and said, “that’s my good girl.”

He pulled away and continued, “but we do have this matter of discipline to deal with now too.”

He grabbed my hand and started to forcefully walk, pulling me behind him. He looked at Madam and SS and said, “Follow me.”

This entire exchange had happened while we were just outside leaving the restaurant while standing on the sidewalk in public. i wasn’t certain where we were going or what would come next. But i did know the direction we were walking was NOT towards our cars!

David reached the end of the building and turned down the side of it into the alley way between the restaurant and another building just beside it. There was maybe 10-feet or so separating the two, just enough to walk between them but not enough space to drive there either. It was relatively dark in the alleyway and while anyone walking by could see us if they happened to look between the buildings, it was still semi secluded too.

David stopped and pushed my hand that he was holding up against the brick wall side of the building. He said, “Put both of your hands firmly on the wall at your chest level.”

Oh crap! He was going to spank me right here in public! In front of Madam and SS too. Since i knew that the thing that landed me here in the first place was speaking words aloud, i wasn’t about to object either.

In so many ways, this show of bravado, domination was such a fucking hot turn on! i was proud of David for the dominant Sir i have always wanted him and needed him to be, even if i was about to find my ass turned red right here and now! While i was suddenly filled with a bit of excitement, it was mixed with a bit of fear too. Fear of how this punishment was about to play out, whether we’d be seen by someone walking by, and how badly my butt was going to be burning in just a few minutes too. And what was everyone thinking right about now too!

But i didn’t have much time to think about all that because he said, “with your hands still on the wall, take one step backward so that you will be semi-bent over at the waist and your ass will be made available to us.”

i immediately did as told.

No sooner had i gotten into position, had he flipped my skirt up onto my back.

Second Sir said, “ohhhh how wonderful. Marie you got to cum at dinner by my fingers, but it seems that may be the last for you for awhile. I love the way David thinks and finding you here in this delectable position is so empowering for us. You are being such a good submissive right now.”

With these words of praise, i felt my pussy release some juices. Thankfully, none of my now-Dominants knew. How could i have felt so insecure 5-minutes ago, and now am so turned on? This deluge of emotions was so much to take in. But i was growing more confident that while this was a humiliating position to find myself in so soon, and my ass was about to be on fire, i was in the right place at the right time with the right people.

i heard David say, “who wants to go first?”

And Madam said in a more humble tone, “Please Sir, May I?”

To which David responded, “why certainly. Just remember though, she’s here to receive punishment for her poor behavior.”

He wasn’t hardly done speaking and i felt her presence close in on me. That’s when i felt a hard smack to my ass. Her hand slapped my right cheek so hard i cringed and my knees buckled. She must’ve anticipated my movement though because as i did so, i wasn’t able to move far because it was then that i felt her hand between my legs. She grabbed hard and pinched at my pussy and used that leverage to pull me back into position on the wall. Damn that was erotic but equally painful too!

She said, “stand upright Marie. You don’t get to move on the first slap. And I felt how wet you are. Don’t even think about orgasming. That’s not what this is about at all.”

And she proceeded to slap at my ass over and over again as i tried fervently to stand upright. Every time i fell off balance though, her hand was on my pussy and she used it to pull me back into place. Her fingers pinching my pussy as she wasn’t intending to use it as anything but leverage to pull me back into place, it served to cause both my ass and my pussy to feel simultaneous pain.

But i would be lying if i didn’t also admit to pleasure i felt too. i know she’s going to be hard on me whenever she’s given the chance to dominant me, but i just might like it too. The way she grabbed at my pussy made me hope her fingers would slide inward, but they never did. She made sure i knew this was a tease on her part. And a reminder to be a good sub in order to feel her touch in a seductive soft way that may come in the future instead of this harsh punishment way. i know i want to please her now too.

After just a couple of intense minutes of some hard smacks to my ass and feeling the pinch of my pussy, she moved aside and said, “Sirs, I do know my place and I’ve had my fun with Marie. So I know it is your turn to see to her now.”

Second Sir spoke up and said, “Honey, you did great getting Marie’s ass warmed up, and for also stepping aside. I’m proud of you but just know this doesn’t get you out of your punishment either.”

That’s when i heard SS say, “David, may I use my belt on our shared submissive?”

David said, “I’ve rarely used a belt on her, so she’s not used to that feel, but yes, feel free to train her in the way you wish.”

And i heard the sound of SS’s belt coming free from his pants. i braced myself for the pain i was about to feel. But nothing can truly prepare you for that first sting either.

i yelped as it landed. i wasn’t sure if this counted as speaking or not, since it was just guttural sounds that expressed the pain i felt. Thankfully no one commented to that effect. It surprised me when i heard the sound escape from my lips though too. i was sure to realize i needed to quiet myself to avoid anyone on the street from cracking notice also.

SS came up beside my head and leaned in to whisper near my ear, “I think that hurt. Good. It was supposed to. I’m going to give you 10 more.” So now i know ……he can and will give me pleasure under the table at dinner, but pain when necessary too.

And he returned to my backside. In my head i counted out each one. All were equally painful. Tears were starting to come down too. But i was determined to take all the strokes he promised to deliver with grace as the submissive i was. i was holding back the sobs when he was done. My ass was completely on fire and i hoped David wouldn’t take a turn or if he did it would be swift and manageable.

i heard David speak aloud, “THAT was amazing! I loved watching that. Truly a work of art in motion.”

i held my position against the wall. Wondering how much longer i’d be made to feel this pain and humiliation, while still praying there would be no one walk by and see us also. As well i heard my mind repeating the phrase, “please don’t take a turn, please don’t take a turn.”

SS said, “thank you David. Your compliments are kind. It’s now your turn, but if you don’t mind….. I’d normally have made our sub thank me for each swat I laid that belt on her ass, but seeings as she couldn’t speak, I’d like to take my thanks in another way.”

David asked, “what did you have in mind?”

He said, “I’d like it very much if on the way home she would suck my cock for the duration.”

David said, “yes, that’s a wonderful plan. And I do believe you both took an Uber here so we could ride home together, correct?”

SS said, “we did.”

That’s when David reached over and pulled my skirt back down, and pulled me into an upright position and looking all nice again. He looked at me and said, “I think you’ve taken enough punishment for now. Besides, we have better things to do tonight still too. You’ll sit in the backseat with your Second, while Honey sits in the front with me. I expect to hear your sloppy mouth keeping his cock hard all the way home. But you are not allowed to cum at all. And if you do cum, or if you don’t keep SS happy, I will take my turn at punishing you when we are home too. Do you understand?”

This time i was smart enough to simply nod with no actual audible words!

David said, “Good. Let’s head to the car now.”

That’s when SS grabbed one of my hands and said, “David’s right. No orgasms for you now. And you best not get me off either. I want to enjoy the ride home feeling your warm, tantalizing tongue on my cock, but I have more plans for when we are home. So don’t go ruining things by getting me off in the car. Your job is to thank me for the discipline, but not suck me dry. Otherwise David’s promise of more discipline will be assuredly in your immediate future! A precarious balance you must maintain.”

Yes, a precarious balance indeed.

To be continued……




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