145 – Equality. Between me and Sir.

i said i have been receiving many emails with many questions. Well here’s another one i received…..

Aren’t men and women equal? If YES, why is He in charge and you submit?

i happen to think…. Y-E-S …. we are. Equal. Overall. ALL people – men and woman and “other” (whatever your gender identity happens to associate with today) ….. are indeed equal!

At least…. Mostly. But like everything, there’s always the exception to every rule.

EQUAL: Let’s talk equality first.

What about mentally? Y-E-S, when it comes to the capacity, ability to apply, and rights among people – men and women are absolutely equal. So to this idea of brainpower, i think of the best teachers, doctors, accountants, or similar profession — we are indeed equal. There’s no doubt a woman can do these things just as good as a man.

From a mental capacity, ability to make decisions, or position in life requiring critical thinking – women are every bit equal to men.

So if women are equal to men with their brain power, it is also fair to say we are equal as it relates to our rights in humanity. Things like ability to vote, get a job, buy a house, etc. Women are indeed equal!

INEQUALITY: And yet there are some things that women are indeed NOT equal to a man.

Just to be clear, i don’t think we are completely 100% equal, but then again, no two people are alike. And let me explain…..

Most definitely it takes some effort for some (say a woman), to do what others (say a man), can do more easily when it comes to physical abilities. But it IS possible. Here’s an example. i think it is a scientific/medical fact that men are naturally built/ born with more muscle than a woman is. But if a woman works hard enough, she can be just as strong. And let’s face it, not all men use their God-given muscles to their fullest, so if a woman works hard and a man doesn’t, she can actually prove to be stronger than he! But all in all, because of natural muscle-tendencies, men are stronger than women. Which is why i think men are more suited for some professions or activities than men. Like playing football. Or serving in the military.

Now with that last one… serving in the military… don’t get upset with me, because i also think you can do anything you set your mind to. So while a woman may not start out equal to a man, if she sets her mind to it, she can absolutely achieve the same results. But it takes a lot more effort to get to the same level, and even more to exceed that of a man.

So women can (and do!) serve in the military for sure. (And i suppose play football too). But i feel that neither of those are easy professions for women to chose, simply because our body isn’t naturally built with the same level of muscle as a man’s is. So it forces women to have to work much harder than our counterpart to get to the same level they can more naturally achieve. Which is why i happen to have a LOT of respect for women military personnel for the bad-ass selves that they are! If they set their mind to being just as good, or better even, AND worked that much harder to overcome the naturally less-muscular position they started at than the man… they have more than earned my respect!

There are other physical inequalities too, such as breastfeeding. It is for a woman and a woman alone. Oh i suppose i have seen in the news about a man breastfeeding. But it has always been a situation where it was either: 1) a man who was born a woman but had a sex change, 2) a man who has taken a significant amount of hormone pills, or 3) both.

Men are not naturally built for or designed to breastfeed. This is something that God intended women to do alone.

So while mentally, women are absolutely equal, physically we are not. BUT – in most cases – the equality can be achieved when a women is so determined and absolutely must be respected!

MY PARTICULAR POSITION… while i AM equal, i still have a choice about how to show it or exercise it.

And it is because i am equal, that i am allowed to exercise my right to apply that equality any way i so chose.

i intentionally chose to NOT be equal to the man in my life. i intentionally chose to let David be in charge, and to lead me and our family. i chose to submit.

Being submissive doesn’t automatically declare me less equal or less capable though …. or … well… in any way just “less.” i am NOT less. At all.

i have a brain in my head that is absolutely every bit as equal to David’s. And i use it! i use it to intentionally chose to be the submissive and to yield and to be the pliable one to bend to his authority.

i have nothing to prove to anyone about my equality. i know i am respected in the community and in my home as well. But even if i weren’t, i am confident in my position in my life and marriage (as the submissive one), to voluntarily chose to not have an equal say in everything in our household.

Could it have easily been the other way around – i am in charge and he submits to me? Yes. Because we are both indeed equal and capable of leading. But i intentionally set my mind to knowing and showing want to allow him to be the one in charge.

While i don’t have to yield to him, i chose to do so. But that doesn’t make me any less equal either.

So go out and be there bad ass banker, college professor, photographer, or student that you know you are!

Because YOU are all EQUAL!




  1. Choice is everything, isn’t it?? I chose to submit to him, not because feel that women are naturally submissive, but because I feel like I personally am naturally submissive and that my husband is someone worthy of my submission.

    It’s so important for every individual to recognize in themselves the role they want to play. And if a woman wants to be a child-free doctor, she should definitely work towards that.

    Even though I, like you, think there may be a few things here and there where there is a little bit of inequality, for the most part women and men can be fairly equally matched. (My main exception is preaching the word of God, which I do believe only men are called to do)

  2. Good Conversation. I am coming from a Christian wife. If folks are not Christian they probably will not understand….maybe they will. First the bible says we are all Equal in Gods eyes. We are all his children. We can all be saved, we will all be judged no matter what our job was here on earth or if we are married or not. We are all equal in Christ. Now God created marriage to reflect the relationship between Christ and the church or in other words the relationship between husbands and wives. The bottom line is we are equal but we have different roles. God gave us different roles. Some folks see that as not being equal.
    My role right now is a nurse. My next door neighbor is a physician. Should I get the same pay as my doctor friend? Of course not because we have different roles in society. Do you consider that as inequality?

    God commanded wives to submit, respect and be a help meet to my husband. My husband has more responsibilities. He has to love, cherish, live with me in peace and considering me the weaker vessel, he has to cleanse me to become more Christ-like. He will be accountable for how he runs his household…not me, he will.
    It is just a different role, that simple if you really think about it.

    Just a note. I am a Paramedic/Firefighter. I was in the USAF as a firefighter and flying aeromedical evacuation missions. Now I am a nurse. My role in this home is different than my husbands and I love it. It really is that simple. No big deal. If someone has issues with that I would look into yourself and look at pride and selfishness. I had to at one point in my life, long ago. 🙂

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