124 – Being Naked

i have been experimenting with being naked. i’ve never been one it want to be naked. I feel …. exposed. Nowhere to hide. All of my flaws are out on display.

i think my feelings (fears!) are normal. While i haven’t asked anyone specifically, i did ask Google.

i found several articles stating the many benefits of being nude, with the primary ones being to grow self-esteem, self-respect, and become less self-conscience.

i started with just sleeping naked. And even that was hard. i like to cover up. All the fat, scars, and imperfections! So i slept with a lot of covers pulled all the way to my neck.

And when i got hot….. it was an intentional decision to then shed some of the covers.

But it turns out that sleeping nude is a health benefit too. Your body has a lot to “do” when we sleep – regenerate cells and digest food among them – and having a lower body temp can promote that. So having less clothing is ideal to help your body find its best natural state, u less of course you out on SO many covers you raise your body temp instead of lowering it!!

So despite the articles and encouragement from Google, i still feel…. exposed. After giving birth, and being a mature adult…. of course i have scars and “life” shows itself on my body.

And yet, David likes it. He said it is sexy to see all that’s his on display. Or easy access. Or both!

(And easy access promotes sexual activities, which is also stated as a benefit of being nude!)

Being naked (more) was my idea at the start and it grew into something that now he likes too. Ok, fine…. he probably liked it from the start! But now he’s told me he likes it.

He says he won’t be naked…. even to sleep. Because that’s his purview to decide that and he decided no. (Big tease!)

So i am learning to like it. But i don’t know if i like-like it yet either. That’s how i am…. try it on for size and if it fits, then keep it. Otherwise, shrug it off and try on something new.

After “just” sleeping, now i have expanded to drinking my coffee in the morning in the nude too. (The new routine in the morning didn’t last long! i am just not a “get out of bed and ‘go’ kinda person! i’ve tried!)

i now sit on the couch drinking coffee, reading emails, surfing the internet and writing posts….. while nude. And Sir walks by, looks, and smiles. Sometimes he touches but most of the time he doesn’t. (Which adds to the self conscience feelings since i’m nude and he is not…. and he is now looking at me).

But now it’s even grown to the place that when we are alone (Aka: our son not home), he wants me to shed clothes and be naked as much as possible.

i suppose this might be like the no panties and no bra thing. i now don’t think twice about those things. And i am extremely comfortable with it. i hardly ever wear those things now….. and when i do it actually feels odd now. But it took awhile to embrace that too. So this will probably be the same!

So right now, i’m not sure if i like this new thing or not. i want to like it. Does that count?

Maybe i’ll get to go to a nude beach sometime too…. but that may not happen til next summer…. or at all, especially if David continues to exercise his right to keep his clothes on.

Oh – and since winter is upon us, maybe this nude thing won’t last either…. i mean, it’s cold in winter! And really, that’s a big problem for me around the house already….. i am cold! Hmmm. We shall see!

i guess i need to read more articles and build up my self confidence even more!

What about you? Do you spend time nude? How was it in the beginning?




  1. A regular question in my house for anything involving going outdoors is – “Do I really want to out pants(clothes) on for that?”

    Both Hubs & I sleep nude, but he gets dressed as soon as he wakes. We don’t have kids so that does make it a bit easier to be nude. I rarely wear clothes unless it’s super cold.

    Funny story – I kind of blame my grandmother for this. Growing up I was told that it was “bad for your lady parts” to wear underwear or pants to sleep. So growing up, I always wore a nightgown or large tshirt to bed. Then I discovered that I’m just much more comfortable nude.

    Now I don’t think this would translate well to having good enough self-esteem/image to be ok being 100% nude around others. Although it may be fun to have a friend that we were okay sharing my nudity with when s/he came over!

    • D –
      I love your comments and your way of thinking. I need to start thinking this way too. It might be easier either kids in the house though, but I can do more than I currently do if I embrace it.
      Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I LOVE being nude! In fact, I am nude most of the time. We own a few acres and our backyard is completely private so I often spend time outdoors nude as well (except on Tuesdays…the pool boy comes that day!). My Daddy and I have always slept naked together, but the being nude during the day started about the time we started D/s. My husband also likes to be nude, but when he’s home on the weekends, he often just wears his boxers. I’m not sure about being nude around others. I did go to a topless beach once while in France, but other than that, I’m only nude around Daddy. A nudist resort might be fun though 🙂

  3. You as a couple should go to a naked / naturist beach and feel the freedom of being naked. Take a bath and let the sun dry your body, wonderful, instead of soft and eventually cold bikini and for him pants. Being naked on a beach is not sexual. No more than this itself does.
    About sleeping naked, my wife and I have practiced since we moved in together. In the beginning there was a lot of sex, but it is natural in all new relationships.
    We do not have children in the house now and are often naked at home, do not get dressed until we have to.

  4. That was one of my husbands first rules when we started DD, I was to sleep naked. Like you I was uncomfortable at first and had a hard time sleeping but on the other hand so much peace and happiness that it was important to him and following his dominance. Our daughter and her family live on the same yard as we do so no nakedness outside the bedroom yet, maybe some weekend when they’re gone 😉

  5. I have been sleeping nude since i was a young teen. Fifty years later, still keeping up the practiseand wouldn’t have it any other way. Look how much I have saved on nightwear and laundry, surely a good reason to be nude all night, every night and every day, if I can and often go 48hours nude.

  6. Nudity is the way to go. Nudist or naturist resorts are very freeing and I recommend them highly.
    I am envious of your ability to be in the back yard naked and with no worries. Sometimes late at night I skinny dip in my pool. But it is always something I have to be very careful about.

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