228 – Hidden in plain sight

Sometimes Submission is obvious. When you know what it looks like. Frequently though, people are not looking or aware.

i walk through the grocery store with David and to anyone knowing what a submissive wife looks like, you’d see it plainly when looking at me as we walk together.

Then there’s the non-submissive wives (or husbands) that anyone can see too. NO criticism, just saying they are obvious to me too.

Those are usually the couples who are bickering or even fighting about this or that as they go through the store. They are the ones who can’t seem to agree whether $2.99 for a lb of grapes is reasonable or not. i would tell you one of the biggest reasons to submit is because of the harmony it creates. Life is so much more enjoyable when it is done with joy and harmony. (i wouldn’t argue with David if he said that was too much for grapes. i would simply say “ok” and that’s that!)

And the opposite is true too. i walk through the store watching others as we go, and i see submissiveness in others. When i see another submissive wife, we usually make eye contact, smile, and it signifies the other know how much we approve of one another.

It’s clear if you know what to look for AND you are paying attention. And if you do not or are not paying attention, a D/s relationship becomes hidden in plain sight.

So what does a submissive wife look like in the grocery store anyway? That’s an easy question to answer, because it’s me! i will just tell you how i look and act in the store!

First i will tell you how i look.

In the spirit of A-L-W-A-Y-S have something in or on my body as a reminder of my submission, today i asked David as i was getting dressing, “open or closed?”

He was confused and asked, “what?”

i smiled and said, “Today i was thinking i should either wear the crotchless pants or the chastity belt as the submissive item of the day. So my puss would either be very open or very closed, which would you prefer?”

He smiled at me and said, “while I think you need to have it locked up, I want to have it open today.” So open it should be!

i am physically dressed today with my stretch, yoga-style pants, that have no crotch. There is an opening from the very front to the very back. On my top, i wear a shirt that is extra long, which is more than enough to cover myself. It has a (relatively) deep V-cut neckline, but not too deep. It shows just the top edge of the crevice between each breast, giving a bit of a tease to any onlooker yet leaving much to the imagination too. And lastly, i wear two pieces of jewelry: my wedding ring and a stylish silver choker collar.

There is no bra, and of course, no panties either. There would be absolutely no point in wearing panties with crotchless pants, right?!

When you lay your eyes on me, if you were observant you would likely notice my nipples poking through my shirt, or maybe not. You may also notice my necklace, or maybe not as well. Both are in plain sight. Of course, most people either don’t see or if they do, don’t realize the significance of seeing either of them so my submission is therefore hidden.

Most people assume seeing my nipples is a sign of me being either risqué, a slut, or both. This is at least one reason why i almost always wear my wedding ring and am always standing near my husband. Then again, if they want to assume i am one of those, that’s their decision and i am ok with that. i am proud of being submissive and not ashamed.

And my collar. A submissive collar usually has a circle on it, as does mine. i have more than one collar. i still owe you a post about my collar but that’s not this post either and you’ll have to wait for that one still. i will tell you now though that i frequently wear one of my collars in public. To someone in the know, and observantly watching, they would know it’s a sign of my submission but if you weren’t aware, you’d just think it was a pretty silver choker necklace. Next time you see a choker necklace on a girl while in public, and there’s a circle on it, you’ll now know that she’s a sub! Again, i will tell you more about the collar(s) i own and wear in another post.

Lastly, you wouldn’t see this at all about me but rather David. He sneaks small touches of my puss as we move about the produce aisle, turn the corner to the next aisle, or when reaching to pick up an item. You probably won’t see this though as he does it subtly and you’d have to be paying a LOT for attention to find this. But IF you do see it, you’ll see me allowing it too.

Next i will tell you how i act.

As i have somewhat already said above, i stand tall. i am not afraid to have people see my submission, nor am i embarrassed or worried or turned off or otherwise stressed. In fact, i am proud.

When i walked through the store today, i held my head high and my shoulders back. That’s when you’d have possibly seen my nipples poking through!

If you were to see me, you’d have likely found me following behind David. While i sometimes walk next to him and there’s no official rule about where i must stand in relation to him, the store can be crowded allowing only just enough room to walk in a single file line. When that’s the case, i walk behind. Never in front. Never EVER in front. i follow. i never lead, physically or mentally! This is by choice that i follow and of course mentally too.

If and when you did actually lay eyes on me, i make eye contact and smile. Sometimes i talk to you and say hello, but not always. If you speak to me, i will always speak back though too. If you knew i was submissive, you might be surprised to see that i am not an introvert really and will not appear to shrink when seen or spoken to. i am proud of who i am. i am submissive for sure, but i am not ashamed or afraid of people seeing the real me which is NOT an introvert!

Because i am proud, if you were to ask me about anything, including about my submission, i would answer honestly. People frequently aren’t confident enough to speak to someone else at all, but especially about something so private as a submission collar around her neck even when you know me well! (i wear my collar to work quite frequently and most people think it is a “very lovely necklace!” And no one, absolutely no ONE has ever asked… but i am sure that at least 3-suspect!)

i always walk close to David. He is always within my eye sight, if not within arm’s length. The only exception to that (ever) is if he tells me to go pick up something further away, in which case i oblige.

i generally push the cart and he fills it up. He cooks and i clean. That’s always been our deal, so in the store, he decides what to buy and i just wait for the cart to be filled and we leave.

We make jokes and references about submission when we are in public fairly frequently too. Like today, there was a woman on a mission with her shopping cart. She was rather oblivious about her surroundings and seemingly uncaring too. She took up the entire aisle, criss-crossed, and was set on going where she wanted to. Had the rest of us not moved out of her way, she likely would have plowed into someone. David made a comment about her, to which i said, “Some people think they own the place and that they are in charge.”

David laughed and said, “You never think that. Do you?”

“Absolutely not! But she did.”

“Yes, she did indeed. Maybe someone needs to teach her a lesson.”

And we laugh.

The entire conversation is quiet enough that most wouldn’t hear, but if you did, you’d know it was about submission too.

Today when we left the store, as we drove home David reached over and drew up my shirt exposing my pussy to him. He commented about how pretty it looked just hanging out there.

And then his hand started exploring and playing with it. It swelled at his touch. i became very turned on and was enjoying the attention. He played as he drove. i should have been concerned about his distraction, but i suppose i was distracted beyond the point of concern. Of course, i NEVER say no to his touch. His hand, tongue, or cock is ALWAYS welcome on (or in) my body any day or night or location!

He talked to me and said, “you were a good girl at the store. i love how you wore this outfit today making it easy for me, yet never said a word on the way here.”

i commented, “i knew you knew it was available to you Sir. i knew i didn’t have to say anything, but i was hoping you’d touch me too!”

The more he played, the more aroused i became. i found myself asking to orgasm and he said yes. So i did. i orgasmed right there, in the car, on the freeway, with my puss on display for anyone to see.

Yet, no one did. No one saw me orgasm because they weren’t looking. Just like it’s probable that no one noticed or saw me in the store either.

There’s so much around us that we just don’t notice because we really are just not looking.

So many things are hidden in plain sight. i might can prove to you now that even you weren’t paying attention….. did you look at the photo? What does it look like? Did you see the animals?

Did you see the THREE animals in the photo above? Yes, there are three…. Here ya go!




  1. I have never addressed a collar in a public setting. I feel like it might make the girl feel awkward and I have no desire to cause anyone distress, well, at least not in public. Lol. When I see one, there’s almost always a knowing smile shared. It is interesting, getting to observe other D/s couples in public though. It always makes me smile.

    “i would tell you one of the biggest reasons to submit is because of the harmony it creates. Life is so much more enjoyable when it is done with joy and harmony.”
    There is so much truth in this and I feel like a lot of people outside of the lifestyle miss it completely. Bunny, my submissive, brings me such peace and presence of mind. The harmony and solace of our dynamic is tangible. I have never known such happiness in a vanilla relationship.

    • Sir Storm… why do you assume it would bring distress? Maybe your sub would like to sport a (nice day) collar in public? If she were like me, your sub may WANT to display her trust, loyalty, and love for you in public… and of course, hidden in plain sight at the end of it too.

      Maybe consider asking a sub her opinion and not assume. I’d have been sorely disappointed if I were not allowed to wear my collar in Public.
      Just some thoughts from the other side. Hugs! Marie

      • I perhaps assume distress because I am normally highly introverted. Only when I address my select circle of friends or the various communities I feel comfortable in, do I allow my secret gregarious personality come out and play.

        Regarding my girl, she is completely mine and submits to my every whim. “I am yours to do with as you will, Daddy,” is not an unheard sentence in our dynamic. She’s not like most littles and is a good girl, service-based submissive with a little side. We both very much enjoy hidden in plain sight acts of submission. It very much is our kink.

        In the comment regarding causing distress, I wasn’t inferring to my girl, but a random sub in public. Most of the subs I know are all introverted and I would never wish to publicly out someone or make the feel embarrassed.

      • I suppose I wasn’t necessarily intending my comments to be about your sub, but rather any sub as well. I can see where a naturally introverted person may well have distress from wearing a collar in public. But I suppose I wasn’t exactly thinking about introverts, so much as anyone really or maybe specifically extroverts I guess.

        Interesting thoughts when you consider the particular types of people and their responses!

  2. As a direct result of this blog I can honestly say I will be much more observant of my fellow shoppers at Walmart.
    I could have some fun trying to decide if a woman is submissive or not and whether the necklace is a collar. Marie, you have changed my whole shopping experience! Lol! A very good post.

  3. Hi Marie, I thought this was one of your most interesting posts and really made me think. It makes me realize probably how oblivious I am to my surroundings, even though I think of myself as observant. Also great explanation of how your perspective and what you are thinking. Have a happy and safe holiday.

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