104 – Complete work of fiction. #1

………But i do hope that it has a chance of becoming a reality!

My last post was about a commitment to Exercise and (hopefully) losing weight. And right after i hit “publish,” i started speculating about the idea of “why a punishment for not doing good? Why not a reward for doing right?

So that got me thinking, “Would a reward be better than a punishment? And if so, what would be a good (enough) reward that would incentivize me to stick with it the long-haul?”

That’s when i decided BOTH would be appropriate. In the short-term = punishment. In the long-term = reward.

And since the long-term is intended to end on/about my 50th birthday, what would i want as a birthday present AND reward for embracing Exercise with gusto?!?!

That’s when it hit me… to fulfill my ultimate fantasy…… so the rest of this is (mostly) from Sir’s perspective (you will know the difference!) and what i’d want him to do to reward me……… (gets long, but i want to get the whole thing on paper the way i see it in my head!)


I was impressed at how well she’s stuck to the goals of exercise and weight loss. Anytime she’s set her mind to something, she usually accomplishes it. But of course in this case, it hasn’t hurt that I have also punished her (severely) along the way to ensure she stays the right course too! It hasn’t required too many severe punishments for her to realize I was indeed serous about helping her reach this goal!

Don’t misunderstand, I’ve always loved her… no matter what she weighed or how in shape she was (or was not). And my love won’t change! But this was her idea and I said I’d help her to achieve it ….. so I have! I won’t deny she looks hotter than ever now with less weight and more muscle, but as I said before, I’ve always loved her no matter what.

She also knows I’ve been planning a big surprise reward birthday party for her to celebrate her 50th in style. I haven’t really given her too much information for almost 13-months now, except to tease her with hints. But as it gets closer, I’ve told her more and more. Today I said, “so, it’s almost your birthday and you are on track to meet your goals. I have the perfect birthday present for you!”

With a roll of the eyes, she said, “Yes, i know. You’ve been teasing me for months now!”

I didn’t like her tone so I reminded her to watch how she spoke and rolled her eyes at me! And then I continued, “Because our son isn’t going home and your birthday falls ON Thanksgiving….. I’ve decided that YOU will be what we feast upon!”

She looked at me completely confused and maybe if I read her right, a little bit of fear.

I answered her unspoken questions, “Yes! YOU will be our main course for the day! Oh we will make sure you eat as well, but honestly, that will be the least of your concerns that day!”

She just looked at me with inquisition and said, “WE Sir???”

“Yes, WE!”

I continued, “For several months now, I’ve been interviewing men of all ages, sizes, shapes, and colors. And I’ve captured the right mix of each who will be satisfied by YOU on that day. And of course, you’ll also be SO happy because it will indeed be a birthday you’ll NEVER forgot!”

Marie asked, “How many men Sir?”

I told her, “well, I can’t give away ALL the surprises! But just know, you’ll spend most of that day naked, being used, testing your submissiveness and of course also your new strength and endurance!”


OKAY friends …. i decided to end this right here. i’ll post #2 and maybe even #3 soon…. but you’ll have to be patient and wait. ❤️

And as an update on the exercise front….. i “only” got to 5,500 steps yesterday and that was because i went for a 2-mile walk. Today, i have already hit 10,000 steps and the day isn’t over…. also with a 2-mile walk as well.

i did go buy new walking shoes though because the bottom of my feet already feel like they are rubbed a bit raw (like trying to form a blister …. on the bottom!).

As we were going to bed last night, David said, “Since it is Day 1, you had a decent start. But starting tomorrow (now “today”) you need to get to 10,000 steps or I will take action. When i asked for clarity what might the “action” be, he said, “I think I’ll ask you what is the step count sometime close’ish to bedtime, and if you haven’t reach the 10k, then you’ll have exactly 2-minutes to get your ass in the car.”

i looked with clear confusion on my face and said, “the car?”

He said, “Yes. And depending on how far off the step count you are will depend on how far away I drive. And when I stop, you’ll get it and walk home. I’ll stay closer enough to ensure you are walking home and safe, but far enough away that you won’t be able to get in the car either. You might not even see me at all. Hopefully I don’t have to use this ‘encouragement’ too often.”

When i asked of it would be “just enough” to get over the 10k steps and he laughed and said, “oh no! Most definitely farther. It will make you wish you’d just gotten the 10k and been done!”

Then i asked, “what if i’m not able to get myself in the car in 2-minutes…. like maybe i am not dressed, shoes, or move quick enough?”

And he had raised eyebrows when responding with, “do you really want to go there with this line of questioning??”

“No Sir.”

“I didn’t think so!”

So i either walk 10k steps on my own…. or a WHOLE lot more with “help”. i did indeed ask for severe and harsh punishment…. and i have already said that Me and Exercise are NOT BFF’s……. yet!




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