110 – Complete Work of Fiction. #4

So i seriously teased you with thoughts of “the end” in the last post, so i won’t officially declare that just yet for this post being “the end” since maybe that was a tad mean of me last time. (sorry… not sorry!).

i did truly think it would be the end when i started Complete Work of Fiction #3, but by the end of that post, i knew i needed at least one more…. so… here’s the “at least one more” version…..

And like last time, if you hated already read part 1, part 2, and part 3 first… i suggest you should.

NAKED AND TIED TO THE KITCHEN TABLE, with 10 fully dressed people all surrounding me was humiliating, exciting, scary, but most of all… such a freaking turn on!

i knew that David had a great surprise in mind for me on my 50th birthday, that happened to land on Thanksgiving Day, but THIS was beyond my imagination for sure!

He offered all his guests a drink. i say “his” guests because i was essentially the entertainment really…. and while i am quite literally THE CENTER of attention, it was effectively his party. Or should i say, his “interview”!?!

After everyone had a drink in hand and had met one another, and greeted me, they gathered around the dining room table. (Even though i say that everyone “met” one another, they referred to themselves only be a number. The number that coincided with the order that they arrived at our house was how they referred to one another… #2, #3, 4 and so on. Of course they didn’t say Sir or Ma’am, that word was just reserved for me to use. But i found it intriguing that no one knew anyone else’s name and they never would either!)

David started speaking to the group by thanking them all for coming to our home, enjoying the day of Thanksgiving together, and in celebration of my birthday. He reminded them that while they were here to ultimately ‘interview’ to be a Second Dom/Domme for me, that he expected everyone to play nice together too. And if the urge struck to play with one another, as well as me, they could partake of those activities also. But everyone was to ultimately remember the focus of the day was giving thanks …. for me …. for having turned 50 so serendipitously on Thanksgiving that has provided an opportunity to gather today.

He continued, “If it seems that anyone should not be playing nice, or at the time that I decide you are simply not going to be our Second for any reason, I will politely ask you to leave. And the last person to remain at our home today will be deemed our Second. Trust me though, even if today’s party ends up being your only time to play with us, our hope and plan is that everyone will still have plenty of opportunity to leave here feeling quite full… in every way imaginable!”

And he continued, “As I mentioned when I first met each of you, I intend for the last person here, the one crowned our Second, to stay the rest of the weekend with us as well. It will be throughout the weekend that we would work out the complete details of how Marie will submit to us both and what expectations we will set for her….while putting her through her paces and getting to play with her all weekend long too! So for the Second, our celebration will most definitely NOT be ending today.”

Wow. So at the end of today, i will have a Sir and a Second. And an ENTIRE weekend to serve them both. What a grand start to this new relationship… and my 50’s! Just hearing Sir talk about all this SO wet between the legs already! i wonder if our guests can see or know this yet!

i’m pretty sure that was moment i reached sub-space already! And barely heard what he said next….

“So Marie is here to serve and be served today. As you can see, she’s presently on the table as our centerpiece. She’s been restrained so as to not be able to move until we allow it. The first thing we will do is have a meal together and we will just see where the day goes from here. Just remember she hasn’t eaten lunch yet either. So while you are busy filling her holes, be sure to fill her mouth occasionally with food and drink too. That’s the extent of where we will serve her, but everything else will be about her serving us! Otherwise, she is fully at our mercy and willing to serve us in any way we please. Isn’t that right my submissive slut wife?”

And i responded with, “Yes Sir.”

He looked around and said, “See! What’d I tell ya?” Since no one wanted to interrupt David, Sir #9 was the first to move when he raised his glass and said, “I can certainly drink to that!” And everyone laughed, agreed, and took a drink. And i thought about how bold and confident he was to be the first to speak.

Ma’am #10 said, “I may have been the last to arrive, but I have no intention of being the first to leave!” And she leaned in to me and said, “open your mouth Marie,” so i did as told. She proceeded to pour some of her drink into my mouth so i could also drink. But to make it fun, she had held the glass quite high above my head so the drink splattered a bit over my face and chest while some did get into my mouth also.

While smiling, she said in a very sly voice, “oh dear, look at the mess I’ve made! I guess I’ll have to be cleaning that up soon… with my tongue!” As she winked at me, a smile came over my face. She asked me, “Do you like that?” And of course i did, so i said, “Yes Ma’am. But i’ll like the clean up even more!” i could tell Ma’am #10 was here to impress. Serving her was going to be a challenge for sure! Challenge accepted! (Wink, wink)

That’s when David asked me, “Are you ready to be used today? And to submit? And to find our Second?”

i smiled and said, “Yes, of course Sir. More than ever! Thank you Sir!”

David looked at the guests and said, “See everyone! She’s already excited! Let’s make this a super fun-filled day for all!”

And they all clinked their glasses once more and took a deep swallow as i waited for what came next.

It certainly didn’t take long as one of the lady guests, Ma’am #7, said to David, “Can I kiss her now?”

David smiled and responded, “Most definitely! Let the party begin!”

She took a big swig from her glass before leaning in to kiss me. i opened my mouth to accept her kiss when she let the alcohol drip into my mouth and i swallowed it. It tasted so sweet and was immediately also followed by her tongue in a passionate kiss! When she pulled away i said, “Thank You Ma’am!” And she smiled a wicked smile at me, to which i knew could spell excitement or danger or both as the day progressed from here.

The Ma’am’s first move was the cue that others were waiting for too, so while she was still kissing me, i felt someone touch my clit with their fingers and had started to rub on it. And another had grabbed one of my pierced nipples and was twisting it taut. And yet another had put their lips to my other nipple and was sucking hard on it. i also felt ice touch my belly button while my leg was stroked and someone else started rubbing one of my feet while i felt a tongue touch the toes of my other foot.

There wasn’t a single part of me that seemed untouched at this moment.

i think everyone was starting to enjoy the “dessert” before the main meal. Or maybe i was the main meal and the turkey and dressing were just the side dishes! i didn’t rightly know, but i also didn’t care! i was already feeling used in the most beautiful and completely possible way and it felt amazing!

So it didn’t take long before i practically yelled out, “Sir, may i come?” David said, “Yes you may my love… as much as you want!”

That’s when Sir #3 unzipped his pants and climbed up on the table to stick his thick cock in my mouth. He said, “I am so fucking turned on by all of this. I’m going to give you some of my cum to fill your belly and maybe some turkey after that if you really are the good girl your Sir has said you are!” And he jammed his cock down my throat until i started to gag. His cock would definitely be something i’d always look forward to if he became our Second!

Perhaps it was this Sir’s mention of eating turkey that reminded them of the food on the table, but i heard a Ma’am’s voice ask someone to pass the corn, which lead to more talking and alighted too. Thats when i started to ear a steady stream of dishes clinking, glasses being filled, and silverware being used as everyone started to pass food to enjoy the meal …. while also enjoying ME too, all at once!

And from that moment on, at least one (and more!) of my holes seemed to always be filled, causing me to moan and beg for release. Absolutely no one had trouble eating, drinking, and having fun with me all simultaneously as clothes were shed and fun was had. Since David allowed me to cum freely, it happened so much, i lost count. My belly became full with food and drink, but also the natural juices that these Sirs & Ma’am’s rewarded me with as they released their orgasms down my throat too. And this was just the start of the day too!

Even if the only things they each got was a day of great food, thrilling fuckery, a lot of sex, and getting to Dom/Domme me for the day, i knew absolutely everyone would go away saying how absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and memorable this Thanksgiving had been for all. (And i’d also be rewarded with the lasting present of a Second to serve tomorrow and the next day and the next day too!)

That’s when i felt David’s presence by my head. He placed a a hand to gently stroke my left cheek as he brought his head down and whispered in my ear, “Happy 50th birthday my sweet, loving, submissive wife! The first 50 was nothing compared to the next 50 that I intend to provide to you… starting now!”


Or maybe not “the end”……. Maybe the next Complete Work of Fiction will take you into me serving my Sir AND my Second…. what happened over the weekend? who knows! Is my Second a male or female? Who knows that either?!


(Anyone want to submit an application now for a chance to spend Thanksgiving 2021 at our house? 🙋‍♀️🙋🙋‍♀️🙋)





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