108 – Complete work of fiction. #2.

If you didn’t read the first Complete Work of Fiction #1, you should probably do so before reading this one…. as this is a continuation of Part 1 and may/may not make sense as a stand alone post.

i couldn’t help but wonder, “How many? How will this go? Should i be excited or worried or both? And when will i know more details……….”


My 50th birthday was just a week away and David promised to make it one i’d never forget. All he’d told me so far was there would be multiple people who will feast on Me for Thanksgiving! What does that even mean???

i mean my 50th IS on Thanksgiving but i never expected to have a big “feast” with ME being the featured entree of the day! But it seems through all the hints he’s dropped that THAT may in fact be what happens!

And then he announced, “No more masturbation or orgasms for you until your birthday. You are to only touch yourself to shower and clean. We have to have you good and ready! But I will edge you daily.”

Oh great… a week of edging and no orgasms…. i sure hope this is worth it! And edging that he is in charge of too!

And without fail… as we were headed to bed, he would say, “open your legs.” And he played with my clit until i was begging to come. And he’d stop. He waited 10-minutes, to the point i thought maybe he’s done and that’s all, and he would repeat. He did this varying numbers of minutes and repeats for the entire week. i was SO ready to orgasm! But true to his word, he didn’t allow it.


i was getting more and more anxious with not knowing a whole lot of what to expect. David really hadn’t told me much more about Thanksgiving. And every time i asked he would say, “Don’t worry your pretty little head. I have it all taken care of.”

When i asked what i needed to do, his response was, “Be yourself. Your submissive self, the GOOD GIRL, submissive self that we both know you are… and to which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!”

Yes Sir.


(The rest of this will be from what i think would be what he may say and think… From his point of view now… of course this is my idea of what he may say, so this may or may not be how he would actually respond… but i did say “Complete work of Fiction”)……

I woke her up and said, “Happy Birthday my love!” And handed her a cup of her favorite coffee.

Marie opened her eyes and said, “Thank you Sir,” and took a sip. While she was drinking, I told her to get completely naked and prepare herself for her birthday spanking. She knows it won’t be a punishment, instead it will be rather a FUN-ishment.

I said, “Drink your coffee and enjoy. I’m leaving the room now. When you are done enjoying coffee, you are close the door promptly Assume The Position and wait for my return. To receive your Birthday spanking of course!”

I heard her say, “Yes Sir,” which just happen to be my favorite words! And I left the room.

I knew it wouldn’t take long and she’d close the bedroom door. So I did a few things around the house and sure enough the door closed. I intentionally made her wait a full 15-more minutes. I know she prays while she waits and given it is her 50th birthday and Thanksgiving too, I wanted to give her plenty of time to pray for all the things she’s Thankful for.

I knew I wanted to start AND end the day with her seeing and hearing my voice. So I knew I needed to spank her first thing to remind her just who she ultimately belongs to, and to be on her best behavior today, but also to get her into the right mindset for the remainder of the day too!

When I entered our room I saw the sight I so very much love… she had Assumed The Position! This is especially my favorite on days like today when she’s not here because of trouble! My loving submissive wife, bent over and waiting for me. And in the small of her back lay my paddle.

I picked up the paddle and swung lightly. She moved and let out a small sound.

I said, “Are you ready to have an amazing birthday?”

“Yes Sir!”

I said, “Great! We are going to give you a Birthday spanking now. You are 50, so there will be 50 swats in total. But you are not in trouble and since we don’t want you worn out before the day’s activities even really begin, it won’t be too hard! And I want you to count them out for me too.”

“Yes Sir” is all I heard. And so I begun.

When we got to 15 she was squirming more than I wanted and I gave her a second to gain her composure. I also reminded her we weren’t even half way yet.

She said, “But Sir, it’s already stinging.”

And I said, “I understand but I want you to be a good girl and ring in your 50’s with me standing right here behind you.”

While I admit, it did take me awhile to truly get on board with this while D/s with DD lifestyle that she asked for a few years back, it has changed our marriage for the better. And today especially, I wanted her to know how much I love being her Sir.

She said, “Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.”

“Good Girl! You make me so happy. Let’s get to the Big 5-0!”

SWAT SWAT SWAT… And so we continued!

All along the way, I said things to her to reassure her of my love like, “You are such an amazing wife!”


“Thank you Sir. Twenty-five Sir.”


And I said, “You are doing an amazing job of being my submissive wife. I love this lifestyle we have created together.”


“Me too Sir. Thirty-five Sir.”

Then I said, “You like being my slut submissive wife, don’t you?”

[Time out: i haven’t told you about my opinions on the word “slut”…. and i will in a full post. But suffice it to say here that the definition of it is “a woman with many sexual partners,”… and from my previous escapades, you know i have had sex with others. SO… if the shoe fits, wear it! Oh – and remember – this is fiction! So now the story can continue…..]

S-W-A-T. I won’t deny…..I made that one be a bit more intense on purpose.

She called out, “Forty Sir. Thank you Sir. Yes, Sir, i do love being your Submissive wife.”

S-W-A-T. That one was a bit harder too, only because she intentionally didn’t answer my question and we both knew it.

“I didn’t say ‘submissive wife,’ I said ‘Submissive SLUT wife’. Say it out loud. Admit it. You know you want to!”


“Forty-five Sir. Thank you Sir. Yes, i love being your submissive slut wife!”

We both know she likes being called the word “slut” and for some strange reason it turns her on. But only when we are in a scene or doing something sexual. I’d never dare say it to her otherwise, as i truly love her too much for that! But she hates saying it herself. I think because when she does say it, she has to own it.

So I continued to make her say she was my submissive slut wife. And to acknowledge that’s what she wanted to be all day today on her 50th birthday. I could tell the whole thing was getting her super wet between the legs too, so for many reasons, I knew she liked it!


Then I heard, “FORTY-NINE SIR.”

“Last one my submissive, slut wife….. got to make it count!”


“Owwwww!” And she yelled out, “FIFTY SIR. THANK YOU SIR!!!”

I pulled her up from the bed and hugged her so tight. I told her, “You are so strong and so amazing! I love you SO much my good girl!”

Then I kissed her heavy and full. And I laid her oh-so-gently and tenderly onto the bed. I knew her ass was sore. But I also knew how she loved my tongue too!

I spread her legs wide and went down on her clit folds. My tongue moved around this clit that I know so well. We’ve been together for over 25-years now and she has always loved how well my tongue laps at her clit.

In no time at all, she was asking me to come. I stopped immediately and said, “OH NO! You don’t get that pleasure just yet my dear. I need you to be ready for what is coming up next. You know it’s too soon!”

She was on the edge from no orgasms for a week now. But I wanted her to wait just a bit longer too. She pouted. I knew she would though, so I was ready!

So I pulled her up and turned her over onto her stomach. I pulled up from the hips and got her onto her knees. I grabbed the lube and spread it onto my finger and into her ass. I finger-fucked her a minute and told her, “I’m going to take you in the ass now. I’m doing this because you typically don’t orgasm from anal penetration and I do NOT want you to come. So I’m going to use your ass and fill it with my seed. Is this ok by you?”

She responded, “Yes of course Sir! You know i love anal and especially when i get to come. Please use me Sir.”

I reminded her that, “I will come this morning, but you will not. I’m aware you want to. And you be used a lot and you can come freely at that time. But not now. Not yet. Do I make myself understood?”

And when she said, “Yes Sir,” I pushed my hard cock deep into her ass. I typically take it slow and easy at first, but I didn’t want to give it to her that way today. I knew if I pushed hard and fast I could use this moment to get myself off and not give her enough time to do so herself. So that’s what I did!

Damn her ass looked and felt so good. It had been awhile since I’d taken her from behind. So I started pushing in and out rather quickly! She was moaning and begging to come, to which I denied. That got us both even more turned on too!

That’s when I asked her, “Who do you belong to?”

“You Sir”

“And what are you?”

“Your submissive Sir.”

“My Submissive WHAT?”

“Your submissive slut wife Sir.”

“That’s my good girl!”

As I said those words, I slammed my cock deep into her ass and exploded. I held myself there for just a second while my cock released all I had deep into her. I loved this position and this look. I loved being RIGHT HERE!

When I pulled out, I turned her (gently) onto her back again and lowered myself down between her legs to rest upon her body. I put my elbows on the bed and wrapped my hands around her head to stroke her hair. My body surrounded her fully.

That’s when I looked square in her eyes and told her, “Marie, you are the love of my life and I am proud to be your husband. I love you so much! Happy Birthday my good girl!”

And I kissed her deep and passionately.

While we could’ve stayed her for a long time. I knew we had to start the day. So I pulled us both up off the bed, and I asked, “okay, so, you ready to truly start the day? To have an amazing birthday??”

She said, “well Sir, i think it’s already gotten off to an amazing start… except of course that you didn’t allow me to orgasm when you did……. [insert pouty face here] …… But honestly, i’m not too sure about the rest of today since i’m not entirely sure what to expect!”

I knew she was nervous. She’s not used to not knowing anything at all. So I gave her a bit of reassurance by saying, “Don’t worry. You will get to orgasm plenty! Just do as you are told and the rest of this day will be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!”

That’s when I told her to get in the shower. And she was to ensure every bit of hair from her neck down, excluding her arms of course, was shaven away clean.

Marie asked, “is there anything particular i should wear today?”

And I responded with, “it will be laying on the bed when you are out of the shower.”


OKAY my friends – So just writing this, i can tell i got myself wet between the legs. i know i can’t (and i won’t) touch myself…. because that is one of my rules. But maybe i can convince David to do it…. maybe! 😉



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