114 – Complete Work of Fiction… #5

i was truly intending to end this Series where it left off before, but a real life event happened yesterday that inspired me to tell you more.

So YEP, here it is! The next edition.

First though…. some NONFICTION ….

David happened to ask me in the middle of the writing of Complete Work of Fiction #2, what i was blogging about that day.

So i told him. And then he insisted i send him a link to each of them as they unfolded and were posted too.

When he was done reading #4, i asked his thoughts. i wondered if he’d think it was hot or file for divorce from this completely warped individual he sleeps beside!!

His response was, “hmm.” That’s it??

i didn’t question it. i decided to just wait to see if he said anymore on his own. And sure enough, yesterday he did.

Despite being a Sunday, i had to go to the office for a few hours. And in the middle, he texted me (out of the blue and unprompted), “if our son wasn’t home, I’d find a woman right now to be your Second. And I’d be fucking her when you get home.

Oh wow! What to say to that??

EVERYTHING ABOVE WAS TRUE AND NON-FICTION. Here is where the fiction actually starts…..

(So let’s just pretend for a hot minute i had NOT received that text AND our son was not home either…..)

i was tired and finally headed home from work. What a way to start the week with being at the office much of the Sunday day. i was looking forward to relaxing on the couch, eating dinner and watching tv with Sir.

i walked in the door and the dogs greeted me. But otherwise, the house seemed quiet overall. i wasn’t sure where David was exactly, but i went in search of him in order to greet him properly too.

As i walked closer to our bedroom, i heard voices. Multiple. A female and David together. What the hell?? Is he fucking a woman in OUR bed??

i was nervous and cautious. My mind raced and my heart raced even faster that that! i wasn’t sure if i wanted to continue forward or not. But i also know, i can’t avoid this situation either.

Take a deep breathe. Gather your thoughts.

And i heard her call out, “YES! Fuck me harder! Give me that cock!”

And my heart raced! i couldn’t slow it down but i tried as i took another deep breath. My feet had a mind of their own too and seemed to be propelling me forward.

When i reached the bedroom door, it stood open. i saw them there. Together. David had her on the bed, on all 4’s, and he was fucking her from behind. They were both facing the door so they saw me immediately. This was intentional. He wanted me to find them. Maybe she did too.

David said, “hello my sweet submissive wife! Come in.” as he continued to pound her from behind.

The words “submissive wife” didn’t escape me. i knew he used them intentionally. But i still didn’t move. i didn’t speak either. i was frozen. Completely unsure what to say or do, even though my clues were in the very word “submissive.” i knew he expected me to obey.

That’s when she spoke up and said, “Did you not hear your Sir give you a directive? What’s wrong with you? MOVE!”

And i moved forward. A step anyway.

She seemed slightly irritated at this and said, “your Sir said you were better trained than this. Move your ass…. NOW! Get over here and get in this bed. I want you to see how well he fucks me.”

At the command of both of them, i managed to move forward toward the bed. She said, “that’s more like it! What a good girl you can be… when you want to be!”

David then said, “Marie, I’d like you to meet your Second. After reading your Fictional stories, I saw no reason to wait until your 50th birthday to grant you your wish! So I’ve been searching and I found the perfect lady to be your Second. Now i want you to greet her properly.”

i said, “Sir, you didn’t mention her name. What exactly am i to call her?”

And David laughed with a bit of incredulity and said, “Truly her name isn’t really relevant! As far as you need to know you can simply call her Madam Second.”

And with that, something caused me to just submit. To just do as i was expected to. So i said, “Nice to meet you Madam Second.”

He said to the Madam, “See. She is trained well. She just had to get over the sight of my cock deep in your pussy and not hers!”

Madam Second said, “You have done well with her. But I can certainly see why you decided she needs a Second. She hesitated and that obviously won’t do. Can I give her some direction to see just how much training she ultimately still needs and how she will respond to me?”

David said, “of course you can!” And he turned to me and said, “Marie, do you have any questions about who you submit to now?”

i responded with a simple, “No Sir.”

And she said, “and just who DO you think you submit to now?”

i looked at her and said, “Madam Second, i submit to both you and Sir now.”

She said, “Oh how wonderful! I see you are coming around now. That was so much better! Let’s just see just how submissive you really can be. Take your clothes off and get on the bed. Lay on your back with your legs spread wide.”

i did as i was told.

David said, “Marie honey, you are making me so proud. I’m glad you came in and saw me fucking your Second. I needed you to see from the start of this new relationship with her that when she’s with you, or with both of us, that she is as dominant as I am. And I need you to respect her position as such. Do you understand that?”

i said, “Yes Sir.”

He continued, “Because honestly my submissive slut wife, I know this is what you need, to have a Second. Someone who we can have fun with, but to whom will also help keep you in line more thoroughly and completely. And who can provide me with a mental break when you start to wear me out with the mischievous, disobedient and cheeky behavior you sometimes exhibit. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

He continued, “so you understand that she will be able to punish you for wrong doings, but that she really only wants to reward you for doing good. All just the same as I do. Right?”

“Yes Sir,” was all that i said.

She then pulled away from Sir’s cock and told me she was going to sit on my face and i was to please her throughly. She continued and said, “For our first time together, you are not allowed to orgasm. You need to earn that. So make sure you pleasure me well and that I orgasm if you hope to earn yours. If I’m not pleased or you do orgasm without permission, you will be punished. Do I make myself clear?”

i said, “Yes Madam Second”

And she looked at David and said, “I am pleased so far! You didn’t lie when you said how well she’d respond to my authority! I’d like to see you fuck her while she pleases me, if you wouldn’t mind.”

And he said, “Sounds great to me!” And he came around the bed where he stuck his cock deep in my pussy as she lowered herself onto my face.

That’s when she said to David, “I can certainly see how well this is going to work out for all of us!”

And he said, “Most definitely!”


And welcome back to my NONFICTION world. If you are wondering how i actually responded to David’s text…. this is how it actually went…….

i stared at his text and was formulating a response, when another text came in.

It said, “Could you stand that or would you explode?”

i wasn’t entirely sure what to say to either text really. i was quite surprised. i ended up saying, “if i knew this was a possibility before i walked in on it, i’d be ok… and explode with sexual excitement.

But if i didn’t know, i may explode with jealousy instead.”

That’s when i saw the infamous dot, dot, dot bubbles. He was texting.

When it came through it said, “if you are truly submissive, you have no reason to be jealous and you will trust me.”

i wrote, “human nature.”

He said, “after reading your fiction, I think you should assume this is a possibility. ”

i texted back, “Yes Sir”

And he wrote, “Good girl!”

[PS…. i have a love/hate relationship with the word “nonfiction.” It is an English word about the English language. Since the word Fiction, means “not true”, and the word Nonfiction is its antonym, nonfiction literally means “not not true.” weren’t we all taught by our English teachers to not use double-negatives? Yet a word about the English language is just that! Why couldn’t “Fiction” be true and “Nonfiction” be not-true?? Who created these words and decided these definitions anyway? Did they not grasp the English language? Or was the author / creator simple creatively sly in getting the last laugh on all English speaking people …. and it worked! I love the underlying, smooth nature of the word’s author, and yet hate hate the double negative too. See the repeat of the word “hate” there …. my very own personal mischievous addition to the double negatives too. Ok, not quite as good, but whatever, don’t judge. So what’s your take on “Nonfiction” ???]

Hugs ~



  1. I need a cold shower! As always, love your fiction! It’s nice seeing how your devious mind works!

    As for David’s text, is this maybe a case of life imitating art? Hehe


  2. DAMN girl….this is HOTTTT!!!!! I love the idea (in fantasy)…not sure I could handle it in real life. Keep these coming…this is a great series!!!

    • Dear – I have been reading your words for awhile and feeling I have no right to comment….but reading about you husband’s yr long affair- did this comment not trigger you? Hope you/Him had a long loving convo. So sorry, not judging but his comments sounded so cold and not remembering the past.

      • Hi Andi – I’m glad you felt comfortable to post a comment. I like to hear about people’s thoughts (and questions and concerns too). While I left out the “middle part” of my texting response in my post, we did have a lot more to say and we did discuss this very thing. I left it out because I was concerned the post was already too long and I worried maybe putting all that would spoil the mood, this is what I also said when he asked if I would explode………

        If I didn’t know about it, and just walked in and saw you with someone else, think I’d be jealous…. and have zero confidence. Because while I know I shouldn’t worry, I still have a small part of me that if i were to just see that without knowing it was a possibility or something that was intended for good between all of us, or someone you hadn’t been seeing for ages (alone) already, I would probably feel panicky and be afraid that I am just never (ever ) going to be enough to satisfy you fully.”

        We then talked a good bit about that, and he put my mind at ease. And that’s when he said, “so you should probably assume this is a possibility….. but also KNOW it won’t be that I’ve been with her multiple times before you would meet too. That would be the first time I’ve had sex with her, but I would have to talk to her beforehand too.”

        Maybe I shouldn’t worry about “too many details” in one post and just put it all out there at once. But I did. So i tried to cut out some details, but I can see why this would be rather important too!

        Comment more. 🙂

      • PS… maybe it WAS for you! Maybe I assumed wrong. But we definitely, obviously, do indeed have even more in common here too!

      • Dear-sorry to created such a firestorm. With past pain, I grow too concern for the couples I read about. You are all so wonderful in trying to find meaningful answers. Much love from the granny

  3. I am against infidelity—it hurts people—however consensual poly relationships are different. Those done with consent and foreknowledge can enrich relationships. I suspect if this happens to you that it will be fully consensual. Good luck!!

    • Michael – I think I would say everyone would agree that infidelity is bad. I think the ultimate question is how to define infidelity really. And after all that we’ve been through I’m not sure how I know how I’d define it really. That may be a great blog post idea! But I also suspect the odds of finding a dominant, bisexual woman, who – if married – also has a willing spouse, is really pretty unlikely anyway too (I think)….. 😉. Marie

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