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Nora follows me and i follow her. In following and reading her posts, i have thought that her and i are quite similar. i have never met her in person and likely never will, but i feel like we were both cut from the same cloth! When i read her posts, i could see myself in those same situations, same opinions, and having the same thoughts.

Today she wrote a post that after reading it, i couldn’t help but think, “That’s me! That is SO me! i SO could have written this myself!” To the point, i asked her if i could reblog it and she agreed. So after gaining her approval to reblog this, i am doing just that!

i do want to add a bit of commentary too (of course, i have to give you my specific spin on this, right?? )…..

The only part of what Nora wrote that i would change is specific to the childhood memories. Clearly i did not have the same memory(s) as her, but i do have others that could be paralleled.

i have two specific childhood memories that come to mind…

1) At the young age of 5, my sister & i were at our (3 sisters) cousin’s house and we were playing on their tire swing in the backyard. Because there was one swing and 5-girls, our uncle (their dad) gave us exact instructions of how to take turns. And at my turn, i rode on the swing longer than i was allowed. One of my cousins went and ratted me out. My uncle made me get a switch off that tree.

The same exact tree that the tire swing hung from. He told my cousins and my sister that i would now be punished for not following the rules and they could continue without me.

i took the switch to him and was made to take down my shorts (panties stayed on), and he switched my bottom hard.

When it was complete, he made me go to my cousins and sister and apologize. It was humiliating to have them know what happened, but i knew it was earned … and deserved… too.

2) At the age of 11, i was in 6th grade and that was middle school. We lived in a very small town that still believed in and allowed teachers to spank the kids as deemed appropriate and necessary. It was in my Language Arts/English class that the male teacher (my first ever male teacher in my student life), instructed me to stop talking. i did not. At the third time he told me to stop, he also added, “You have interrupted our class 3 times now, and I have told you 3 times to be silent. Because you have failed to do so, meet me in the hall.” Everyone knew that if you were sent to the hall, there was a 50/50 chance to be paddled or to be spared and receive a “second chance.”

i stood in the hall for a couple of minutes waiting. People walked by and while they didn’t know what i’d done to land myself in that position, they knew why i was standing there.

He came out and questioned my decisions. i had no answers other than, “i don’t know why i did that.” And he said, “since I told you 3 times and you failed to listen, I think paddling is in order now. Another warning doesn’t seem like it would have any impact on you at all. Bend over and grab your ankles. You’ll receive 3 swats of my paddle now. Count them out.”

And he let them rip. I almost cried as the first landed on my rear. It was so fresh and ripe that it caused me to slip forward on the toes of my feet. i had to take a step forward to not fall on my face. And again. And again. Tears were very fresh in my eyes, but i refused to give him the satisfaction of letting them fall.

When he was done, he said i could return to my seat. Of course, i had a chair in the back of the room and had to pass by all my friends as i reentered the room. i didn’t do a thing the rest of that hour, except dwell on the spanking. Additionally, the remainder of the year i had a complete distain and loathing for that teacher.

But i also knew…. he was right. i didn’t stop talking, even after 3 times being told to and i didn’t show a bit of respect for his authority either. So ultimately, i also had to agree that “another warning” would not have made an impact. So frankly, a spanking had the impact he was looking for and had a biggggggg impact. i knew it then and i still know it now.

Obviously both of these early spankings had an impact on me since i STILL remember them clearly all these years later. And what i would ultimately tell you now is that…. it is effective. It does work.

So with that commentary – read the rest of Nora’s account, substituting my memories in place of hers, and trust that absolutely everything else, i could’ve written myself….. including being the one to pick out the crazy devices that will ultimately be used against me and also against my (cut-from-the-same-cloth) fellow blogger Naught Nora!

(Thank you Nora for the well-written post and for allowing me the pleasure of reblogging your post!)

Hugs ~


I have a love/hate relationship with spanking and corporal punishment.  On the one hand, I fantasize about it constantly.  My fantasies typically …

A glutton for punishment #NSFW, 18+


    • Well….. the first one: no. In fact, (my parents were divorced and i grew up with my mom). And she was flipping mad at my uncle. She thought it was not his place and that he should’ve let her handle it. Now the second one: YES! My Mom was PO’d…. at me. I was actually in more trouble from Mom than the teacher! But she didn’t spank me….. she sent me to my room for the night.

      • I can totally understand why your mom was mad. With that said, in my fantasies….any misbehavior away from home that warranted a spanking would definitely mean a good spanking at home too😊
        I was only spanked once as a child (that I remember). It was delivered by my mom and consisted of just a few swats over the clothes. My brother and I had disobeyed her and gone down to the creek while she was on a walk with a friend. She came back a lot sooner than expected. We were marched back to the house and spanked on the front porch.

      • When I was young, yes. But not as I got older. And that was only because she never wanted to spank me with anything other than her hand, because she was afraid she wouldn’t know the intensity level(s) with anything else (belt, shoe, spoon, paddle). So as I got older, she simply couldn’t spank hard enough with “just” her hand really so it ceased.

        My husband & I have done the same with our son. It was spankings with just our hand. Now that Sir is more skilled with the paddle (😉), if our son was still younger, he’d probably used the paddle on him too!

      • LOL….we don’t have children, so we’ve never been faced with the “to spank or not to spank” dilemma. My husband has become quite handy with the paddle over the last few years, and recently has been experimenting more with the cane…talk about ochie!!!!

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