121 – Complete Work of Fiction #6

Many of you have written to me and said i have talent writing fiction so i decided maybe i ought to do a bit more.

Of course, David has ordered me to keep my day job…. 🤣😂🤣. Sooooo….. Since i won’t be changing careers anytime soon, you get my next work of art here….

This installment is truly fiction, but ….it then again, it could be nonfiction too…. you just don’t really know for sure!


As i’ve been writing all the fiction stories, David has been reading them too. He asked me if anyone responded or volunteered to be interviewed for a spot at the 50th Birthday Thanksgiving feast.

At the time he asked, i did have to honestly say no. But that has since changed!

i recently received an email that had a subject line of, “Application within.” When i opened the email, it said, “I’m a fan of your blog and I’d like to know more about what I’d have to do to be considered for a chance to be your Second.”

That’s all it said, except for the signature which was simply the initials of, “SS”.

Oh now this is intriguing! How to respond?!

Of course i consulted David. He asked me if “SS” was a male or a female. And i had to say i had no idea really.

He said, “Respond and find out a name, their sex, sexual orientation, and where they live. It may be difficult if they live too far away anyway.”

So i set out to typing, “Hello SS, Thanks for being a fan of the blog. And sending an email. David and i are both intrigued and want to know more about you.”

And i asked the questions David wanted to know about. And hit send.

Now to wait. Possibly forever. Who knows if he (OR she) would actually respond. i checked my email a lot that day!!

But….. a few hours later, a response came back! It read, “Hi again Marie! I am male, married. I am a Dominant. And my wife and I read your blog together. It was at her suggestion that I sent the first email as she said I should apply to be your male second.”

And he signed it again “SS.”

Then there was a “PS…. I live in Texas like you.”

Interesting for sure now!

But of course, Texas is a VERY big place, so who knows what that even really means! [Fun fact, did you know it is closer to go from El Paso, Tx to San Fran, CA (west) than it is to go from El Paso to the LA/TX border (east). And that’s just East to West, same is true North to South too! Just saying,.. Texas is big!]

Anyway, of course David said, “don’t go getting yourself all worked up and excited yet! You should know that information really means nothing! And he still didn’t tell us his name either. He could be some psycho internet stalker for all we know!”

And David then told me “in fact, I think you need to forward that email to me and I’ll decide if we will pursue this or not. You you are not to email him directly anymore.” So i did as told.

That was almost 3-weeks ago. i didn’t even know for sure if David emailed him, and frankly i had forgotten about it.

Then today out of the blue, David asked me, “Do you trust me?”

This is a strange question….. So i responded with, “Is this a trick question?“

He cocked his head and said in a firm voice, “NO, it is not. Answer me before you get your bottom side turned red!”

i said, “Yes, of course i do, Sir. Why do you ask? “

He ignored my question and instead responded with, “Good. Then tonight we are going out. I will pick out your clothes and you will be ready to leave at 6 prompt.”

That’s when i asked, “Where are we going?”

With a smirk on his face, he reached up with his hand and cupped my cheek while he said, “You said you trusted me. So … trust me! And quite asking so many questions already.”

i had to accept his answer and so my only response then was, “Yes Sir.”

And that’s all he told me.


I knew she’d be surprised at my secretiveness and she’d want to know more. She’s always been so curious and wants to know everything, but this time, she just needed to trust me………starting now.

I picked out a dress that I’ve always loved on her. It hugs her hips just right and has a deep cut on top allowing me to see much of her breasts without being too rated X in public.

She did get ready and put on the dress… no panties and no bra, of course (!). She knows how I feel about being punctual, so she didn’t disappoint. And we left the house on time.

When we got moving in the car, I started teasing her saying, “you don’t know where we are going!” I did it on purpose too. I knew her curiosity would get the best of her at some point. I just didn’t know how soon she’d break either. I was going to test that though tonight and see how far she could go!

That’s when I also said, “pull your dress up so I can see my favorite pussy.”

And while she rolled her eyes at me and seemed to respond with a bit of hesitancy, she did as I instructed. That’s when I reached over and gave her pussy a quick snappy smack! She let out a “ouch” and flinched to which I ignored. Instead I said, “next time don’t roll your eyes at me and act like I’m putting you out to be able to see what’s mine.”

She did give me the two words I love to hear, “Yes Sir.” And then I put my hand down softly on her clit and started to rub my middle finger over it. She responded nicely this time!

I said, “this is what I was intending to do and you could’ve avoided the swat had you responded properly the first time. I shouldn’t give you this pleasure now even, but I do want to in spite of your hesitation.”

Her back was arching, she was squirming in her seat, and her eyes were rolling back in her head so she didn’t respond verbally, but I knew she was happy.

I continued to finger her pussy until she got near orgasming and when she asked me if she could cum (she always does as that’s a rule!), I said no and stopped. And she pouted. And I said to stop. And so she did. And so I went back to fingering her. Until she asked to orgasm. And I said no. And we repeated this all the way to the restaurant.

She was so turned on and so frustrated with her inability to gain that release that by the time we got to the restaurant she was having a full on emotional battle between mental angst and physical pleasure. I had her exactly where I wanted her. She was attentive to my words and my touch!

As we neared the restaurant, I stopped touching her and said, “you said you trusted me and so far so good. But tonight may well be a true test of your trust. Are you ready for that?”

Marie responded with, “well Sir, i do trust you but i won’t deny all the cloak and dagger has me a little worried too.”

I just laughed and said, “don’t worry my love. This will be great! But I do have to tell you the rules of the night too.”

She said, “okkkkkkk”. I could tell she was getting nervous, but that was fantastic too! I truly did have her just where I wanted her!

I continued, “you basically have one rule tonight. You are NOT to say a single word tonight. No matter what you see, hear, or who speaks to you. You are to simply let me be in charge and your job is to submit by following your ONE rule. This shouldn’t be hard when you only have to follow ONE simple rule, correct?”

She looked at me and with a raised eyebrow, she said, “Yes Sir.”

I told her, “Great! Do you have any questions?”

She said, “Sir i have SO many questions i don’t even know where to start!”

I chuckled and said, “Then just don’t even start. Keep it all in. And know you just need to trust me… and follow your one rule! Do not speak a single word tonight. No matter what!”

She said, “Yes Sir.”

And I said, “Now that that is settled, let’s start now. Your rule is officially in effect. The rule will expire when the night is officially over and the time turns 12:01 am. Kinda like Cinderella, until the coach turns back to a pumpkin, you are no longer allowed to speak.”

And she nodded at me. And I smiled and said, “Good girl! You learn quickly. I love your submissiveness already! Now let’s go inside.”





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