109 – Complete work of Fiction. # 3

If you haven’t read parts 1 & part 2, i would suggest maybe you should. It will likely help to know the introduction and the middle before reading this ending. (Yes, it is the ending!But prepare yourself for a long read too!)

MY 50th BIRTHDAY.… was off to an amazing start! i have full intentions of making my 50’s even better than the 40’s and definitely better than the 30’s! And David is already helping me get it started in grand fashion.

These are all the thoughts i had as i was drying off from the shower and walked to the bedroom to see what he’d laid out for me to wear for the day. He doesn’t normally pick my clothes out, but i do find it sexy when he does.

What i found there on the bed was a solid leather collar, wrist and ankle cuffs…all were purple…. Sir’s favorite color. That was all. Nothing else. We don’t do a lot of bondage, but when we do, it is typically when he wants me to be in a super-submissive mindset and to be made fully aware that he is in control. i already knew that was what today would be about anyway, and that already made me happy and let’s be honest… wet between the legs too!

There was nothing else on the bed so i knew I’d be spending most, if not all, of the day naked. i’ve come to rather like being naked, as Sir has gradually encouraged, and sometimes required me to be naked when it’s just the two of us. He rather enjoys looking at me whenever he wants to and i like him doing it too! He’s rarely naked though. He knows i’d like that for him too, but it’s because i’d like it that he doesn’t do it too often. He teases me like that.

So as i walked to the living room, with only my collar and 4-cuffs on, i was not surprised to see him fully dressed. In fact, he was pretty dressed up for the day so THAT did surprise me. He had on slacks, a button down shirt, a shirt coat, and dress shoes. Wow. That is my favorite look on him and he knows it!

i smiled as i saw him and said, “i love the outfits you picked out for both of us Sir! Quite sexy!”

He said, “Yes indeed. You look equally amazing!”

Because it was Thanksgiving not just my birthday, he was cooking a thanksgiving meal already too. He ALWAYS cooks. We have a deal of he cooks, i clean. So i asked if i could help and so we went to both preparing the lunch meal together.

We had it pretty well completed at about 11. And it was a LOT of food, to which, i still had no idea who or how many people would even be joining us. But i trusted Sir and knew i didn’t need to even be concerned about it.

That’s when he told me, “Now it’s time to set the table. You are first.”

i had no idea what that even meant and he could tell from the confusion on my face. He let out a bit of a laugh and grabbed my hand as we walked to the dining room.

He said, “climb up on the table and lay on your back.”

ON the table Sir?”

“Yes. That’s what I said. I didn’t stutter, did I?”

“No sir.” And so for the first time ever, i climbed onto our dining room table and laid on my back.

He said, “Great. Now i am going to put these cuffs to good use. Spread your arms and legs toward each of the 4-corners.”

So i did as told as he walked to one of the 4-corners himself. Apparently he had put the under-the-bed restraint system under-the-dining-room-table. And he attached the hooks to each of my cuffs one by one so that i was able to move, but only slightly!

He then proceeded to set the table with plates, silver ware, and glassware all around me. i was indeed the centerpiece of the table as a decoration of sorts. He then placed the prepared dishes all around as well. The turkey and dressing, and all the typical Thanksgiving food affairs! The food smelled so grand, the table was so full, and i wondered just how this would ultimately happen. And all he kept saying was, “patience my dear,” as i waited.

And that’s when the doorbell rang. He looked me in the eye and said, “Right on schedule!” He leaned down and kissed me and said, “No matter what happens today, never doubt my love for you! You are free to speak, unless specifically told otherwise. Just remember though, if you do as you are told, today will be absolutely perfect!”

“i trust you Sir.”

Sir went to the door and greeted a man who David seemed to know, but who’s voice i had never heard. i could feel my heart racing and told myself, “Calm yourself. This will be good!” And i closed my eyes as i concentrated on slowing my heart rate.

i heard footsteps and knew they were coming towards me. David said, “Marie, I’d like you to meet Sir #2.”

i opened my eyes and looked at David and said, “My Sir, with all respect, i am confused. Can you please explain ‘Sir #2’ please”.

David said, “You will meet several people today for the first time. You will let them use you anyway they please. And the one that pleases us both the best, and to which i approve the most, will become your second Sir…. (and he paused for dramatic effect and with a smile he added)……..or Ma’am.”

He continued, “I sometimes find you difficult to manage on my own to the level that you need, mentally and physically. You sometimes need to have your holes used or you need to be disciplined more than I have the mental energy to exert. So I have decided a Second would be quite appropriate. It will hold you to a higher standard and allow me a break when needed too.

And let’s face it, with sexual activity involved too, i could benefit too if the Second is a female. As you are fully aware, i am a very straight man. So i already have a predetermined preference to having the chosen Second ultimately be a female, but i know you will respond to both! So we shall see who proves to be the best Second today.”

Then he said, “Do not misunderstand…. I will always be your Sir, husband, and first love. And each of these individuals know that i am your ultimate Alpha. They’ve all been made aware that as it relates to you, they will have full access and ability to dominate you, unless of course, I am exercising my right first. I’m only choosing to share you in order to get you to a more submissive level on a more regular and continued basis.

This is the dynamic I wish to have for us going into your 50’s. So I decided that today would be the perfect opportunity to be an interview day for all of these individuals, who I have of course already previously met and vetted. They have all agreed to spend this day altogether with us enjoying YOU on Thanksgiving in a festive and fun setting. But make no mistake, they are here to demonstrate their ability to Dominant and to see which one you respond to the best. Are you agreeable to this arrangement?”

i looked David in the eye and said, “Yes Sir, i am agreeable! In fact, this will be an amazing and fun day! This is the best present ever!”

David said, “I’m glad you are pleased. Now please greet our first guest.”

i turned my eyes to the gentleman, who was dressed up in a similar manner to David, and quite politely said, “Very nice to meet you Sir #2.”

And he grinned. And then the doorbell rang… again and again. i greeted each one in turn, Sir #3, Ma’am #4, Sir #5 and so on. They had no names only numbers. i wondered if i’d ever know their true names, but i wasn’t sure it even mattered too.

After i greeted each one, and they were all present, i saw there were a total of 10 total…. 6 men and 4 women all surrounding our dining room table. All were dressed up with nice attire as if they were at an evening dinner event out rather than a Thanksgiving luncheon in our home. And of course, i was completely naked, save the collar and cuffs…. restrained and spread eagle on the dining room table.


Okay friends…. i know what i said about being the “end”, but this seems like a good place to stop and the post is already quite long. Soooooo…… wait until the next installment of “Complete Work of Fiction” to find out more….. which really WILL be the end. i sure hope one day i can report this is NOT fiction, but reality! 😉❤️🥳




    • I’ve thought about a Second for a long time, but I haven’t ever figured out (even in my own mind!) exactly how that dynamic works really. Like who’s in charge when, doesn’t the Second ultimately have to submit (or at least yield) to the First at times and how does that work too? And do I spend time with “just” the Second or how do i get to know their likes/ dislikes? And what happens if one Sir has rules that contradict the Second Sir’s rules… how does that work?

      See… I’m full of Q’s… and I hope you find a Second for reals so i can learn these answers to! 😜.

      • And, all of your questions….you figure all of that out in negotiations so everyone is clear on procedure. Your two Doms would need to work together…which is terrifying!😊

    • Thanks! I’m enjoying writing it too. I’m debating how much detail I ultimately go into or leave it at a high level, “let your imagination run wild” kind of thing too. Opinions? 😋

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