111 – Date Night!

i am getting ready to go out to eat and drink with David. Anddddddd ….. another couple who we’ve been talking to online for a bit now.

It’s a “first date” with this couple. And really our first with any couple for almost a year now. Covid created a no-go situation for that!

So yes, this is what we do from time to time. We meet for dinner and drinks and getting to know someone(s).

And just like when single people go out on a “first date,” you get butterflies in your stomach, you hope they look like the picture they sent, you hope you don’t need to be rescued to get away fast(er) than you’d planned ……and you try to dress sexy but not slutty…. that’s how i am feeling right now.

Meeting people and having these first dates (and maybe more), brings excitement and energy to our marriage. It introduces us to new people in a fun way. It is in the open. We ALL participate …. on group messaging, on the date night(s), and the actual “committing of the deed!” If it ever happens that is!

More often than not, we don’t do anything at all with the people we meet, except dinner and drinks. Innocent. People do it all the time.

Except…. our intentions are to hopefully end up naked and all in the same bed together at some point!

This couple seem as kinky/crazy as us, so i feel it could be a good match for us to have some crazy fun with. NO we don’t have sex with people the first time we meet. So no, we won’t have sex with them tonight. But if all goes well, maybe next time or the time after that!

i discovered in the group chat just yesterday that he is Dominant and she is submissive. She is bisexual, and he is straight. He uses a flogger on her, and she likes it.

So the dynamic for us all 4-together could be just what i have now with David…. but double the fun!

i feel excited and nervous both. At the same time.

i’ll probably tell you tomorrow what happened…. if anything…. if i think we may have crazy sex one day soon or never see them again!

Stay tuned!!!!!!

Hugs and Happy Friday!



  1. Oh the excitement of meeting new people with the possibility to do more at some stage. I remember that so well and really hope we can get back to that at some time 🙂
    ~ Marie

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