217 – Fine line between passing and failing!

When we go out of town… i tend to press the envelope of acceptable behavior. i don’t exactly mean to. Most of the time, it just happens.

Our family, all 3 of us, is currently out of town for 3-days. i am making a concerted effort to do better this time. And yet, i’ve already had some (small) slip ups. Hopefully the small doesn’t add up to a lot though too!

And that’s just it…. Small things are usually done and taken all in good fun. It’s when it happens over and over, becomes intentional, or even habit forming that it’s not ok anymore.

We are visiting in town to visit a university that our son is interested in possibly attending, so we came to town on Sunday and will be here until Tuesday.

On Sunday as we were trying to find a place to eat dinner, David made a comment that went like this, “when I was online looking for a restaurant, there were like 10 open places on this Sunday night. Whereas other nights… there would be… like…. Well… a bunch.”

To that, our son repeated, “yeah. A Bunch!” where he said in a mocking but funny tone.

And i laughed.

Mostly at our son being a bit of a smart ass, but in a fun, kidding kind of way. Our son had no malice or ill will intended, so it was funny and we (our son and i) laughed at David’s expense.

To which, David said, “hey! I hear you laughing at me. You will get in trouble if you continue!”

Our son heard that and immediately assumed it was directed at him for his comment, so he said, “ohhh yahhhh I’m so not worried.”

But in reality, while David’s comment may have been directed at him, or may have been all in good fun too, i tend to think it was more of a warning to me. And, all in good fun and the spirit of the moment, i said, “yeah. i’m so NOT worried too!”

My response was said it in the truest smart ass way possible. It was when David looked directly at me and raised his eyebrows that he said, “you should be!” that i knew i was pressing the envelope of acceptability which prompted me to (wisely) close my mouth.

So while it was all in good fun and we laughed, i tend to (ultimately) take it too far and land myself in hot water by the end of every trip. (Aka: fine line… passing and failing!)

i need to be on better behavior (passing grades) now for the next 48-hours or else i may find my ass turned red upon our return home on Tuesday night.

Sooooooo everything you just read was written on Sunday night. Now, Monday morning …. wouldn’t you know……. i wasn’t even able to get this message completed and posted and i got my ass chewed out (verbally) by David in front of our son.

i forgot to bring some medicines (while not life-threatening, fairly important) with us on this trip. As such, now we are having to make some added stops at the pharmacy that were unplanned and out of the way.

Plus of course, it is costing us unnecessary money too because while we have insurance and it should be covered, because we have some in stock at home and it’s “between scrips” While the meds would ultimately get used and the money would ultimately be spent, it wasn’t something that was on our agenda or in the budget for this day either.

When it was discovered, David was extremely irritated and let me know it, in NO uncertain terms too. To which, i stayed silent. In the past, i’d have jabbed back and/or deflected blame, but that ALWAYS gets us into a fight too. So instead, while i did not think i was entirely to blame, i chose to hold my tongue.

Because the forgotten medicine is technically for our son, and he’s 17 and my husband is an adult too, i am not the only one who could’ve or should’ve thought to pack it. Therefore, i am not the only one who forgot it. That said, i am usually the one who takes responsibility and gets it packed, but this time, i did not. And of course, it is needed. And of course, then i was blamed. Ugh!

But rather than fighting about who’s to blame, which won’t change anything anyway (!!) i took the heat in the moment, but i am also now absolutely sure there will be punishment inflicted upon our return home.


“What will be the punishment?”, you ask….

i have no real idea actually. But…. i am certain it is coming. i will be shocked if it doesn’t happen.

Soooo – now i have 36-hours to try to finish this trip without further issues!

Like i said, it’s all good fun…. Until it’s not.

So cheers to me trying hard to stay good, and yet, not quite making the passing grade! (Get the pun today – as we visit a University, i am thinking about grades and schooling! Apparently i need more schooling in order to have a passing grade!)




  1. Being still kind of new visiting here, I am finding posts like this hard to interpret. So let me just ask bluntly: do you LIKE to invite punishment with little things sent as a kind of signal to David to punish you?

    And secondly, as no stranger to DD as a genuine thing myself, what would you say is your policy with consent? Like, I read in one post that you have refused punishment and can do so. Could you elaborate on that? Sometimes your stories portray David in a ( to me) very unflattering way, but I wonder if that’s just the result of you trying to portray him as this sexy, dominant force to be reckoned with? I know this has happened to me before on other female sub blogs, where the woman writes about her man in a kind of one-sided, almost erotic D/s fiction way that excites her, but it can come across to others very differently. Like in this story, if i knew you were eager to get home and be spanked, and happy with any excuse or rationale for it to happen, I would take these exchanges very differently than if David was indeed as rigid as you imply with your worry over what will happen upon returning home.

    I’m just trying to see where you two are on the “DD spectrum”. LOL

    • KD – thank you again for the comments and questions. I had to truly stop and think about the answers….

      Q1: I wouldn’t say I want to invite punishment. But I do push the envelope of acceptable. We’ve been married for near,t 22-years, with 5-dating prior to marriage. Our entire marriage, we have had a friendly, kidding-poking-fun, banter between us. Most of the time, it’s been all in Good fun and never intended to cause/do harm, with occasional times where the banter went just a “little too far” and someone gets feelings hurt. So in that spirit, I do play with fire and sometimes get burned. But I wouldn’t say I intentionally do things just to get in trouble or just to get punished either. And when I do get punished, I really wish it weren’t happening because (as you know), it’s not fun at all then. (Does any of that make sense? I’m not sure if it does….)

      Q2: we have an implied acceptance of punishment, until it’s not. We use the red, yellow, green light system… where red is stop now (!), yellow is slow down as “I’m reaching my limit”, and green is “all good to keep on going”. I don’t exactly see this as consent versus not, but almost more of a type of communication between us. If I need to tell David we’re my head is at, this is a quick way to do it. There has been exactly ONE time that I’ve ever refused…which is what I wrote about too. And I’ve only ever used red once also, which was intentional on David’s part for him to see exactly where the line would fall.

      As to a fictional bad ass vs unflattering, I would say the truth is in the middle. Life ebbs and flows and sometimes it’s up and sometimes down. When I’m irritated that David isn’t consistent or hard enough, I probably paint more of an unflattering Picture, but then there’s others where I’d say I’m genuinely worried about the pending intensity of the punishment too. But I’d say that’s life too… highs and lows, ups and downs. But generally, David is an even keel, level-headed, intentional in his actions kind of guy. And when he DOES get mad, holy crap … a volcano has erupted! As I wrote this OP, I knew he was pissed about the medicine and after having needled him beforehand, I wasn’t terribly sure what would come next (calm-level, or the volcano!). As we are heading back home now as I wrote this response, I know he’s calm and level-headed again, and I’m not too concerned about going home or any punishments…. Of course, sometimes I get surprised too.

      Maybe that gives a little clarity, or just mucks up the waters even further! Ha! Keep me posted.

  2. Thank you for the detailed reply and also for not reading anything negative into my questions. That has happened elsewhere in the past. Actually despite your uncertainty about the clarity of your response, I found it clear enough to assuage any concerns I had.

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