112 – It’s a Match!

We had SO much fun. We are in love! Ok, ok… maybe not love… yet anyway. Lol. Our First Date night was super Amazing!

While you never know how much truth are in people’s words, i tend to believe they thought the same as we did. Because if they didn’t think it was a great evening, they likely would not have messaged us before the night was over (or taken an aloof demeanor, which they did not). But they did indeed respond!

They messaged about how they loved the evening, they were attracted to us, and asked about when can we meet again. i’d say they had as much fun as we did!

At the risk of jinxing it all, i’d venture to say that this was the best first date we’ve ever had. NO, we did NOT have sex. i already told you we wouldn’t do that and we did not.

We met at a quite nice, elegant steakhouse. And, thanks to COVID, we enjoyed a relatively secluded table where we talked and laughed continuously. (See COVID is good for some things! Ok, agreed, not much!! Lol).

We talked about family life, work life, and also sexual life. And i found it interesting how we would flow from one topic to another just the same as how the river flows. The conversation went where it wanted to, even over the banks a few times, caught a rock and went back upstream a slight bit too, but ultimately it just never stopped. It had a pleasant and relaxing feel, and it was nice to float along and just let the current sweep us up in it to go wherever it wanted to take us! It seemed like we were old friends who hadn’t seen one another in awhile and had lots to catch up on. And we did.

The part that gives me the most joy is the synergy that we created. If you think about how hard it is for 2- people to find a match in one another, just double that pain when there are 4 involved. i dare say the #1 thing most all open couples would say is the most challenging aspect is finding their match. It is just super hard to find four people who are like-minded and equally interested in taking a casual dinner to the next level. So i have become super alert to any signs that one (or more) are zoned out, not interested, or not having fun. i was pleased that it didn’t seem to happen (at all) for any of us.

While i think we all did, i definitely talked quite candidly. When David & i were first married he said something that i was analyzing and i asked, “did you mean this… or that??” To which he replied, “Men say what they mean and Mean what they say. Don’t read into it.” While i’m not too sure anyone – male or female – actually does that, i try to as much as possible. So i decided that if this might be a match, they needed to know our dynamic for real and without pretenses. i let them know that David is my Sir. i didn’t actually use the word “Sir,” at least not that i recall anyway. But i said things like, “i always follow his lead.” And then added things like, “and when i don’t (follow his lead), i get spanked.”

Of course, when i said that, David told them that my ass still has remnants of the Worst Spanking Everrr. i was afraid that might worry or scare them off, but i suppose better sooner than later if they do take exception to our dynamic. Instead though, it seemed to intrigue them, at least a bit anyway. (Like i said before, we already knew that she’s submissive and he’s dominant and he uses a flogger on her. So i wasn’t “too” concerned, but i do think they tend to JUST have this dynamic in the erotic/sexual way. And while that is perfectly well and good, finding out someone does this as a way of life may have been a turnoff. i was pleasantly surprised to find out it wasn’t!)

So as we were leaving and all saying our goodbyes in the parking lot, Sir told me to show them my rear end, and of course, the bruises. i was a bit embarrassed and i hesitated. While it was in an area of the lot that absolutely no one was around, i wasn’t certain he was serious at first plus it was our first date with them too. And having to turn around, lift my dress, and expose my ass meant i couldn’t see their faces or immediate reactions. i felt vulnerable.

But i did it anyway. After having to be told twice by Sir to do it. To which he didn’t miss a beat and was sure to comment on when we were in the car and headed home too. Despite several minutes having passed between actually saying goodbye and getting seated in the car, he simply stated without details, “why did you hesitate?” And i told him what i just said told you. And his response was, in a firm but non-angry tone was, “When i tell you to do something, you need to do it…. the first time.” i just said, “Yes Sir. i know.” Then he said, “hmm. I’ll remember this.” i know i will too as that is a warning to not have it happen again or else punishment may ensue.

But what was their response to seeing my exposed ass in the parking lot?? When i stood upright and turned to face them, she gave me a super compassionate hug and said, “oh no, that looks like it was painful.” In the same way a friend gives sympathy to a friend in need. But also in a way that implied that if she could, she might’ve rubbed it and kissed it to try to make it all better too. (It doesn’t hurt at all now by the way). And of course those kisses right there would likely lead to kisses elsewhere too!

But he didn’t say much at that moment. Later in messaging though, he said that seeing my exposed ass in public was a turn on and gives rise to all his favorite fantasies of having sex outdoors and/or in public. He indicated he had a desire to have the next dinner date be at a restaurant where he can sit next to me and play with my pussy under the table for the entire night. i’d love to orgasm over dinner!

i’m super excited and i can’t wait until we can see them again!

Like i said…… we may very well have met our Match!

THIS MORNING…. as we woke up, David made mention of the evening prior. And as we were talking about the success, he then said, “and you hesitated. I told you I’d remember. You need to go Assume The Position.”

Oh great. Here i thought it was ok, and just a warning, but apparently it wasn’t. i said, “Yes Sir” and did as told. But i was disappointed for sure.

When he came in the bedroom he said, “Oh good. You did as I wanted this time.” And he picked up the paddle and let one easy/warm up swat land. After just one, he asked me, “Do you want to be spanked?” And i told the truth and said, “No Sir.”

And that’s when he put the paddle down and put his hand between my legs and started to rub on my clit. He said, “Would you rather I do this instead?” So again, i told the (absolute) truth and said, “Oh Yes Sir, i would indeed!”

Then he pushed my legs up on the bed and spread them wide, giving him full access. That is when i felt his cock push deep into my pussy in one smooth move. He proceeded to give me an amazing orgasm. After which, when i thought we may be done, he pulled out of my front hole and used by back hole as well. i love it when he uses me this way! i feel so whole and complete while making him happy too. When we were both satisfied, he slapped his hand down on my ass and said, “Stay right here. Don’t move!” ….. he went and got an anal plug ready and said, “I’m going to have you wear this today. It will remind you to follow directions the first time. And when you do, GOOD things come to you when you obey the first time!”

And i went off to the shower with a smile on my face and a plug in my ass!

What more could a girl ask for?!?! ❤️❤️❤️




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