103 – BFF’s compete for my love.

It is hard to have two best friends who are completely opposite of one another. The only thing they have in common is their desire to spend time with me. So it’s time i pick between my friends and make one be my BFF and turn the other out on the street.

Exercise and Chocolate. These are the two that constantly compete for my time. And i admit, i really love chocolate and i (mostly) grunt when Exercise feels ignored. But it’s time i tell Chocolate she can no longer dominate my world and Exercise must come first. That said, Exercise and me have NEVER seen eye to eye. i have never wanted to be buddy buddy with Exercise. When she’s wanted to be in control, i’ve humored her but never really submitted to her. But now, she’s going to be my BFF and i will allow her to truly Dominate me the way she’s wanted to for so long!

i am going to (learn to) love Exercise the way i have loved Chocolate.

It is time that i turn my back on Chocolate! Maybe she will in time learn to share me with Exercise instead of trying to Dominate me. i must tell Chocolate she is no longer in control and it’s time she switches to be submissive.

Why this change of heart towards Chocolate? What did she ever do to me?

i’ll tell you what she’s done…. she’s made me overweight, lazy, and out of shape. And for a long time, i’ve allowed her to do so because she makes me feel good. i have enjoyed the control she exerted.

But on this trip to CO, i didn’t feel so good at all. i can tell that Chocolate has been in control for far too long, which caused me to be full of aches and pains from sore muscles. While we had loads of fun horseback riding and white water rafting, Chocolate has made Exercise be the hated enemy for so long that now my body hurts. And Chocolate hasn’t brought the satisfaction and joy she once did. And it’s time i stop snubbing my nose at Exercise and start embracing her as the true friend she’s trying to be. Let’s face it, true friends never tell you what you WANT to hear, but instead what you NEED to hear!

i have a goal of 25-lbs weight loss. And i want to do it 1/2 – 1 lb a MONTH. Yes, i’m fully aware it will take a LONG time to get to my goal. And i also know the best way to lose weight is to start with becoming BFF’s with Exercise.

In the past, when i embraced Exercise for all she is, i also start to eat better (RIGHT!). Mostly because i don’t want all that friendship with Exercise to go to waste. And then, i lose weight.

i turn 50 in exactly 16-months. i want to be my very best self on my 50th bday! This is a very long-term goal, but i can do this if i start now. And by starting now, i know that me and Exercise will become BFF’s for life! Starting now is always the best way to begin. To which in the end, my life will be much longer than it would be if i allow Chocolate to continue to be in control!

To ensure i stay on track, i’ve asked David to implement accountability for me. i asked him to implement a daily steps goal for me. i have a watch that can track steps. But i don’t wear it too often. Why? Because Chocolate always told me that Exercise was trying to remind us that she was there …. and Chocolate was jealous that she’d be replaced as my bff!

i’ve had a nice long talk with Chocolate and told her to settle down. That if she would realize that she and Exercise can both be my friend, if they work together. While Exercise has to be made the dominate friend, Chocolate can still play with me too… in moderation and after Exercise has been given her rightful place of being in control!

But ultimately David is always in control. David wants me to be BFF’s with Exercise too. David will ensure i reach my daily steps goal, or else a (harsh and severe) punishment will ensue. i have asked for this…. CONSENT people….as i want to remain committed to becoming BFF’s with Exercise. i don’t know what punishment David will ultimately inflict, but i have asked him to make it be “so severe that i want to do what it takes to avoid it!” And to realize that i would much prefer to take action (by getting in the steps) in order to avoid it!!

His words, “I can do that! And it starts now.” (Because our vacation is over.)

Vacation is indeed over. It was great. And i had loads of fun in CO, and with Chocolate, but now the real work begins. And the best time to start anything new is always to start it “Right Now”!

You can feel free to check in with me periodically and ask things like, “how’s the new friendship coming along?” to also keep me laser focused and on track! i truly DO want to be my best ever when i turn 50.




  1. I hope you reach your goal. Will be cheering you on.

    Do you like all chocolate? I am total choco-snob these days. When I was a kiddo I would eat anything, but now it is only hardcore 80% cocoa dark chocolate. One square melting in my mouth is enough.

    For me it’s not chocolate….but piling up my plate when I have been working hard and feel exhausted. I eat mostly savoury dishes – except from some fruit. But I am love speciality breads and I end up eating them with all sorts of olives and mezes. I eat too much and then want to slip into a food coma.

    My Ben is just as bad though. So we started going for long treks, which helps me keep my tummy in shape and we have fun discovering new routes and exploring what is off track. Occasionally we attempt jogging, but it is not as much fun as walks in the bandicoots and finding somewhere we can have a little outdoor fun together.

    • Hi Jenna –
      For me, it is specifically M&M’s. Original, Peanuts, and now the Caramel ones too! I always think “oh just a couple wont hurt” and before I know it, the entire bag is gone.

      I don’t like exercising and i make excuses – primarily around the weather – too hot, too cold, too rainy…. too “something… fill in the blank!”.

      But I’m determined to change!

      • YES – caramel! They came out last year. Love them…. but have to turn my Chocolate Addiction on its head!

      • I know they might seem a bit lame compared to chocolate, but I find carrot sticks have an edge of sweetness about them. Every week I chop up celery, capsicum, cucumber and carrot sticks…and if i need a snack I will grab those. But everyone is different. In all honesty, I would hesitate to endorse any one diet etc because folk have to find what works for them.

        Although maybe a little chocolate could be made a reward. I remember a past boyfriend of mine helping me to lost some weight. We lived a couple of hours apart so we were travelling to see each other, two or three times a month. Each time he saw me he would know if i had lost weight or not. My weight did not interfere with our love life together. but if I had lost some weight, then I was allowed to have something sweet during sex. We played little games. I loved this butterscotch sauce, and he let me apply it to him and then enjoy the sweet taste as I licked it off him. That was the only way I was allowed to enjoy sweet treats, with him as a reward for sticking to my diet and workout plans the rest of the time.

        It made it fun.

  2. Marie,
    I love this and got so tickled!! You are my favorite role model!! I am glad David is going to keep you motivated to stay on track and if you don’t you have consented to a
    severe punishment of his choosing…I love the type of D/s relationship you 2 share. I had to cut out all white stuff in my diet and no starches at all and NO red meat except on rare occassions I may treat myself and I walk everyday weather permitting as I live in East TX where it rains allot!! And I have lost 60 lbs in 9 mo!! I absolutely feel a 100% better and I have enjoyed buying smaller clothes!! So I know you can lose 25 lbs if you set your mind to it. Remember Philipians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Looking forward to your next Blog!!

    • I’m glad you liked this. I had fun with it!! And thank you for the compliments too.

      60 lbs in 9-months??!!??? 😲wow! That’s SO impressive! How many steps (or miles) do you typically walk??

      4:13 is one of my fav verses! ❤️

      (And I have the next post ready… just not posting til tomorrow…. 😉).
      Lots of hugs!!

  3. Best post of the day! You made me smile… and giggle. I had this same fight a number of years ago. It’s a struggle some days. I remember standing in front of the cupboard looking for a snack and saying “NO!” out loud and slamming it shut. What a powerful moment that was. It changed things so much.

    The beautiful things about exercise is that once you start and get a routine your body will crave it AND make you want healthier foods. I’ll check in on ya from time to time. 😀

  4. Hi Marie, 25 lbs in 16 months can be tough. I spent 5 years at 33 lbs. A lot is about eating habits, and it is something you have to relate to after the goal has also been reached. Great if David also eats the same food as you. My own experience is based on eating less at each meal. 4 main meals per day. Eat slowly, so that the brain keeps up, and feel free to end the meal even if you do not yet feel full. (you will feel it for 30 minutes) Eat fruits, nuts, vegetables as a snack. The stomach should keep your metabolism up all day. And it is allowed to “spoon out” on special occasions. What you do between Christmas and New Year is not dangerous, BUT New Year for Christmas counts.

    Make exercise something you look forward to, yoga is great, go for a walk every day, find an activity that suits your circadian rhythm. Ps, morning exercise provides 25% more benefit than later in the day.
    Good luck.

    • Hi! Yes, I know it’s going to be tough and I recognize I may not make my goal, but even 10 lbs would be a great start. I intend to eat right too, and in my experience, I tend to do both when I set my mind to it. Since I hate exercising (but trying to now embrace it!), I won’t let it all go to waste by NOT eating right so i figured that may be where i needed to truly focus and let the rest just happen. I dunno. One day at a time though too. 😉

      I didn’t know that morning exercise was better, but I was kinda thinking that might be the best time to do it for me/my schedule. So now I have extra incentive there too!

      Thanks for your comments and help! I do (sincerely) appreciate.

      • Hi Marie, take small steps, goals, it’s getting easier.
        After a while, your body will resist, do not let it get to you. Soon the weight continues down again.
        Good luck

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