131 – Complete work of fiction #8

In my last work of fiction, we were getting ready to leave the restaurant with SS and David said, “wait until you meet his wife.” Read more about it at the link above, as i hate books that just repeat (and repeat!) the back story, i’d prefer just to tell you to go read it yourself already! Ha!

Little did i know just how quickly i would indeed meet his wife though too!

As we stood to leave, SS grabbed my hand and as he did he asked David, “you wouldn’t mind if she rode with me, would you?”

David responded, “of course not. Just be sure to treat her the same as I would.”

And SS responded, “yes, like the submissive that she is!”

Because David stood on one side of me with SS on the other, he was close by and leaned into my cheek and kissed me softly. That’s when he said to SS, “you mean to say ‘like the SLUT submissive wife that she is!” And with that comment, his hand came down hard on my ass such that it made me take a single step forward to ensure I didn’t fall after being pushed off balance.

David then looked at me and said, “Do you disagree with anything I’ve said Marie?”

i knew the only rule i had for the night was NO speaking, so i couldn’t do a thing except stand and look at him. i did shrug my shoulders and have a facial expression that would hopefully convey the message, “i am indeed YOUR submissive slut wife Sir!”

Y-E-S i actually DO like being called a “slut”, and specifically David’s submissive slut wife. Setting aside the negative opinions of the word, the definition of slut is actually “one who loves sex, specifically and most typically, it is sex with multiple partners.” So after putting down the negative connotations, because David is most definitely the one in control and to whom i submit to, i AM David’s submissive slut wife!

When i said nothing aloud, he looked at SS and said, “well, she didn’t argue so that’s that!”

And SS said, “let’s go see how well she lives up to that title!”

David said, “absolutely!”

SS said, “But of course, before we go, I see my wife is joining us now!”

That’s when a brilliantly dressed woman in a set of heels that i could never manage to stand upright in, let alone walk as gracefully as she was, walked up to us. She greeted David first with a passionate kiss as i looked on. As she pulled back David said to her, “Hello Dear. Nice to see you again.”

That’s when David said to me, “Marie, you remember your Madam Second, don’t you?”

She looked at me and said, “I SO loved watching my husband tickle your pussy throughout dinner. I sat at the bar flirting with some young kid who thought he would get lucky with me tonight, all the while I was really getting wet from having my attention focused all on you. I especially loved watching your expressions as you climaxed multiple times through dinner! Quite a show you put on!“

That’s when she greeted SS and said, “Aren’t you glad I told you to send that email to apply to be her SS? Now we get to dominate her together, along with her amazing husband, who wants help putting her in her place!”

Madam Second said all this while running her hands up and down David’s chest and wrapping her leg around his. i fought the urge to speak and to tell her to get her hands off my husband. i couldn’t decide if this impromptu swinger, domination, power play event was good …. or bad. But i felt jealousy rising up in me all the same. Before i had time to truly act on my feelings, was at the same time when SS spoke up, bringing me back to reality and out of my own mind.

SS said, “Yes, I am glad. But you need to remember your place as well my sweet submissive wife and that you’ll also be expected to submit to David’s authority as well as mine now too.”

She said, “Yes Sir. I know I’m a switch who only gets to dominate little submissive wifey sluts like our Marie here. But you know how having a little toy to play with excites me so! I am so excited you’ve both given her to me. I won’t let either of you regret this.”

And she excitedly jumped up and down for a second like a little kid. And said, “Thank you Sirs”.”

SS replied to her, “Yes I knew you’d like having her to dominate, but it also turned me on knowing you were submitting to my authority by only getting to watch me finger her wet cunt throughout dinner too! Are you wet for me now??”

David said, “let me take the liberty to find out for you.” And i saw his hand slip under her dress and his forearm flex in a way that told me his fingers plunged straight into her pussy with no warning at all. i didn’t even think it possible, but she managed to lift up on her heels even higher than she already was and i heard her sigh.

David said, “oh yes! She is dripping wet!”

Wow. My head was spinning! Was all this really happening this way right now?

So the woman Sir was fucking a few weeks back when i came home from work, that he decided would be my Madam Second was now standing in front of me once again showing me just how dominate she may end up being. All the while also being a giddy little submissive woman, who is married to the man who is now to be my Second Sir as well!

David saw my face and saw the complete surprise i was trying to comprehend. He came in front of me and blocked my view from anything and anyone so that the only thing i was able to focus on was him. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me into his embrace. He said, “Look at me Marie.” And i did as i was told.

He continued, “i suspect you are very overwhelmed at this turn of events, but if you remember, at the start of this evening I asked you if you trusted me and you said yes. I just need you to do that still now. Can you do that?”

i nodded.

And he kissed me deeply and said, “that’s my good girl!”

He turned and grabbed my hand and said to SS and Madam Second, “ok, we are ready to move this party to our house. Or should I say, we are ready to get this party really started now?!”

David looked at me and said, “Don’t forget, I told you no words allowed until after midnight. And it’s just now only 9:00 on. You still have awhile to wait! Think you can do that?”

And out loud i said, “Yes Sir.”





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