88 – It Has Arrived

The chastity belt. It came in the mail today.

i won’t deny, the idea of it was hot. When i looked at it, live and in-person, it is a bit overwhelming. Ok, actually, i’m going to scratch the word “a bit”and replace it with “a lot!”

It did take some time to get it all set up and fitted properly. Then i cleaned it… i mean, it is about to be worn right up next to my private parts, so ya know… cleanliness is key.

And then i sat it on the bathroom countertop.

And i walked away.

Sir said, “Put it on. Lock it up!”

And i said, “maybe we should wait to try this out this weekend.” (Today being Thursday).

He agreed. And i felt relief flood in!

It wasn’t exactly uncomfortable. In fact, as i was getting it adjusted to fit properly, it really was more comfortable than i anticipated actually.

It just looks more intimidating, more threatening, more than i bargained for, more than i expected…. in fact, maybe just stop with the word “more” and that’s a good description right there!

i mean, i will wear it. i will adjust to it. Just like i adjusted to no bra, no panties, and now… a chastity belt.

It has a steel grate in front to allow pee and a hole in back to allow poo, so in theory, it can be worn all-the-time. And there will be NO touching because there’s just not that much room!

i don’t know yet if it is no to be permanent/ wear all the time. Or just when we focus on orgasm control and edging type things. Or when i get in trouble as punishment.

i just need time to swallow down the fear of “what if”…. something goes wrong, i need to get out of it, someone figures out what i am wearing, it it hurts, it’s too tight, etc etc.

There’s really just SO many unknowns!

Maybe i need to show it some TLC and bond with it… maybe give it a name… i mean, it is about to become a part of me. So maybe by naming it, i’ll kinda “own it” and make it be “mine”.

Let’s see…. maybe TRex. It is big and intimidating. Or Steely. It is made of steel and there’s NO wearing it through any scanner/security without setting off all sorts of alarms! Or ….uhm…. i dunno….. you got any suggestions?

So i’ll just let it sit there until tomorrow after work… and maybe even Saturday morning too….

And then i’m quite sure i’ll end up putting it on, applying the lock, and handing Sir the key. To which i am sure he will smile.




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