267 – Best and worst punishment- Whipping Day

My ass is very sore as i write this, about 2-days post a whipping punishment.

That new spanking tool i mentioned before… yah, it’s a leather whip. Pictured here. i found out the hard way just how bad (or do i say how GOOD) it can deliver a punishment spanking on Sunday evening!

David has pretty much just stuck to the paddle, but not on Sunday. He wielded the new spanking whip with ease. He used it as if he’s always used it, with intention and execution.

i dare say it is WAY more effective than the paddle. David knows it too. i would not be surprised at all if the paddle will be retired and this whip will take its place.

So let’s back up….. and let me tell you what led to this punishment. Ultimately i will tell you now it’s basically about the chastity belt, but then, it’s a bit more than that too.

On Sunday morning i was out of bed first, per usual. When i heard David stirring awake, i got his coffee and got into my usual spot to deliver it to him as he passed by.

That morning he surprised me. Instead of just the typical morning greeting, taking the coffee, and moving on past, he dropped his sleep shorts to the floor. And he stood there. He said nothing.

It took me a few seconds to figure out that i needed to drop to the floor also and take his cock in my mouth to deliver a blow job. So while it took me just a few seconds extra, i dutifully did my job. He commented though that “it sure took you (me) long enough to figure it out.”

After that and the coffee, we both started getting ready for church. David goes early because he helps out, so we drive separately. i have 2-full hours at home by myself before i have to go.

After i was so happy to be used for his (blow job) pleasure, i was turned on. i told David this before he left too and asked if i could wear the belt again and he agreed. After it was on, he hid the key once again and he was off to church.

Nearly an hour later, i got a text from David. It was a 12-minute porn video. It was THE video of two girls riding the high-intensity, roll ball massage tool. i watched the whole thing. Knowing how it felt on my clit, first hand, made the video that much better too. i was grateful to have the belt on!

As i made my way to church i thought about how upset i had become yesterday for having it on when i didn’t want it, but now, requested it on and quite happy about it.

That’s when the full reality of it hit me that it truly is submissive growing pains. i was MAD on Saturday when i wanted it off and didn’t get my way. And yet, i don’t get to decide when it goes on AND when it comes off either, or at least i shouldn’t. (And i knew it then too, just couldn’t control my emotions.)

So i texted him and said ALL of the following…..

I think I figured out my problem yesterday…… While the “reason” isn’t too valid and it really shouldn’t matter, I let it bother me.

To date, when I have worn the belt it has pretty much been when I told you that I didn’t trust myself to not touch and/or orgasm without permission. Because I KNOW when I need it most and you may/may not know, I have felt compelled to tell you …. So I am not tempted any further, I shut it down with the belt.

Well…. Yesterday you truly took charge and decided to keep it on. Even if I thought I didn’t need it. I wasn’t feeling the need to play with myself or orgasm, (because I was working too intently), so it seemed unnecessary. And it made me mad that you didn’t trust me to take it off and that i would not play with myself when I was not needing it.

The thing is though …. Most of the times I don’t even trust myself is when I’m left in the house alone, with my toys at my disposal, and my pussy at my access. And while I was saying I didn’t need it yesterday… every time I don’t trust myself was in that very situation that I found myself in yesterday…. Alone, toys, and wanting pussy accessible!

So the fact you didn’t trust me shouldn’t have come as a surprise. And I shouldn’t have gotten mad. And I should be HAPPY you took charge, instead of me telling you when I need/don’t need it, and you just complying with my own directives about need!

It’s this very situation today (alone, toys, and desire) why I put the belt on already.

I need to accept your authority on this more easily! I will not beg you to be out of it again, I will truly start seeing being out of it as a privilege and be appreciative of it.

Thank you for not giving in to me! ❤️

And I hit “Send.” And waited. Saw he read it.

i got his response back. Sir replied back with a single word… which isn’t even a word. He wrote, “hmm”.

Well i said to him, “i expected to get more of a response than that, but maybe you are just busy too.”

And he said, “I am.”

So throughout the day, i asked him about it in different ways. i wanted to know what he really thought. And about 4:00 pm he said, “you are asking me too many questions and asking way too many times!”

i asked, “what do you mean?”

He said, “that’s another question! Stop!”

Ok. Fine. Not fine.

i waited. i grew antsy. i just wanted to talk about it. Or rather, i just wanted him to talk about it to me.

About 30-minutes later, i asked again. “Can we talk about it now?”

“NO! Go get the whip.”

Ahh crap!

When i returned with it in hand, he said, “do you understand what you did wrong?”

“Yes Sir. I was asking too many questions, even after being told to stop.”

“EXACTLY! Why did you insist on asking more questions after I already told you to stop!?”

“i’m not sure Sir. i just wanted to know what you thought about it.”

“You get so irritated when I ask you a lot of questions. Don’t you think it’s hypocritical of you to get mad at me, when you do the same thing?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Bend over (the coffee table), put your palms flat and pull up your dress.” i pulled my dress up onto my back, exposing myself to my Sir. Except of course, i had the chastity belt on still too.

Now i really wanted to ask another question at this moment, but i refrained. It would be self explanatory in no time at all.

The question framed in my mind was, “are you going to spank me with the chastity belt on?”

He’s never done that. But i wisely kept my mouth shut because i knew if he wanted it off, he would produce the key. And he did not. AND i had only the same morning declared i “would not beg to be out of the belt.” ANDDDD asking (too many) questions was what landed me right here in the first place! Why add insult to injury?! (Get the pun… since my ass is about to be “injured”?)

This was the worst (or best?) spanking i have ever had to endure.

i called yellow after so many swats, i couldn’t even tell you.

The only pauses were when i lifted up on my toes, fell off to one side, or somehow got out of positioning. He didn’t tell me to get back into position. He didn’t have to. i knew.

And as soon as i was back in position, another round of swatting reigned down on my ass.

The belt moved a bit, but not much. i think most of the movement of the CB was from my own doing. As i moved around, the belt had to too. i reached back to adjust it slightly, and Sir paused again. But since i wasn’t sure he would, i was swift in my movement as i did not want to get the back of my hand smacked in the process.

He methodically moved from cheek to cheek and back again. The belt creates a very nice outline dividing my ass cheeks apart from one another, and below the waist line that it made it an easy target for David.

He showed equal opportunity to each butt cheek, hitting them both with the same intensity as the other. He even got the tops of my thighs, which at first i thought was maybe an accident but realized it was not when he continued there too.

i try hard to let him decide when enough is enough. i try hard to accept his punishments with grace. But today was so intense that i knew i just couldn’t hold out much longer.

My body started to shake and i felt my breathing start to sputter. My whole body was feeling this punishment and was quite remorseful. Just like a little kid who sobs uncontrollably, that’s what was welling up inside of me.

Finally it occurred to me that Sir was possibly trying to get me to call yellow. Yellow means “let me breathe a second, give me a break, but you can continue after that if you want.”

So when i couldn’t take anymore without a pause, i called yellow. Sir stopped. Entirely. He didn’t want to continue and i was glad for it. (Yet another example of him taking charge… i needed a pause, but he chose to stop. I didn’t ask – or tell – him to stop, he made that decision on his own.)

He stood me upright and said, “Now. Next time I warn you by saying stop, will you listen?”

“Yes Sir. i will.”

“Alright then, I think you’ve learned your lesson today.”

“Thank you Sir. i love you.”

“I love you too my darling wife.”

And with that, we sat gingerly on the couch together, where he let me lay on his chest and snuggle in with him for awhile. i was happy.

That was all 2-days ago, Today, my butt is still sore. i still have to be careful about sitting. And it is a deep purple bruise color too, which is really quite ok. i wear the bruises with pride actually. i am happy in my submissive wife role and i love to be held accountable. (i asked David for this lifestyle and i am glad to do it willingly and consensually).

When i showed David my bruised ass today, he said, “so that looks like it hurts. Hopefully we won’t have to have a repeat performance for quite awhile.”

“i agree Sir. This was the best and worst spanking ever.”

i continued, “best one for effectiveness, and your technique, and your commanding authority. It will cause me to be submissive for a long time and not forget this lesson anytime soon.”

“But it was the worst one in terms of how bad it hurt then and still does. i haven’t ever wanted to say yellow more than i did on Sunday.”

To which he grinned and said one word. A real word this time. He said, “Good!”

One last thought… David did end up expressing his thoughts about my long text on Sunday. But it was in HIS timing, not my own. He was in charge of even the timing in which he talked to me about it. i sort of wondered if he felt he needed time to process his own thoughts and my bugging him about it just pissed him off.

Ironically, his opinions on it started with a QUESTION…. “So you want to be locked up pretty much all the time?” i answered, “while i think it’s good for me and reinforces that i am not to touch myself, AND if left to my own choices, i would say pretty much yes, that is true. But i want this to be your decision and under your authority.”

This is when he told me how pleasing it is to see my growth. He told me that he is happy with me and us and our marriage. And he smiled at me and kissed me deeply.

i have NO idea how much, when, or where i will be in belt now, but….

i have now been in belt more than out of belt as of late. In fact, as i write this i am in belt and preparing to sleep this way.

David told me to put it on this morning but after which he didn’t mention it one bit. He was so silent to it that i wondered if he remembered i had it on. But i absolutely was NOT going to ask any questions about it either! Nor was i going to beg for release, as being out of belt is a privilege that i take seriously now too!




  1. I’m glad you got the spanking your deserve hopefully it helps correct behavior for a long time to come. I’m also glad your starting to feel more at home in your belt I find that so fascinating to read about can’t wait to hear more about it.

    • Matthew,
      Thank you. I’m not too sure I’m “glad” I got a spanking, but it was deserved.

      And “at home” in the belt is definitely a good way to put it. I’m wearing it now as I type this response to you. It fits tightly, like a very fitted pair of pants or as the saying goes, “like a glove”. So it could be considered a new home too!! 😉. Thank you, Marie

  2. Wow!!!
    This was one of my top 3or4 posts by you.!
    I believe I just saw real growth in you. The text you sent him was so heart felt and seemed to document the transformation beginning to take place in you.. I am sooo proud of you!
    Keep up the good work and keep on growing!.
    When it comes to submission you’re my favorite.
    Thanks for this post! It made my day!!!

    • Thank YOU Paddlefan. I so appreciate your comments.

      I may have had some real growth, but my ass is still sore from it and wishing it hadn’t happened quite the way it did! ☺️


  3. It really is hard when you have an epiphany of sorts, pour out your heart concerning it and they say nothing in return. I think in that case ( as an observer – because I would be the same in your situation -though asking questions isn’t my thing anymore) David was in a no win situation. Whatever answer he did give would probably not match the he emotion you had. You were very vulnerable expressing your discovery and perhaps even if he had a thought on it it wouldn’t have given you what you wanted. I appreciate when B merely says, “thank you for sharing your discovery with me” or very rarely, ” how did that discovery make you feel?”. But mostly I get a ” an Ok”.

    I’m happy for you that it sounds like David is progressing in a way, physically , that seems genuine for you and your submission is benefitting. I don’t want to poo poo on that- if I could just say one area where I have faltered and continue to do so, is the days later. For me a punishment like that opens the door , to deeper submission but often will leave B sated with his dominance for a while. We are unmatched in that case and sometimes I eventually feel adrift. Watch for that in yourself . I say this because I don’t want you to feel alone or that something is wrong if you end up like that. Often subs end up testing the waters or pushing boundaries unconsciously a few days later. The submissive feelings are like a drug 😉.

    I’d also be so bold as to caution David with his responses. Lol. Him not saying more than Hmmm at all *may* lead you to not bothering to say anything at all- a long time down this road from now. That’s something you may want to avoid. We had that pitfall and it’s difficult to come out of.

    Anyway back to the excitement of your current situation. I hate anything whippy and especially a whippy solid thing! B only uses paddle for resets now as I can easily be accustomed to the pain they deliver ( that and I go numb easily from them). I’d say the upper thighs are the worst! But there are worse places! Lol!

    Congratulations on your Epiphany. I’m envious actually – growth slows down over time and I’ve missed it. Not that I’ve discovered everything about myself and submission, far from it, but I miss the continuity of growth.


    • Willie,
      Your advice is SO appreciated. I love it!

      Some of what you write sincerely resonates. Like the sub wanting “more” and the Dom being “satisfied.” While I’m not feeling that now, I could certainly see that happening at some point too!

      David did ultimately tell me his thoughts but it was in “his time” and not mine. But yes, I wanted MORE feedback after pouring out my heart!

      Thank you for your words and perspective. Your wisdom is SO good! Marie

  4. Bless your heart, I cannot imagine getting whipped with that whip, you took it way better than I EVER COULD!!! I am.also submissive and enjoy my role but I have never wanted to be disciplined with a whip. The belt is the only thing he uses on me and that is bad enough and stings like hell and leaves marks and some bruising as well, but I have deserved everyone I have ever recieved and I respect and love him even more after my punishment. I know David appreciates you letting him be the head of his home and yeilding out punishments as he sees fit. 1 of my favorite blogs was the one where you had to stand in front of Sir and he had ice in his hands and he placed it inside your puss and you were not allowed to take it out!!

    • Dianna, thank you for your kind words. I’ve never been spanked with a belt. David tried it once and after two swings, he felt he didn’t have enough control and he abandoned it. I wonder if the (leather) belt and the (leather) whip may actually feel somewhat the same. Maybe.

      I’ve earned every spanking I’ve received too, and like you, I love and respect him more afterward than before. Some people wouldn’t necessarily think that would be the case, but it absolutely is.

      I remember that ice-capade well. I didn’t like it. Not sure which is worse… puss on ice or butt on fire. Lol.

      Hugs, Marie

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