264 – Maintenance Friday – with a Twist

Yesterday was Friday. David has decided to (truly) reinstate Maintenance Fridays (MF’s).

If you don’t count the one Friday where he recently said we were going to reinstate MF’s and we did have one maintenance session, we haven’t really done MF‘s since we resumed D/s in May, making the last time MF’s were a true part of our routine go all the way back to December (and it so September now).

i think after David saw how successful my recent punishment spanking was, he wants to see more of the best-submissive-wife and reinforce it. Or maybe after he spanks, he gets a twitch and urge to do it again. Or maybe both!

Either way, neither of us had time to do it in the morning, as had to leave home before me. As he kissed me goodbye he said, “we do your Maintenance tonight.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you and have a good day.” And he said goodbye and was gone.

When i arrived home after work, nothing was really said about it and i figured if or when he was wanting to do that, he would tell me. Instead, we did the normal evening activities: eat dinner (he ALWAYS cooks), clean up (i always clean), watch tv in the living room together.

Frequently i sit in my lounger chair and he stretches out on the couch. Not too long later, i had to use the restroom, where i decided to simply leave my shorts off. And when i rejoined him, i opted to join him on the couch and snuggle up next to him.

He smiled and said, “what happened to your shorts?”

“i lost them,” i said with a smile.

He smiled back and with a half-hearted laugh said, “Clearly.”

He didn’t touch me sexually, but rather just draped his arm around me and we continued watching tv. Since i wanted more, i started to rub on him. Starting with his arm, moving south to his chest, and further to his belly, and lower to his cock.

i wasn’t sure if he’d allow me to touch his cock or not, but he did and i was happy.

As i felt it start to grow, i decided to spring it from his pants and unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts. Again wondering if or when he’d stop me. He didn’t. i was even more happy!

He leaned back to give me more easy access and never said a word, so i continued. That was when i turned on the couch to get up on all fours and lowered my mouth onto his getting-more-erect-by-the-second cock. i started to give him a blow job in earnest as he continued to watch tv.

i was pleased with myself as i felt his cock grow quite hard in my mouth! i went fast and slow, deep and shallow, and suctioned hard and then less. i can’t say for sure if i was really doing this all for him or myself! i enjoy making him happy and the happier he becomes, the happier i am too. (Fuck that stupid saying, “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” It really should be something more like “SUBMISSIVE wife, Happy Life.”)

While i DID want him to touch me too, i didn’t want him to think i was solely doing it to get to that end result either. And had he touched my parts, (or should i really be saying, “had he touched his pussy”) he would’ve discovered how wet i was already!

But he didn’t touch his wet pussy. Instead, his bare hand came down on my left butt cheek with some force. He’s never spanked me while i have his cock deep in my mouth, so this was new.

Now if i were him, i would never spank with my dick in her mouth. i wouldn’t trust her enough to not end up with teeth on my member from her jerky movements, gritting her teeth to deal with the pain, or otherwise just having the ability to reciprocate the pain i was putting on her that she’d then think she could inflict on me! But Sir is not me. And i am not the person with a dick. i am the female sub and he is the male Dom, and as such, he either trusted me or was testing me to clearly NOT do those things!

As his hand met my ass, i didn’t stop or otherwise miss a beat with my blow job for him. His hand lifted away and he landed another, in the exact same spot, with even more intensity than the first. i let out a moan. i couldn’t tell if it signaled a sound to Sir like it pleasure or pain, but i knew … it was both!

And another swat, and another swat, and MANY more landed in the exact same spot, only on my left cheek and all with increasing intensity.

I didn’t even try to keep count as that would’ve been too much. i simply focused on ensuring my teeth did NOT collide with his cock, NOT allowing my body to move with each swat, and allowing him to deliver a different kind of maintenance with grace and acceptance.

At one point as the swats continuously rained down on just my left ass cheek, i did let go of his dick as i no longer trusted myself to be kind to his member. i still didn’t move or otherwise try to stop the maintenance spanking, but rather allowed him to continue. As he did, I let out more moans, squeaks, and squeals that let him know this hand spanking was making its mark, literally and figuratively.

The fire was growing in intensity on my ass cheek as he didn’t stop. He seemed rather intent on delivering an impactful MF, as i was equally intent on accepting it too.

Finally he stopped and he rubbed my ass cheek, while saying, “was this an effective maintenance?”

“Yes Sir.”

“How do you feel?”

“submissive Sir.”

“Good deal.” And he lifted my head and kissed me deeply.

Then he expertly put away his cock and said, “that’s enough for me. Now for your pleasure….” Oh yah!

i leaned straight back on my legs, to where my back was again on the couch but this time i was laying down with my legs toward him and my pussy exposed giving him a straight on view.

His hand came to my clit and started rubbing on it. He rubbed slowly and lovingly, and in a most teasing manner. Then he slid his fingers across my opening, but kept moving on rather than penetrating. He moved to the left side of my mound and back up to the top on the side, then slid straight down over my clit and opening again, and moved to the right side and repeated. He was slowly teasing and torturing me.

Finally he amped up his intensity and speed where he started playing with my clit in earnest. i arched my back and soon asked if i could orgasm. He said no. i expected that answer but also hoped for a yes, as i knew this wouldn’t be much longer and i would spill over the edge into a full orgasm without permission.

So i eked out, “pleaseeee Sir.”

And i heard NO again.

i cringed and said, “Sir, either you need to stop or say yes. i can’t hold out much longer.”

He laughed. And continued.

i decided to be brave and pull his hand away from my clit. And after breathing in more deeply again after getting the reprieve, i said, “i don’t want tonight to be about me but rather you. If you want me to cum Sir, please let me. Otherwise, if you are going to say no, then lock it up and let me sit in my frustration.”

While smiling and letting out a laugh he said, “sounds like an excellent idea. Go lock it up!”

Well, because he laughed about it, i decided to test how solid that answer really was. While i suspected he was being serious, i couldn’t quite tell. Maybe i could influence his decision and appeal to his sexual side to give me a different answer.

Maybe if i laid here another minute with my legs open to him, while moving one hand to squeeze my tit and moving the other hand southward toward my mound, while asking, “are you sure you don’t want to just say yes?” that i could be seductive enough to get a better answer.

He didn’t budge. He slapped his hand straight down onto my very swollen clit and said, “did I stutter?”


“No Sir…. But….”

SLAP down onto my tender and wet clit again! “Then GO-LOCK-IT-UP-NOW! Before I deliver a punishment spanking!”

Ugh. Fine.

And i stood and went to get the chastity belt on. As I was putting it on, i talked to his pussy, “sorry girl. i wish I hadn’t opened my big mouth as you’d probably have gotten to have that big O you wanted.”

As crazy as it sounds, i felt her respond to my words by releasing some (pre-orgasm) juices and relaxing of my muscles. i couldn’t tell if she was mad or not.

With the the chastity belt sliding into its familiar place, i snapped the lock into its place too, and i walked out to the living room with the key in hand. Sir smiled at me and said, “You look wonderful. Now come sit beside me again and let’s finish watching this show together.”

And i did.

And we did.

As we watched the show, his arm was draped around my shoulders and his fingers came down to fondle, pinch, pull, and twist on my tits. He asked me, “do you think you can orgasm with this type of stimulation?”

i looked up into his eyes and said, “Unfortunately no Sir. While it is extremely arousing, i don’t think it would ever be enough to get me to orgasm.”

i saw a devious grin in return and he said, “GOOD!” And kept up the (extremely arousing) assault on my tits.

He casually said, “I was going to allow you to orgasm until you suggested that maybe you shouldn’t.”

i spoke honestly as i replied, “Even though i wanted to orgasm, i shouldn’t get everything i want just because i want it. Frustration and delayed gratification is good for me. It teaches me more appreciation for it when i do get it.”

i’m pretty sure he liked my answer, but he didn’t say much in response.

When the show was over he announced it was time for bed. And in a fatherly voice he said, “I feel you need to sleep in your belt to ensure you are a good girl tonight. You’ll sleep better and have a better day tomorrow without the stress of trying to keep your hands away from yourself because you aren’t allowed to masturbate or orgasm tonight.”

“Yes Sir.”

Now this morning when i greeted Sir, i asked him what he had planned for the day. He indicated he was going to play golf. As he said that, i decided to not ask to have the belt off as i suspected the answer would come back in the form of a question. That question being, “why?” to which, of course, i would have no good reason.

As he got ready to go we did talk about the belt though, where he confirmed what i expected he would say. He said he didn’t see any reason for it to come off whereby having it off would end in a good result (meaning…. He suspects … and he’s probably right! …. That if the belt were off, i would play with myself until i orgasmed.)

And with that, he grabbed up the keys and put them in his pocket.

As he started to head for the door, he grabbed my waist and pulled me in for a deep and passion filled kiss. He said, “try to be good while I’m gone.”

I thanked him, presumably for the kiss but i also intended it to be for the Dominance he is exerting over me. And i said, “it’s pretty hard to be BAD while in the belt Sir.”

“Exactly!” was his response.

Then i moved to the hall facing the doorway, intentionally making the last thing he saw of me being me naked, with the chastity belt locked in place, and said in a pouty sort of way, “go have fun playing with yourself while i am NOT playing with myself.”

“Oh I will most definitely!” and he was off.

Now i am here. Naked. In a chastity belt. i am not clear if he kept the keys with him or hid them in the house. But does it matter? NO. It does not.

i am sexually frustrated, in chastity, alone in my house…. And will find something else to do now.

Maybe tonight i will get to orgasm. Or maybe not. Maybe i will get the belt off. Or maybe not.

As i said before, the belt is incredibly effective and does not allow me access to myself, not painful and actually (overall) comfortable to have on. It isn’t fully 100% comfortable, which is probably a good thing as it is never then able to be forgotten about and always making me “aware” it is there. In reminding me it is there, i am reminded WHY it is there. Not because i am bad but because i am not being allowed to be bad. And Sir locked up what was important to him, to which i find comfort too.

And it is a privilege to have the belt off. One that I did not earn or receive today… and while i’d rather have it off and orgasm, i am ok with having it on and being denied that privilege today too.




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