256 – Friday – my New (Old) Normal

This week is mostly done. And so far, i have held myself together … mostly. Okay, kinda sorta.

And so far, i have escaped a spanking. Mostly. Unless you count Maintenance Friday, then i definitely did NOT escape a spanking. (It hurt! It needed to. i truly needed it to. i was much happier afterward. Helped to screw my head on straight!)

But before this morning…. My emotions have been ALL over the place. i’ve been extremely happy for our son, extremely sad for me, and incredibly angry and annoyed with David.

But then also incredibly in love and happy with David too.

David has made me very well aware that i am NOT using the word Sir enough. He’s made me aware that i am “only a submissive when (i) want to be!” And he’s allowed me to be emotional. He’s allowed me to be a Mom who is sad and NOT the best submissive wife i desire to be.

But then he reminded me of the commitment I made to be submissive by spanking me today. On this Friday. We resumed Maintenance.

This week, another submissive blogger than i follow (and admire) blogged about respect. It stuck. She wrote some good stuff and it made me start thinking about how DISrespectful i have been this week.

She mentioned that the #1 thing men seek in a wife is one who shows respect to him. And related, the man wants her to show appreciation for him too. i did a google search and found a LOT of support for what she wrote. It may inspire me to write more about respect another day. But for now…. It reminded me today that i need to be more respectful.

i need to adopt and accept my new normal. And that new normal is more respectful, appreciative, and responsive to David! i mean, he is my #1! If it weren’t for him, i wouldn’t have a son at all to be happy or sad about!

In this new normal, i was spanked this Friday morning. Okay, so that’s the old normal too, but it was good to have a reminder that i need to: 1) respect for the way we do things is still the right way, 2) respect for David as the man of my life, and 3) my Son is in his place living his best life.

And that spanking is my grounder. i am spanked because i need it. i am a better woman, wife, and mother after i show respect by saying Sir, loving my husband, and ….

Getting naked in my living room every night now too. Yep, that’s part of my new normal too!

There’s good AND bad when things change. But accepting and even embracing the new normal is the way forward. In the nude. In my living room, with David staring at my boobs, touching my clit, and denying me the orgasm i seek.

i love it! My new and old normal!




  1. Respect ( The Bible says “Let the wife see that she reverence her husband. .)and submission fit together like hand in glove
    People that know me know that submission in a woman is a thing of beauty.But to me submission without respect is worthless.. I ( like most men ) need respect. Not just want it but need it. Saying Sir to David is a very good expectation on his part.

    I could go on and on . Marie, this post is a gold mine !
    Your post tonight really resonates with me. All submissives need to learn about respect. In this age girls are not taught about it. Many believe men aren’t deserving of it.And they wonder why their relationships so often fail when they are grown..
    Thanx for sharing this post with us
    You,re the best!!

  2. I totally agree with Paddlefan. Marie you and David are on the right road to a fruitful relationship and the best way to continue is the use of Maintenance sessions. Sir

  3. Even in fiction your posts revolve around submission! I believe you have a very very strong desire to obtain a deeper level of submission.
    Your last two posts focused on the one two punch of respect and submission. That impresses me soooo much !
    Your posts of the last two and a half years have been the story of your growth in these areas. I have enjoyed the ride this far and look forward to seeing your heart’s desire to be much more deeply submitted to the love of your life be attained
    .Thanx for this post. You focus on my favorite subject and I love it!

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