263 – Privileges are earned

i am locked up now for 12-hours already, and 24-more to go! If i thought 24-hours was a long time before, this will be 50% more than that!

David had to go out of town again for another one- night trip. Unlike the last one where he was gone from 7a to 7a, at just 24-hours total, this trip he’s to be gone from 7a to 5p, or 36-hours total.

But before i was locked in my chastity belt, he used the electricity dildo on me this morning before he left where i had 4-continuous orgasms and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

He had about 30-minutes before he had to leave and as he was preparing to do so, he grabbed up the new dildo and told me to “climb up on the (kitchen) island and spread your legs.”

So i did.

His tongue went straight to my clit as the dildo went straight inside me. OMG! And then the vib was turned on. And then the electricity part was turned on.

My eyes rolled back in my head and my head flipped back and i squeaked out the words, “may i please come Sir?”

And he said, “well, I suppose.” And he laughed. Always joking!

That was all the words i got out as the electricity caused my cunt to contract and then spasm over and over again. i couldn’t really quite tell where one orgasm ended and another started! i think it was 4, but may have been 5 or even 6! (Who knew electricity INSIDE was devine, but OUTSIDE just hurts! How is that even possible?)

Then he said it was time for me to get dressed for work.

He asked me if i was going to be a good girl while he was gone. i said i wasn’t too sure, because now that i had some … i wanted more! i am insatiable when it comes to orgasms!

That’s when i said rather sheepishly and unsure of why i was saying it, “Maybe i need to be locked in chastity while you are gone Sir.”

He said with some skepticism, “that may be difficult to do. You will be locked for about 36-hours. Can you handle that?”

“Sir, i think i don’t trust myself. This is probably what i need.”

“Ok, then that’s settled. Go lock her up and bring me the key!”

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.”

And that was that.

As the day progressed, we texted as we do. i told him about some of the blogs i have read about women in chastity. He was intrigued.

i told him about one blogger who has said if her Master isn’t using her cunt hole, it’s locked up. He has fucked her anally while she’s still in chastity (although he apparently didn’t like the restriction caused from the belt, and opted to take it off even for anal fucks thereafter too!)

i told my Sir about this and he was now seriously interested. i asked him if he would ever consider locking me up when not in use, and his response was, “depends on how good you are.” i wasn’t sure i wanted him to do this or not! i just wanted to know what he thought about it though too.

When i inquired further, we ultimately came to the joint agreement that “being out of the belt needs to be considered a privilege, and appreciated, and respected.” (And that i shouldn’t beg to be out of the belt either… as again… that’s a privilege to be earned!)

i told Sir, “i could get on board with that!” And he said, “GOOD!”

So it’s possible that Sir will start locking me up when i am not in use. And i will be thankful when i am let out too! i am intrigued by this, although admittedly i am unsure if i want this or not, but i will accept whatever Sir ultimately decides too.

While time will tell what we ultimately do here, i think this is so fucking sexy! i see being locked up, with my Sir holding the key, as one of the most submissive things i could ever do. Not allowing myself, or anyone else, to even physically touch, let alone sexually touch, what belongs solely to my Sir is so fucking hot to me!

As i walk in chastity, i feel the belt between my legs, around my waist, and moving with me. It’s like he is with me 25 (or 36!) consecutive hours, all the time, reminding me that this puss belongs to him … and him alone!

And now tonight i have been texting with him, where i learned he had a happy ending massage in his hotel room. He thought of me sitting, in chastity, in the corner watching. If i was a good girl, he’d let me touch one or both of them, but would not be allowed to orgasm … as i was to watch not (totally) participate, not to mention in chastity. When i asked him if he would have let me out of the belt he said, “nope! Not a chance!”

That was so fucking hot and i told him that too. i then said to him, “i now want to get out of this belt and ride a big dildo to orgasm all over it.”

And he said, “uh no! Remember, this is keeping you from yourself! You’ll sleep well tonight knowing how safe you are.”

Uh no, i won’t.

“i’m not sure if your denial (in refusing to tell me where the key is and not allow me out of the belt tonight) makes me happy or frustrated or both!” is what i actually said in the text.

He wrote, “Good!”

And he’s right. It is good!

My submission is deep. About as deep as i could possibly get, yet i yearn for more too!

As i sleep alone tonight, in nothing but my chastity belt, i could not be happier (and couldn’t be more desirous of an orgasm as well)!!

i am hopeful Sir will use me tomorrow night when he’s home, but if he chooses not to, i pray he continues to keep me locked up with the key hidden from me until he feels it appropriate to let me out.


Being out

is a privilege,

to be earned and respected!

(PS,,, i went looking for the key. i don’t need out, but wondered if i could find it too. i guess i was that curious. i didn’t find it. He didn’t hide it in any of the usual, expected places. i suspect i might’ve been disappointed if i had found it. It’s good to know i am truly at his discretion and he (literally) holds the key to ME … and my heart!)




  1. Marie, a very telling post, Sir really enjoyed reading it, may you and David continue your loving relationship, He does keep you happy, and that is important. He really understands you. Sir

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