266 – Oh my wow

So David could’ve easilyyyyyyy just spanked me. But he didn’t.

He could have easilyyyyyyy administered any punishment he wanted! But he didn’t.

Instead, he granted me grace. And time. Time to sort myself out.

Time in the belt, without release, without getting my demands (to produce the key) met. Time to accept things. Time to adjust my attitude. Time… to submit.

After i posted that i was having a bratty, temper-tantrum day, several of you told me how i was wrong. i knew i as wrong, even as it was happening, but i couldn’t seem to stop myself from a downward spiral!

Admittedly after making that post AND your comments, i made a true effort to improve. i took on the “fake it til you make it” attitude.

David noticed. He commented with skepticism about the “sudden improvement.” He was right at that moment, as i WAS faking it. But i figured that to make any effort, even if it was a forced fake one, was better than not trying at all!

i also knew it (probably/ hopefully) wouldn’t take long and i would slip into my submissive groove… where the “make it” part became my reality! Of course, i had to (actually) truly try first!

And boy did it pay off!

David had told me last weekend that he “watched a porn video and saw a non-sexual toy that the girl used in a sexual way…” and that he ordered it for me. i had no idea what that could even mean, let alone actually be.

He had told me then it was a surprise and was to arrive yesterday (Saturday). Well, i had forgot all about it actually. So in my temper-tantrum, bratty self mode, i didn’t even consider the fact i may lose this surprise gift if i kept it up.

After i posted to you all about my stupid attitude, i told him about your comments. He was MORE than pleased to have your total support!

As predicted though, we got into a (small) battle of stubbornness. He told me if i “went swimming in our pool (with him), he would take the belt off.” i already knew the pool temp was low 80’s and the air temp was high 90’s, so the water would feel chilly. i HaTe being CoLd. So instead of taking that bait, i politely said, “No thank you Sir.”

He shrugged his shoulders and with a smile said, “Suit yourself then!”

And again, i questioned if i was right/wrong/ indifferent. This time it WAS a choice he gave me though, and for me, it was a lesser-of-two-evils! Because i was already adjusting my attitude about the belt and submission to Sir, i had gotten “ok” with wearing the belt for whatever duration he prescribed. And i hAtE being cOLd!

The day wore on and he made comments about the belt, my stubbornness, and the possibility (or lack thereof) of me being released.

Like when i needed to get a few things from Walmart and told him i was going there to get them. He inquired about what things that was, and he added, “Do these things you need include a metal bolt cutter (to cut off the lock)?”

And when i was home, i said, “my trip was successful! The metal cutters worked well!”

To which he responded, “yah right! I know better than that!”

Then it came time for Saturday night, fall, college football. Specifically David’s favorite team: LSU. They were playing an in-state school, who they had NEVER played, so it was more of a commemorative game than a competitive one. But we watch LSU whenever it is on!

After the first quarter score resulted in a LSU record for most points scored in any quarter ever, i asked Sir if i could give him a blow job. He said, “not until halftime.”

Midway through Q2, i got on the floor in front of him with lotion and began rubbing his feet in a relaxing massage motion. i was naked, save the belt of course. i pressed his foot against my breasts, while kneading his calf muscles. i was intentionally flirting with Sir.

As the quarter moved along, i did too. Timing my upward movements to coincide with the game clock.

When the clock finally wound down to zero and it was halftime, i was ready to pull his cock from his pants. Instead though, Sir said, “stand up.” i questioned him, “why? It’s halftime (and time for your blow job.)”

He gave me a look that said, “really? Are you seriously going back to this morning’s brattiness?”

The look was enough. i dutifully stood without another word.

He produced the key to the chastity belt, and said, “take it off. Spread your legs, close your eyes. And wait.”

Uhm. Ok.

So i did.

He returned and placed a high intensity vibrating round foam roller massage thingie between my legs, then he guided me backward to the couch, and said, “sit on it until halftime is over.”

i was intrigued and definitely surprised. David saw the joy in my face and said, “after the way you’ve acted today, you probably don’t deserve this surprise. But you did pull yourself together and I already had this planned out.”

He continued, “you know how I really don’t enjoy halftime. I think you can provide something of a better show that I’d prefer to watch.”

It was about 30-seconds in that i thought, “there’s NO way i will NOT orgasm before the end of halftime.” So i told Sir this, to which (thankfully!) he said, “you can have as many orgasms as you want or need. Just don’t move off the toy until I say you can.”

i lost count. i was in orgasm heaven. i went over the edge, with permission, somewhere around 6-8 x’s!

i dare say i did put on a good, live porn show for him. And that he was pleased with my halftime performance!

i didn’t touch myself with my hands, nor did i have penetration… both of which i really wanted! i did beg him to allow me to get off of the roller and to let me climb on his cock. He said no.

At one point, it turned itself off. i may have moved it to press the button, but it was unintentional. So i took it, still between my legs, over to Sir (who was sitting on the couch straight cross from me), and he turned it back on…. And moved it up to Level 3!

That was when i really had most of the orgasms. But since i was close to David, i sat on his couch… with the thingie between my legs pressing firmly on my clit. And i pulled Sir’s shorts off and started giving him that blow job too. i was ravenous in my sucking. What i felt between my legs, was manifested in my mouth and onto his cock! And his member responded!

When halftime was over, so was i! And i was thankful to be done as his pussy and my body were exhausted!

i went to our room and prepared for bed. He came in a bit later and said, “the belt can stay off for tonight. I don’t think you have enough energy now to touch yourself. I think you’ll sleep well now too.”

And he was right.

i suspect the next time i question his authority, i won’t be treated so kindly. i won’t have good surprises, or his grace.

This time though, this is exactly what i absolutely needed…. To feel loved and appreciated. And while he held his ground (and did not produce the key until he wanted to), i was firmly made aware that he did it from a position of love.

It’s made me realize that good things come to those who wait…. Patiently, submissively, and respectfully.

There (hopefully) won’t be a next time where i (stupidly) question his key holder decisions… and merely accept it!




  1. I’m glad things worked out for you. The lessons of submitting graciously and without question are lessons that have to be learned over and over again and I’m glad your husband is patient and loving with you as you strive to be a better submissive. Me and my girlfriend have recently started reading through your blog and it’s so nice to read about another couple living this lifestyle because it really helps knowing that other people go throw the same emotions and struggles as we do keep up the good work.

    • Matthew,
      It’s good to hear you and your GF are reading my blog, and hopefully giving you encouragement too. I do agree it’s nice to know about people who are living the life also. Hope it’s working out well for both of you!! Marie

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