30 – braless movement

Have you noticed how many women are going braless? Or is it bra-less? i dunno. i suppose it doesn’t matter as that’s not the point here.

So what is my point? Apparently boobies and their nipples!

Because the braless movement is indeed a thing. In fact, from what i’ve read, it seems America is widely considered the most conservative nation in this regard. And many celebrities, around the globe, are embracing the no-bra way. According to Wikipedia, many celebs are “going braless all the time, in all weather and events.”

And since i live in Texas, we are (mostly) the most conservative of all of America. So that makes this whole thing seem very risqué or taboo or inappropriate for my “normal” world.

But let’s face it, my world isn’t exactly what most would call “normal” in the first place. Or maybe YOU would, and maybe it would just be most of my Texan-conservative-American friends who wouldn’t.

Either way, we’ve been vacationing in the north east (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Toronto/Canada, and NY) and i’ve seen a lot of uncovered boobies. And for the most part, it is a hot look! (Never mind the fact the temp is as hot here as in Texas… so all you “how can you live in Texas with all that heat?” Honestly People… it’s the same in the north as it is at home…. H-O-T!). So when i say uncovered and freely hanging boobies abound and are “hot”, they may actually be hot and sweaty, but they are also just hot and sexy too.

And if i noticed, you know Sir noticed too!

So we started talking about it. While i knew this braless thing was a thing, he did not. After i told him about it, he asked, “And why haven’t you told me about this?” (My answer: i didn’t know you didn’t know). To which he replied, “well, you are joining the movement effective immediately!” To which i replied, “ok”.

So now those bras i packed are spending the rest of their days …. well, …. packed!

And i have to say, it is quite a thing for me to go out of the hotel room without one on. Oh, i’ve gone without one around the house before, but never out of the house. And knowing that the girls are a bit more on display for the whole world to see, but acting like this is “normal” is quite a strange thing for me.

And i am quite sure Sir likes what he sees too. In fact, i just may have to wear tighter fitting shirts on a very-frequent basis for Sir (and the whole world) to see more… and it will be “completely normal”.

What are your thoughts on this new-normal?




  1. I never wear a bra unless in the company of children or family. I’ve been doing this for close to 10 years now, I find them uncomfortable. I’ve been large breasted, small breasted, and in between, as a breast cancer survivor my implants have been changed numerous times for medical reasons. I do wear tight fitting tops unless Sir tells me otherwise, and to tell you the truth I never wear panties either. 😉

  2. As a large breasted 55 year old woman, I’ll admit I’m not comfortable with my own braless look in most outfits (sadly). I’m working on it, though. Isn’t this what our mothers and grandmothers fought for in the 70’s? (Kinda) If a person is comfortable with or without a bra – go for it!! Be proud of those boobs caged or free range.

  3. I’m not too sure I’m comfortable with the braless look either… yet. 😉. But I’m going to see how this goes. And I agree, we should be able to pick (freely) how to let the boobs hang. I like the caged or free range comment a lot! 👊

  4. First. All men are dence as bricks. Never assume we know it’s a “thing” we probably dont. Second. If it is sexy or not can be debatable, I like boobs as much as most other men but i also like the beauty of a sexy bra. And take it from me.. if a man is looking at your titts all the time eventually it becomes normal and isn’t as exciting anymore. In my opinion its great in moderation, dont desensitize us to it and we will enjoy it a lot more.

  5. First, in fairness, I could only be best described as being on the outside looking in on this matter given my gender. However, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder then I reckon the thought might matter so….

    My thoughts are partially predicated by having been in a mixture of cultures. Have seen cases where the “look” worked and cases where it was very off putting. The setting and outfit certainly make a difference. As a gentleman I would advise against it were it improper or a distraction to those around you. That said, it is ultimately y’all’s call so….. Curious as to how y’all learn from it.

    Regarding the region of your trip, nice indeed. Love that area and full of suggestions should they be of use. Hope y’all are having fun.

  6. I’ve been doing the no bra thing frequently for years now. It was uncomfortable and I felt vulnerable at first. Now it’s normal. I don’t do 100% either way. I wear bras out some mostly for the lift and exaggerated cleavage in showing off the girls. Daddy love lingerie, as do I, but He certainly loves the all natural thing. 🙂 Now that we don’t have people around the house, I’ve taken to running around sans clothing as often as humanly possible. Another one of those things I’ve always been very fond of. 😉 One of the things I like to play with, no panties in short skirts/dresses in public. 😀 Way fun! Daddy only lets me do it when He’s with me.

  7. FWIW the bra less (or not) debate is very similar to the corset less (or not debate) of about 100 or so years ago. The 19 century corset and today’s bra have lots in common
    – they hide a woman’s natural shape
    – they may well send a a sexual message that you don’t want to send.
    – they are defended by women saying they are “necessary”, “supportive” etc

    We cringe when we read about young Victorian girls being laced into boned training corsets, but today we still persuade young girls into training bras. Try googling “my daughter won’t wear a bra” to see how attitudes have not changed.

    Try my corset blog at https://corsetpicddiscussion.wordpress.com


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