31 – inner exhibitionist

While it has only been ONE day, it’s already been enough for me to know that i have an inner exhibitionist in me.

WHAT am i talking about… well… braless-ness. i won’t deny, i feel liberated. But yes, it’s been ONE-whole-day. Only.

Okay, maybe i’m just horny. Whatever it is, i like it!

i woke up this morning in NYC and sitting now on my home in Tx as i type. The whole day … mostly anyway…. braless.

i wasn’t sure i had the courage to go braless. But i didn’t feel the need to earn a punishment either. And ultimately, i really AM determined to be a good submissive wife. So, i started the day out …. with a sports bra on. Lol! 🤣

And i wasn’t even sure Sir noticed, which was good for me!

But we got on the airplane to come home, and my non-compliance was weighing heavy on me. And i knew i was only NOT doing what Sir asked because i was scared. So, while sitting on the place, i quickly and quietly pulled my arms down through the arm holes and edged out of the sports bra.

Right then and there, in the seats on the airplane.

i don’t think a single soul saw me. And i was disappointed. And i was shocked to find myself disappointed!

As i sat there, braless, i realized how much slouching i do. i didn’t like how the bottom of my boobs were touching the top of my belly. So now i’ve been sitting very upright today. Which added even MORE to my boobs being “out there” now for the world to see!

And i liked it. And i was surprised at how much i liked it.

Once we were headed home, Sir took notice. He commented that i was “looking very nipple-y” and he smiled.

And upon arriving home, i knew i had to go to the grocery store, i asked him, “is this the new normal? Braless. Do i need to go to the store as-is?” And he looked at me with a look of complete shock and said, “really? You really have to ask?”

And i understood then, that this IS the new normal and i’d best start start embracing it! And that made me wet! And THAT shocked me too!

i had NO idea that i’d actually LIKE having my nipples show through my shirt for the whole world to see.

i walked proud at the store. i dared people to notice. i’m not too sure anyone did, but i decided then and there that people will notice in the future. i’ll make sure of it!

My only question is: how far i’ll take it.

But i doubt Sir will object! 😉




  1. *gaze into crystal ball* hmm your future.. I see you in the store.. in a mini skirt and silk shirt.. oh! Dear me! What are you doing with that cucumber! *taps on ball* damm thing must be on the fritz.

    • This will definitely take some time but i can appreciate what you are saying. But as an adult woman who has worn a bra since the age of 11, it is definitely a significant change!

      • Oh yes, I agree!!! ♥ I’m 47 and wore a bra every day of my life from about 12 until I was 38. HUGE change!!! I was single at the time and had to deal with an extremely old fashioned, conservative mother who gave me Hell. Big change for sure. I’ve found that the more confident I am in who I am and whatever it is I am doing, the more attention I get. Confidence is sexy, Marie. ♥ ;*

      • I can’t say NEVER, but 80% of the time. I was so subconscious at first. Now I’m like… Yeah! Look if you want to! 😉 I was really shy and self conscious about myself a few years ago. Being a sub has helped me grow out of that so much.

      • This is EXACTLY where I’m at…. subconscious and trying to act normal/natural, but growing in my submissiveness and “kinda” starting to be on the “look if you want to” side… but not quite there yet either. 😉

        Thanks for telling me this… it’s giving me even more confidence to do this!

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