32 – out in public on high beam.

So i really thought i was going to embrace the braless thing. i really thought it would be good. i even thought i had an inner exhibitionism side.

A week in, and i can tell you i don’t.

Well, let me clarify… i LOVE doing as i’m directed and i love being braless….. AT HOME.

Out in public: BIG FAT NO!

Tonight we went to a relatively nice, sit down restaurant. And my nipples were out on high beam. With our son sitting beside me. So right there, i was uncomfortable.

David says, “he’s a boy and needs to know women can be sexy”. But “women” and “your mom” are NOT the same! And to that, he responded with, “you are his mom, yes, but also my wife!”

And as if it couldn’t be any worse…. low and behold… we see people we know! (Geez!). Well, i pretend i don’t see them at first, but that did no good because Sir DID see them and he went to say hello. To which he made me also go and be social too.

So here they are, sitting down and here i am, standing up. EYE level with my boobs. 👀

They of course made no mention of it, in fact, quite the opposite….telling me how great it is to see me. (ALL of me is all i can really think!)

i tried hard to “act normal”, but what ultimately happens when you are acting? Well, if you are an actor in the theaters, it looks normal, but for the rest of us… it looks strange. Very strange.

But it was at that moment that i knew this wasn’t my thing. But it was also at that moment that Sir knew it WAS his. He smiled big. i made him happy.

So i guess this IS my thing…because it is his thing… which makes it my thing.

i guess i need to learn to submit more willingly. 🤔. Ok, Maybe tomorrow. 🤣. At least now we are home and the girls can hang freely and happily without being “seen”.




  1. This is a good chance to build on just as it is a good chance to create a crack. Titillation (punny, very punny) and trust both require respecting of decisions. Lacking that, the moment is lost and the respect slips. (This is not to question overall respect for the gentleman.) With that, libido and trust increase in line with respect.

    I point this out as this is a time where small changes can have an outsized impact on outcome either way. There are easy ways for y’all to both have your cake and eat it too. If you have questions or desire input then please say so. Regardless of that, glad the meal was enjoyed, the trip was safe and I hope y’all have a good day ma’am.

  2. A tip for talking to your husband as your Dom. Approach him with humility and ask if you can express your discomfort with this pariticular activity. Seek his guidance and support in growing into it… or ultimately stopping. Being a sub DOES NOT mean you aren’t allowed hard limits. This scenerio is an opportunity for you to grow in your submission and seek his guidance and support. Those 2 things are an even bigger part of D/s dynamics than kinky sex. They show your reliance and trust in him. ♥

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