33 – my body betrays my mind

If you’ve seen any of my prior posts, you know that my husband is my best friend, the authority in my house, and in charge. And most recently, he’s learned that it is a “thing” that more and more women are choosing to be braless …. everywhere…. all the time…. in any light, weather, or clothing. (Don’t believe me? Just google, “braless”)

Well, my husband is a “boob man” anyway. He notices them on every lady out there and L-O-V-E-S them. And so this is music to his eyes and inspired him to set a rule for me that “NO bras allowed. Ever. Again. Period.”

Okay, so my recent posts have told you that my first thought about this was, “Hell yah! Ditch that stupid thing!” And i did. And for the first 24’ish hours, i was in heaven.

Those 24-hours were on a Saturday. When i didn’t have a care in the world and nowhere to be or go. And we were on vacation. Who cares who sees anything while on vacation? i mean, you are NEVER going to see these people again! Yeah, so, ditch the bra and have a grand time!

And then. We came home. And had to go to the store. And the realization that this is now my new rule… at home too. Sir expected the “no bra” rule to Always. Apply. Forever. Amen. (Oh geez!).

And so i went to the store. David knew i was apprehensive… what if i see someone i know, what if i know them well-enough they say something, what if it’s a friend’s mom, what if it’s our son’s friends, on and on.

So i didn’t like it and i told David. While he’s in charge and has final authority, he always considers my thoughts, requests, etc. And this was no different. But, he responded, quite firmly with, “I know you don’t like it now. But I do. And the sooner you learn to accept it, the better off we will all be.”

And so i went to the store. Braless. On edge. With great apprehension.

And i get a text from Sir and it says, “I need proof.”

i was perplexed and thought, “proof to what?” And i texted that back (nicely.)

And the text i got back said, “that you listened and did as i asked… braless. Take a selfie right now.” So, as odd as THAT was, and because the girls were on high beam anyway, i did and they showed. And Sir was happy.

Then came Sunday. And church. (Yes, we are Christians. In fact, it’s the Bible that got me to thinking i needed to be a submissive, obedient wife in the first place. But that’s another post altogether!). And i (quite calmly) asked Sir again, “even to church?” And the response was, “Y-E-S! So again, i did.

Now at this point, i’ve basically been Braless a week. But here comes Monday. And returning to work. And i’m not much caring about the braless thing at this point. And i happen to work in a VERY conservative profession, in a VERY conservative city and state. So this time, i put my foot down and said, “respectfully Sir, i won’t go to work without a bra.”

And he relinquished. He understood. And agreed. And i feel complete relief wash over me.

And i go put on my bra and start to dress for work.

And find that bra is SO tight! SO constricting. So uncomfortable. Holy crap! When did this go from so good to so bad? Why did i like this… ever? And WHY did i think I didn’t like braless?



So i told David this. And his response was, “ you like the SAFETY of the bra. The safety of being conservative, of not looking slutty in public, or not tarnishing your name or reputation. You don’t like the bra itself!”

And i realized, he is right!

So then he says, “if you trust me, you’ll do as I ask and not wear a bra ever again (except we will concede work hours), and you will find safety in me and my leadership and our marriage.

Maybe i DO like braless after all. Maybe i will be more submissive and obedient and trust in my marriage and that the Lord to lead my husband in a way that is a bit different, but still safe too!




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