286 – Being sexy when out of town

We are in KY for a get away vacation together. We will be here from today through Sunday. Just the two of us.

As i knew we’d see loads of people on this trip, but absolutely no one i would ever see again, i packed some clothes that i felt would create a “moderately sexy” look. Outfits that would be a bit on the risqué side for everyday wear, but nothing that would be cause for anything other than something “super nice to look at” too.

This pic is me today. Can you see my nips? They are showing, but covertly too. i don’t wear a bra or panties any too often, and today is no exception. Today i am wearing a one piece, snap up, onesie top with David’s favorite grey fitted jeans. And one of my favorite dainty collars too.

After i was dressed this morning, David eyed me too to bottom and his words were, “THAT is sexy!” Which is all the confirmation i needed to have the confidence to wear it.

The onesie has snaps on the front from my neck to my belly button. It can be as open, or closed, as desired. It also has snaps at the crotch to hold it in place there, as well as provide for easy access, if desired. Boy do i wish i had my CB on today. After going to the bathroom, i have both of my hands in my crotch to get the snaps reattached, causing me to touch myself. And causing arousal. And making me wish i could just lock her up and not be touched! But not an option.

i wasn’t entirely sure how many snaps on the front to close… or to leave open…. so i asked Sir. His response was “Two open. For now.”

i don’t know if confidence is a quality someone is just born with, but i am certainly one who has had to grow into it. i am growing in my confidence to wear “sexy” clothes. In the past, and especially prior to D/s, i would say i have ALWAYS erred on the side of way-too-conservative. i am SO trying to change that now. i would think that if you could see the crack between my boobs, my shirt was wayyyyy tooooooo low! And if my skirt was above my knees (by more than 1-2 inches), it was way too short. In my opinion of course.

David would have much preferred to see that boob crack and more even, and he doesn’t mind having me (somewhat) on display for others to see too. Not that he has ever wanted me to be too much on display, but if others were to see me and take notice, he would take pride and so should i. He would tell me that if i have something to show (and i do!) then “let people see, stare, and wish they were me (or either of us!)”

If a man looks, he’s probably a little jealous and maybe thinking, “damn. My wife doesn’t wear those clothes.” Or maybe he’s thinking, “wonder what I’d have to do to get her to open up more of those snaps!!?!”

And if a woman were to see me, she’d probably think one of two things: 1) “You go girl! Flaunt it!” OR 2) “she’s a slut with it hanging out like that.”

Any of those responses are a-ok by David and he takes pride in the fact that i wore it, someone noticed, and (most likely) they are jealous they can’t, won’t, or don’t wear it too.

That was before i had confidence to buy sexy, low-cut clothes, let alone wear them. i don’t wear them all the time, but i wear them now more than i ever used to which was never!

This summer i bought a 2-piece bikini. Something i have not worn since i was about 6 hrs old! But David loves it and has asked me to wear it in the past several times and until this year, i never had the courage to do so.

i am definitely growing in confidence. i don’t know why i ever worried about it though. i mean truly, who cares what someone may or may not think of you? What is the worst that can happen? They think lowly of you and don’t want to be your friend. Ok…. So… what?! The only “friend” i really need is David! i’m not saying i have no other friends, but David is really the one that matters the most. And the others can come or go in the end!

Today. i am completely and fully aware of how much “more” i am showing. i am busy looking around to see if people are seeing me, and if so, trying to read their face to know what they are thinking. All the while, telling myself, “what they think does not matter! Puff out your chest and show your cleavage off with pride! The same pride David has in knowing you belong to him!” (Keeping in mind i only have two snaps undone in the first place, so not a LOT showing anyway!)

i don’t know if other people have confidence to wear anything anytime, or if this is a learned trait, or maybe some of both. What i know is that as David’s submissive, i have learned to take pride in dressing in a way that is sexy and appealing to him…. Even if it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. And that discomfort is ok.

It takes courage to do something that you might not do otherwise. But when you do it (over and over again), it becomes more and more easy to do, as it becomes more and more of a normal activity… which causes it to be less and less uncomfortable too.

As of today… for me…. i can now wear a two piece bikini without thinking twice, but a low-cut onesie top today is still uncomfortable. But i did it anyway, and have held my head high and my shoulders back! Learning to do things with confidence that pleases David is learning to be a good submissive!



While i suspect this will NOT happen, causing this next part to be purely fictional, this is some of the things that have swirled around in my head this morning.

As FYI….Usually my fictional stories start with something that’s happened in real life, and my mind then extrapolates to a possible/ alternative ending. And that’s my inspiration for when i write up a “fiction story.” But in all honestly, the first part of most of my fiction started with some nonfiction too!

So this next part is mostly pure fiction but based on my outfit today and started when David said to have two snaps undone, “for now.” i say “mostly” fiction because the activities we DID do today, but the conversation was not.

But his words got me thinking about the question, “when will the directive come to undo three snaps… or four…. And how will i respond or what will i think….”

So here’s what i thought about…. And again, is (mostly) pure fiction from here on…….

An hour into our day David asked me, “how many snaps are on that top anyway?”

He asked that because the very bottom snap that was visible was just above the waistband of my jeans. It gave a look that implied the snaps may continue all the way down and into my pants. They did not. And I told him that what he could see was all there were.

I could tell his mind was swirling this information around, to which I wondered what he was thinking so I asked, “Could you think out loud Sir?”

That’s when he said, “We have several activities planned today, lasting about 8 or 9 hours in total. By the end of the day, I think it would be lovely to have all 6-snaps coming open and undone.”

He continued on, “Set your alarm for 90-minutes. Every time it goes off, you’ll unsnap another one and reset the alarm.”

“By the end of the day, I should be able to see them all open and undone. I suspect I’ll enjoy the day a lot more now than I would’ve otherwise,” was his final words, which he said with a huge grin on his face too.

I asked, “But Sir, if I do that, I am sure anyone will be able to see my big boobs hanging out.”

He was still smiling and said, “okay. Yea. So what’s the problem?”

I know my Sir well enough to know that he would never do anything to get me arrested or cause harm to either of us, but that a directive is a directive. And frequently he’s told me these types of things just to see if I will trust him or not. So I just said, “Yes Sir,” and set the alarm on my phone for 90-minutes.

With that, we got in the car to head to breakfast. I wondered if the waitress, looking down at me as I sat in the booth seeing the top-down angle and into my shirt, was thinking it was too early in the morning to be seeing all that! I tried not to think about that and instead focus on my Sir’s happiness. That made me sit tall and smile big.

Soon enough, we were done with breakfast and back in the car. Usually Sir droves, but he had told me to drive so he could consult the agenda and program the locations into Google. We were in the car, getting onto the interstate, when my phone alarm sounded. The first 90-minutes had expired. I jumped at the sound and my heart started to race as I realized what it meant.

I looked over at my Sir and he smiled. He grabbed up my phone and said, “I’ll reset the timer while you reach down and open a snap. That’s the 3rd of 6, since the first 2 were already open, correct?”

I shyly responded, “Yes Sir.”

To which Sir said, “Say it with confidence my love! This is good! And this is going to make this day amazing too.”

And I unsnapped the 3rd snap, returned my hand to the wheel and said with confidence, “Yes Sir.”

We were on our way to the well known Bourbon Distillery in KY, for a tour and tasting event. We had about a 30-minute drove there and as I drove, I stole glances down at my chest. From my angle, it looked like I was nearly hanging out of my top. I’ll made sure to be keenly aware of the sides of my top to ensure I didn’t inadvertently hang out and get myself in trouble at the distillery.

We arrived just in time to get into the tour that we had previously booked. As we started out, our tour guide said we would all enjoy the next hour together learning all about how bourbon is made and ending with a tasting.

David leaned into my ear and said, “we will be ending just in time to open up another snap!”

I learned a lot about bourbon along the tour, and now we were tasting the different ones that are made on site. I don’t much care for bourbon, but David does, so I’m enjoying the experience and time with him.

And the alarm went off.

He leaned in and said, “snap #4.” Yes, I know Sir. I’m getting increasingly stressed about how much cleavage I’m showing off, but…. okay, I’ll obey as the good submissive wife I am!

Since my phone was in my purse on the floor, I leaned down and grabbed it, reset the timer, and as I moved back to the upright position, I unsnapped #4. As I was back fully upright, David leaned in once again and said, “That’s my good girl! I’m loving the view and your obedience!”

I glanced down and was incredibly nervous about how much anyone can see now. Of course, my nipples aren’t showing but I’ll have to be careful to ensure they don’t just pop right out of my top too. I SO wish I wasn’t in this position, but maybe more so, I SO wish I just hadn’t put on this onesie in the first place. I wouldn’t be wrestling now with showing off my nips if I hadn’t wanted to show off for my Sir. But I suppose there’s something to be said that I’m making him so happy too!

Soon enough the tasting was over. Thank God we can get in the car and just be the two of us again too!

In the car, Sir said, “Time for lunch now.” And we went to a local pizza place. Great. Family atmosphere with a slutty wife on display! Can’t wait! Sarcasm at its finest. I am fighting everything in me to just re-snap all these snaps back closed, it I keep telling myself, “no one knows me or will ever see me again! Keep your Sir happy!”

And as we were back in the car, the alarm went off again. I heard Sir say, “and just like that…. #5!” He is SO proud of himself and SO testing my courage.

I spoke up, “Sir, I am really not comfortable anymore. I feel half dressed at this point. Please Sir, don’t make me undo anymore snaps. It’s still daylight even!”

I heard my Sir say, “oh now… my love… don’t disappoint me now. This is fun! Do as I ask and all will be good. I don’t want to have to spank you for disobeying now!”

And I opened snap #5. As I did, I looked over at Sir. He smiled and grabbed my hand. He squeezed with a seal of approval and he said, “that’s my girl. I knew you could do it!”

Thank GOD we were in the car and I could relax without the worry of showing my nips to someone. I wasn’t sure where he had me driving us to now, but I prayed it wasn’t anywhere too public too. I just followed the google map directions and didn’t ask anymore questions.

Sir must’ve realized my apprehension was at at all time high, but rather than give in to me, he decided to amp it up yet another notch. He released my hand and slid his hand under my top. He squeezed my nipple hard and tweaked it hard. I flinched. He felt it and asked, as a rhetorical question, “hurt?!”

“Yes Sir.”

Sir continued to massage my breasts in full and didn’t stop for quite awhile. As I tried to stay focused on driving, it was extra hard to drive as he played with my tits. It wasn’t much longer and I realized where we were headed. Back to the hotel. I felt relief flood over me. We pulled in and parked.

After getting to our room, Sir said, “take it all off now. I’ve managed to get myself rock hard watching you today and need to get relief now. I’m going to fuck you hard until we both orgasm.”

He continued, “Get on the bed on your stomach and spread your legs wide for me. I’m going to fuck you doggy style so I can ram you hard and fast. I want to orgasm quick as my dick is super achy sore after watching you show off your tits all morning. You’ve been such a good girl and now I’m going to reward us both!”

And he did as he said. He fucked me fast and furious until we both orgasmed long and hard. It was amazing and I loved being rode so hard too.

When he was done, he said, “Now get redressed. Time to go again. We have another tour and tasting. Then tonight we will be at the best steakhouse in town.”

“Thank you Sir for using your pussy and allowing me to orgasm.” I made sure to tell him. Sudden,y all my stress for showing off seemed so worth it. I’ll never see those people again, but my Sir is in love with me!

“You’re welcome. You know what? I want to repeat the 90-minutes routine, but let’s start over at just 2-unsnapped. I bet by dinner, you’ll be showing off everything again! Can’t wait to see what the dinner crowd thinks! And maybe I’ll fuck you again tonight too if you are a good girl once again!”

The end.



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  1. Me and my girlfriend both enjoy reading your post together when they come out and this was no exception. Once she realized that pic was of you she asked if she could rub herself looking at it and I was more than happy to let her. We were both wondering you said you don’t wear bras or panties all to often anymore about how often do you end up wearing them?

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