287 – (Submissive) things i am thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

i am so incredibly thankful for so many things that i don’t even know where to start if i were to try to list them ALL out. So i will list the ones i think matter the most. Or at least the ones that i am thinking about today! And especially the ones relating to my spousal dynamic.

1) A Dominant Christian husband. He leads me and our family lovingly and wonderfully. The Bible says a husband is to love his wife and David absolutely and wholly does that!

2) My submission to David. i discovered D/s with DD (Domestic Discipline) several years ago and asked David for it. It made our marriage so much stronger and better. It’s clear who is in charge and who submits. We both know our roles.

3) Chastity belt. My belt helps me to refrain from masturbation. It is a useful tool that i sometimes ask to be allowed to wear, like today. It helps me be compliant with David’s directive…. that i don’t masturbate or orgasm without permission. Because my pleasure belongs to him. And today, the belt is in its place.

4) Anal plug. When i need a tangible reminder of who my ass belongs to, a filled ass usually does the trick! It’s hard to forget that i belong to David when my ass is filled and stretched. And today, it is both filled and stretched.

5) Red wine. To get me turned on and cause me to flirt with my husband. And to forget i have an anal plug in while wearing the chastity belt simultaneously. The red wine causing me to feel frisky and bold…. And even if i don’t forget about the belt and plug, to beg him to take the belt off and the plug out and replace it with his cock.

6) Ability to speak to David and give my opinions. Despite our dynamic, i am always allowed to speak my mind. Of course, in a respectful tone. And David always listens. Like when i beg to have the belt off and the plug out and for him to fuck me thoroughly and completely.

7) For times when David says no. It makes it clear who really is in charge, regardless of what i want or think i need, i know he knows the truth, and his decisions are final. Even when i want to be fucked, when he says no, i have to accept that as his final answer.

7) My submissive side to accept the “No” answers when they come. Acceptance doesn’t always come quickly or easily. i intend to beg for him to change his answer. Frequently and often. And i hope to wear him down to get the ultimate answer i want.

8) Discipline as a way to deal with conflict. Instead of yelling at one another, discipline to accept his answer is a fine way to resolve difficulties. Especially in those times when i don’t accept his “No” answer the way i should have, discipline is exacting and makes his answer truly be no.

Our marriage is stronger than ever. i would say it’s stronger as a result of implementing D/s with Domestic Discipline as a way to deal with conflict. And i can honestly say i wish we had implemented it years ago!

The Bible says Man loves his wife, and a wife submits to her husband. While it does not say Men discipline their wives (at least to my knowledge anyway), DD is a practical way to deal with transgressions. It works for us.

And now i am off to see if i can get the belt off and the plug out. That which i have worn all day today. But to which i doubt (at 4p in the afternoon) is going to change for awhile still. Maybe before bed i will get the pleasure of his loving touch and feel his cock, and be allowed to cum.

But even if i don’t, i am thankful that my husband cares and loves me enough to cook for me and my family, and that he said i was to put the belt on and the plug in today… to serve as a (much needed) reminder of who i submit to and to “act right” today. (It has worked!)

A-N-D finally….. i would be amiss if i didn’t mention how thankful i am for YOU. While i tend to write to “you” as a way to have an audience to my journal documenting my marriage and submission journey, i am thankful that i have “you” to talk to. There is no one else in my “real world” who knows about our dynamic. i can’t tell my best friend, sister, or co-workers. Saying the words “Yah, i wear a chastity belt and my husband spanks me.” aloud wouldn’t (probably) end well. So i am truly thankful to have you, my friends, to talk to! (And thank you for the comments and emails so i have opportunities to get to know you in return.). It’s good to know you are real, as i am too.

Much hugs, love, and thanks…..



    • Hi Matthew – thank you!

      Sorry I’ve been away. Both David & I have been sick. Can’t say if it was a winter cold, flu, or just allergies. But it made us both feeling yucky for a good 2-weeks now. And as if that wasn’t enough, this past weekend we had a family wedding to attend and this week our son has been home from college too. Soooo just sick and then busy. I’m glad to hear I was missed though too! 🥰
      Hugs and thanks! Marie

    • I did. My belt on and a plug in, while eating turkey and spending time with family, reminded me to be submissive and thankful at all times. I hope you and your GF also had a great day too! Marie

  1. Happy Thankgiving to you. We have been living our lives like yours for over 40 years now. We should have been more open to D/s 10 years before that, but it was a learning experience that we are Thankful for to enjoy the rest of our lifes. We enjoy your blog and look forward to new posts.

    • Thank you Ed and Diana. That’s a long time to live a D/s relationship. Quite inspiring! I’m glad you read my blog and I’m thankful for you too! Marie

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