244 – Long distance … sexting … chastity … and complete submission. (Oh my!)

David had to go to Denver for 3-days and today is Day 1 of his absence. He texted me this morning and said, “Going to send me any naughty pics today?”

i wrote back, “i can send pics if you’d like.” And we went about our day, and while we sent periodic other texts, it was vanilla/innocuous too.

On my way home from work, he sent another text, “Do I get pics tonight?” To which again, i replied. “If you’d like.”

He immediately responded with, “Thought I’d said that earlier already.”

While i did (politely and properly) point out that he had not “said” but rather “asked” for pictures, i did recognize that was my que too. That while it was worded as a question, it was really a command with a question mark at the end. So upon getting home, i took my clothes off, jumped in the pool naked, and opened my phone.

After sending him the pics he wanted, he said, “Very nice. You slut.”

While admittedly most would NOT see the word “slut” as a term of endearment, when i hear it from David, i do. i know he means it in the most sexy and turned on way, and it tells me i have achieved my goal: making him happy with what he sees!

Because i am happy (and turned on!) when i know David’s needs are met, i am indeed a slut .. craving and wanting more (and more) sex! i love having sec with him in all forms and fashions, but then when it’s pleasing to him for me to have sex with others, i love that too! So the term “slut” is both truth and loving for me when he calls me that.

i responded with, “Thank you Sir! Should i make myself slick with cum and take a picture of that for you too??”

His response, “No.”

While sometimes he gives me a directive in the form of a question, like what was noted above, in times where there should be no room for doubt, his words are perfectly straightforward and abundantly clear!

i was hoping to get to orgasm, under (a guise) of doing it to please him (with a picture). But he saw through me ever-so-quickly and called me out even-more-quickly.

i said, “You just don’t want me to have an orgasm.”

And i got another one-word response, “Correct.”

To which i just didn’t respond in words, but i didn’t have to either, as then we texted about vanilla things (dinner, day’s activities, etc) but the whole time i really wanted to orgasm.

But there was no denying, i had gotten myself turned on with the naked swimming, picture taking, and sexting with David.

So i wrote, “i’m struggling to NOT touch myself.”

He said, “It shouldn’t be a struggle since you have been commanded not to.”

“i understand Sir.”

And the vanilla convo resumed for an additional 30-minutes.

During that time, i did NOT touch myself but i was mentally losing the battle too. So….. i went and put on the chastity belt. The pink one.

And instead of telling David about what i did, instead i texted him a pic of me… wearing one of his fav t shirts … and the chastity belt.

He wrote, “Very nice. And wise too!”

i was surprised he said that and I told him as much, as i was a bit concerned he might be disappointed at my inability to control myself with the aid of the chastity belt. But to my pleasant surprise, he was pleased at my choice.

After i told him all that he texted, “I know you can’t control yourself.”

“Maybe i ought to leave the belt on until you come home again.”

And he said, “Maybe I should make you give the key to someone else.”

My eyes got big and i wrote, “Wow.”

“Wow? what my slut?”

“wow to the idea of giving the key to someone.”

“Scary for you??”

“Yes Sir, but i suppose it’s also something of a turn on too! How does it make you feel?”

“Strong. And confident. And in control.”

i smiled big. And i told him, “Good. That’s how you should feel!”

i don’t know if i will keep the key or give it to someone of his choosing, because he didn’t say for sure. But i suspect it will be mine to keep. At least this time anyway.

That’s when he said, “Sleep well.”

And i said, “you too Sir.”

i am certain that whether the belt stays on or not (continuously) for the remainder of his trip, or if i keep the key or give it away, that i will NOT be orgasming in his absence.

[i am aware that i can take this off if i want to. It seems silly to make myself wear a belt when i haven’t been made to otherwise, when I have the key sitting right here too! As well, if i can restrain from touching/orgasming with the belt on, shouldn’t i also have self restraint to be able to also not O with it off?!? Yes, in theory, that is absolutely true. But in my mind, by putting on the belt, i have been intentional about making the touching/orgasm that much more elusive. i have made myself unavailable even to myself. And “if” i get SO determined to get the O, i would have to be very intentional about taking the belt off again too. In other words, I made it that much harder for myself, which is what I needed!]

Now me and my metal are off to sleep…. Without touching, excitement, or orgasming. i can hardly wait for the fitted Fancy Steel version to arrive!

UPDATE: All of the above happened yesterday. Today is Day 2 of his absence. i just didn’t get this fully finished or posted. So now i will tell you more about what has happened since last night…..

i slept great. You might not think it easy to sleep in chastity, but it is surprisingly quite comfortable and easy to do. In fact, when i have the mental angst of trying to NOT touch myself when i am commanded not to causes such a battle for me it is hard to relax and sleep. But with the belt in place, it was as of i allowed myself to relax and know that the battle was won and i could just rest easy.

While i didn’t have explicit approval to remove the belt this morning, i didn’t think it was required to stay on either since it was my idea to put it on in the first place yesterday. Plus he didn’t tell me i had to ask to take it off either. So i took it off, did a 2-mile walk, showered, dressed, and went to work. All without the belt.

After coming back home tonight, i found myself revved up and wanting to masturbate. So i texted David about all this and i asked, “what do you think about me putting on the chastity belt and leaving it on until you are home and you take it off?”

He wrote, “That’s a good idea!”

So i went and put it on. And i texted, “All locked up and nowhere to go now.”

He responded, “Good!”

(He hasn’t mentioned anymore about the key being given to anyone, which i am grateful for!)

This is now me embarking on the longest consecutive time while belted. To date, i have only been belted a total of (about) 14’ish consecutive hours. This is going to be nearly double that time!

That’s when i told him how i think he is starting to come around to the idea of how the belt can prove a useful tool for both of us. i also said that even though at one point he thought it should be unnecessary, (because i should have better self control than i do), he is now seeing that this is the best tool for the job.

He agreed.

i foresee a lot more hours (days!) in the belt in my future, especially after the custom fit Fancy Steel belt arrives in a month. Because while this one is made to wear long term, for showers or pee or poop, it doesn’t fit quite as snugly as a custom one does and it chafes no matter how hard i try to get it to fit properly. The fitted one will allow for a regular long term wear of it, and i am getting use to the idea of that being in my future.

Giving the key to David as my lady parts are locked up feels like the ultimate power exchange for me. While i have agreed to submit to him, and agreed to not have unauthorized orgasms, without the belt i have always had a “safety net.” Safety net being the ultimate ability to do as i want to, if i want to. Not saying i want to, but i could. i could touch myself, or do whatever i wanted to really, if i so chose to do so. Obviously not without consequence, but it was possible. Even right now, i have the key and could use it if i want to.

But as we go further into the realm of permanent chastity, where i will not have the key, the ability to touch myself is becoming less available. i suspect, and i may even ask (!) that David’s next out of town trip will likely include me being locked up from the get go, without knowledge of where the key is hidden (or if it’s even in the house) either. The power exchange is becoming more complete for me, both mentally AND physically! All of which is causing my submission to feel so deep and so genuinely heartfelt! ❤️



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