295 – Chastity Belt – SOP

As i was thinking it may happen, it’s now official! i have a clear directive – or Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) – has now been decided and communicated to me.

i am to “assume there is a standing order to wear the belt, unless told otherwise with a specifically communicated reason to not wear it.”

i have now had the Fancy Steel, permanent and more durable and more fitted, Chastity Belt for one week now. i have been in-belt more than out-of-belt during the last week too.

Thinking about the times i have been out-of-belt the most over this last week, it has been overnight. i have only slept in the belt one night so far.

Yesterday evening, i asked permission to be out-of-belt as David had heated up our pool and i wanted to go swimming. While i ended up NOT swimming (not a relevant point), i was given permission to be out-of-belt. So it was off from (about) 7p last night and is still off now at 5:30p. It is now (about) 22’ish consecutive hours out-of-belt. While i haven’t officially calculated it out, it’s probably the longest consecutive amount of time out-of-belt in the last 7-days.

But the belt will go back on as soon as i home from work, which is to happen in the next hour.

The directive for the now SOP came late this morning when i had been at work for just a bit.

i was struggling with what to do (wear or not wear the belt, ask or not ask if i should, etc!), so i started a text dialogue with David, as follows:

So as i was preparing for work, i decided to take some leftovers from last night’s dinner for my lunch today. i was getting out the plastic/ storage dishes and scooping food into the smaller ones to take “just some” of it to work, when David came into the kitchen and inquired about what i was doing.

When i told him, he said, “Just take the whole (full) container” and i said (with a little sharper tone and demeanor than i had intended), “No. i don’t need all this. And i don’t want to stand at the microwave (at work for lunch) heating this entire dish of food, when i want just a small portion.”

Well. Sir said, “it doesn’t look like the new container that you are using is much smaller than the one that has the original food. Just take it all.”

“Yes, i know. We just don’t own many small single-serve storage containers. But i don’t need to take all this with me so this is easier.” (Again, too much “tone” went with this statement!)

That was when David’s eyebrows raised up and he asked in a stern voice, “why are you talking to me in this tone?! And why are you not just doing as I told you to?”

i was a bit snappy for sure. My response was, “i just don’t need the entire container at work is all.”

That’s when he didn’t appreciate me NOT recognizing or apologizing for the tone i used and said, “bend over the counter!”

And so he gave me a small (clothing on) spanking with his hand, that i definitely felt, and that we were both aware was to make a point more than anything. It was a reminder. Of what could come if i continue on.

He then said, “if you want to keep this up, the next spanking will be worse.”

“Yes Sir. i’m sorry Sir.” And then i was off to work (with my smaller containers of portion-appropriate food in hand).

Soooo when he asked me the question above about whether the belt was on or off when i was arguing this morning, that was what it was in reference to.

And this was the next part of our texting conversation:

i admitted to him (and you too), i was snarky.

Sir didn’t have to say it. i knew. He thinks that i am more submissive when i am in-belt than when i am out-of-belt. i’m not sure if that’s true or not, but it may well be. i just don’t know. But i think we are nearing the point where we will be finding out soon!

And then i waited to hear more. We went radio-silent for a bit. i knew he needed time to think and i couldn’t demand an immediate answer. That’s understandable.

But that understanding didn’t seem to last too long. About an hour later, this was the next part:

So. Now i know. The SOP is to “assume the belt goes on. Until or unless it is explicitly said otherwise.”

AND i got a positive confirmation that he still intends to use and play with me. So there’s that!

The very last of our conversation went like this:

So i said thanks, and acknowledged/ admitted i will willingly submit.

If i’m being honest, i’m not certain how i feel about this.

This is no longer a fantasy, or a “scene,” but instead it now a way of life. While i expected it, and we’ve been moving ever closer to this really, knowing it and living it aren’t entirely the same. The very true and full reality that my control is completely taken away is about to hit me hard.

i think i will like it, but i am a bit nervous too. i will keep you posted!

What i know without a doubt is that now the “Belt Rules” are all feeling super real!

Lastly – if you are curious about the “get it fixed” part…. Well…. that will be expanded on as part of my “full belt review” still to come.




  1. I would love to read the review, I am virtually in a position to wear a CB full time, except for the obvious. I have been having laser treatment to deal with any hair problems as that was a concern of mine, so now it’s just down to which belt.
    I noted the lock problems in an earlier blog and I will admit it gave me a lot to think about. With it being on for long periods I really need to be comfortable but aware if that makes sense.
    Spanking with your clothing on? Lucky girl, my skirt goes up regardless.

    • Hi Joan –
      Thanks for commenting!

      I’ll be doing the review VERY soon. I wanted to give the new belt a fair and reasonable review. For ex: the kick DOES fit. It’s an Australian lock that works differently than what I am used to in the USA, so once I figured it out, it is perfect. Had I written a review already, I’d have slammed the producer for that and now I say “well, it’s not what I’d have expected, but it does work.” I’ll write the review in the coming days though. Promise!

      I will be out of Belt enough time to shower and shave. But I do know the belt is fully waterproof and could be on (literally) 24/7. So if David decides that I should shower with it on, I’ll have to talk about laser treatments (which I kinda want to do already anyway!).
      I’ve never been spanked with clothing on until today. I thought it was definitely unusual and surprising for me too! But I had pants on, was ready to go to work, and I think it was more of a “warning” anyway. Sooo I got lucky! You just always wears skirts since you mentioned that. ❤️
      I hope you’ll consider posting (or emailing) again. Thanks! Marie

      • Yes always skirts, I do own a pair of trousers which I wore once to a funeral in the depths of winter several years ago, felt odd. Never wear tights, pantyhose, either. Part, to me, of being submissive is being both vulnerable and available, but only to my man which is why we are serious about a belt. I keep procrastinating because I know in my heart that once it’s on it will only come off when he wants sex and that’s ok but I am still reluctant.
        Please keep writing, I will keep reading. It’s important to know that there are others living this life, at times it feels lonely with no one to ask questions or help you sort things out in your head.

      • Joan –
        I can completely relate when you say “it feels lonely with no one to ask”…. That’s been a lot of my experience so far. I’m glad I’m able to help you, and most likely, I could see some help to me in return too. If nothing else, just the correspondence is refreshing too! Hugs, Marie
        PS – you’ll have to “learn” to wear the CB. It won’t go on and never come off. It will take time to build up to that, it also, it will need to come off occasionally for full/complete hygiene too. I’m not entirely sure how frequently that would need to be, but I have read that some say “at least weekly.” Just some more thoughts.

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