243 – Acceptance… of chastity.

Note… i wrote this prior to my vacation but ran out of time to get it posted and only just realized it was in drafts still. i am going to post it now, as it shows the progression of the use of the chastity belt for both me (physically) and David (mentally). We are growing with it, and i love where we are going!

And without further ado……

The belt is becoming a real part of my world now. And David’s too!

i am not entirely sure how i feel about it. And David is truly beginning to love it!

i have now been strapped in for the 3rd consecutive night now. And it was at David’s direction this time.

i was planning to take a day off, but David wasn’t having it.

Let me fill you in on what’s happened as of late…….

Three evenings ago, i strapped and locked myself in. And handed David the keys. He was cringing at the sight. Literally. i literally saw his face scrunch up and he looked me in the eye with real concern. He was concerned about how tight it was (could i breath), about whether it was necessary at all anyway (can’t i just control myself), about whether this was a good idea (will i be able to actually sleep)……

But that was three evenings ago and he’s changed his mind now.

Admittedly, i did not sleep too well that first night. i am not too sure why, but i woke up every 2-hours. i’m not sure if it was the belt or if that had anything at all to do with it.

When i was out of bed in the morning, David asked me if i was ready to be let out. i responded with, “yes Sir, i believe i am.” And he produced the keys and i was released.

As that day progressed, i was glad to be released as i discovered a few chafed spots where the belt had rubbed. Nothing too serious, but still some irritation too. The release allowed my body to rest and heal. By evening, i was ready to try again.

When i asked David, “do you want me to put it back on again tonight?”

He responded with, “If you wish.”

i wasn’t too sure if i wished, but i put it on anyway. i rationalized that i wanted this, i ordered and received it, now i needed to use it. i have had this fascination with the chastity belt for a good long time now, so it is truly time to determine once and for all if it is a good…. Or a bad…. thing. And that means that whether i feel like it or not, i need to put it on… i mean, it is just Day 2!

So it went on. And nothing else. Other than the belt, i was completely naked. David smiled when he saw me. And he motioned for me to go toward him.

He was sitting on the couch, so i walked up to him and leaned in. He used both his hands and tweaked both my nipples hard. He pulled and then twisted them. And then he stuck his tongue far down my throat while twisting them even more. That’s when he let go, pulled away, and asked me, “How’d that feel?”

“It hurt Sir. But it was a good hurt.”

Then he tapped on the belt front, specifically on the lock, and it clanked against the other belt (metal) parts. That’s when he told me he was pleased with my decision to wear it, but now to go sit down so we could watch tv. So i did. And we watched tv, same as we do every other night until it was time for bed.

i slept a lot better in the belt on night 2 than night 1, but still not great either. And upon waking, it came off. Once again, i was grateful to be out of it as it is giving my body time to adjust but not be overwhelmed.

That was earlier today. So then in mid-morning, i asked if i could masturbate and David said yes. Yeah for me!

So i promptly set about playing and it was only about 2-minutes until i had a very big O! Yes, 2-whole-minutes. The orgasm washed over me and felt so good, but i was a bit disappointed in just how fast it really was too.

Then as the day wore on, i decided i would not wear it tonight. That i would let my body rest from it, but then also allow my mind to rest with good sleep tonight too.

Little did i know just how much David is starting to embrace this.

i told him about my idea of training me into wearing it when away from him and when he was sleeping. He liked that idea very much and has decided we need to start toward that goal.

With that, i was expecting him to say put it on. Instead, he told me to lay on the bed and spread my legs. Oh yeah! A better orgasm ahead! Two in one day even!

He brought out the wand vibrator. He smiled a wicked smile and said, “Do NOT orgasm! When you get close, you need to tell me. We are going to work on your orgasm control again. You’ve had many months to do as you please and now that’s changing.”

So the words alone, along with my Dominant husband taking control, made me dripping wet already!

He proceeded to use the wand on all levels, up and down, circles, side to side… and every time i got very close to O, he took it away and waited a minute until i was calm again. And he repeated it over and over. He asked me how close was i, to which i had to say “extremely!”

Then he asked me, “Are you frustrated?”

To which i responded, “No Sir. i figure in a minute you’ll be kind and lean in and kiss my pussy with your tongue…and let me orgasm.”

He responded with a “hmm” and repeated the wand exercise again about another 3 times.

That’s when he did lean in and lick my clit for about 2-seconds! NOT enough!

He licked. He stopped. As he pulled away, he said, “time for the belt. Put it on and I’ll snap the lock shut.”

i looked at him in complete surprise and said, “are you being serious?” i truly anticipated him smiling at that very second and saying he was just joking with me.

He was Serious. Not a joke.

The belt went on.

And i pouted. i didn’t mean to. i just did. He noticed. He laughed.

Then he announced we would do this every night for the next week. That we need to get my Orgasms back under (his) control.

i have mixed emotions now as i lay in bed typing this while belted in for the night. i should be utterly thrilled that my dominant husband has (finally!) seemingly returned. And i am. But now the reality of the belt is setting in. The reality that i am indeed NOT in control or even able to touch myself anymore and having metal between my legs is now a real thing that will change the way we operate now. But this is what i wanted, right? i mean, i was seeing this as a “try it before you buy (the really expensive fitted belt) it” kinda thing.

But now… it seems like cheap belt or expensive one, THIS is how it’s gonna be. With David as my key holder. i think i like it. i think it is good. i hope it is…..

Sleep well my unbelted friends!




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