245 – Forced orgasm

Admittedly, i did not know or understand what that was until quite recently. Now i do!

i mean i looked it up, read about it, and tried to understand. But it still didn’t make sense to me. The word “forced” and “orgasm” didn’t seem to go together! The idea of being “forced” to do something sounds terrible, depending on what it is… and orgasm isn’t one of them!

i mean tell me i am forced to…. Say… eat ice cream, soak in the bathtub, have a massage, take a day off…. OR ORGASM…. Oh yeah, i am there! Sign me up! Let’s do this! When do we start?! Care to add something else to the list that you’d like to be forced to do too?!

The key word that didn’t fit was the word “forced.” You wouldn’t have to force me to do any of these things mentioned. i am never going to say “oh no, that’s not for me.” So the idea of a forced orgasm seems incongruous.

So if the “thing” that you are asked to do is good and you want to do it, how exactly would the word “forced” be included in the sentence or discussion?!

Until tonight. Things changed. i see the light. i now understand how forced and orgasm go in the same sentence!

David came home from Denver and i was SO pleased to see him, and vice versa. Tonight, he forced me to orgasm, which again, sounds incongruous since i was SO wanting to O anyway! But it happened. i was forced. …. Let me tell you how and why it all came together….

The belt was off and David told me to lay down on the bed and spread my legs. Oh goodie! i get to finally Orgasm! Of course, he did not have to force me to comply!

He grabbed up the vibrating massage wand and said, “Time for some orgasm control work.” Wait. What? O control?!? That implies i DON’T get to O!

He turned it on low and started teasing me. He didn’t put it straight onto my clit, but rather flirted with a little touch and then pull away and then repeat. He put it to the side, then the other side. He looked me straight in the eye to gauge my reactions too.

After about one minute (NOT long!) he put the tip of the wand straight onto my clit and held it there. i flinched and bucked my hips automatically, causing the wand to move free of its target.

That’s when he asked me, “why did you do that? You shouldn’t move” and he did it again. And i did it again. It was involuntary that my hips were moving. The intensity of the wand straight onto my clit was just too much for me to control my body movements.

That’s when he laid across my lower abdomen, pressing my hips into the mattress so that i was pinned there and unable to buck around.

He turned the wand vibration up a notch. Then it went straight onto my clit again. He held it there and forced me to stay still and unable to buck it away. Then he moved it straight onto my pussy opening and pressed it hard there, so that it started to penetrate my hole. It was halfway up into me in a matter of seconds.

i felt the orgasm rising. i squeaked out the words, “Please Sir, may i cum?”

No response. i wasn’t sure if he heard me and ignored me, or if he didn’t hear at all. The need to orgasm was rising ever so quickly. i needed an answer!

So i repeated it, “Pleaseeeee Sir, i need to orgasm…. NOW.”

i heard “NO.”

It brought tears to my face. Not sad ones, but ones of almost panic. Tears of, “i can’t hold out! How can i hold this in any longer?? Pleaseeeee!!”

And then i heard, “NOW cum for me!”

And boy did i! It was huge! It was glorious and wonderful!

But the wand didn’t move, nor did David move from laying on me. He continued without a second of delay. i begged, “NO, Sir. Please Stop. Or pause. Or something. i can’t do this. i need a break to recover.”

And i heard, “No!” and the wand stayed in its place. He was moving it from my opening to my clit and back. It was unrelenting and unforgiving. It was intense and constantly touching my clit or my pussy hole or surprisingly he managed to touch both at the same time too!

It began to feel like torture to my puss! It started to hurt in a matter of a few more seconds. It was a good pain overall, but the intensity was so great, it was indeed painful. i begged him to stop, “Please Sir, it’s hurting.”

He said, “No! Cum for me again! Now!”

And i did.

Another Orgasm… this time a forced orgasm…. Came out of me.

And he didn’t stop there either! i couldn’t even form words at that point then as he still didn’t stop. The wand kept up its assault on my pussy as it moved around, but never stopped.

And another. …. Forced orgasm… flowed out.

And another too!

In my head i was begging for it to stop…. AND for it to continue. i couldn’t decide which one would be best. i also couldn’t form words out loud as my eyes rolled back in my head, my body stopped tightening up, and i just started to relax into the intensity of it all. i accepted Sir’s control, the feelings that washed over me, and relaxed into it.

The orgasms were quite literally continuous.

Another forced orgasm and another and another all flowed out.

i lost count. i think it was 5 or 6 or 7 even, but i can’t say for sure because i couldn’t say where one stopped and another started!

The pain AND pleasure was exquisite.

It was amazing!

When he finally turned off the wand, he moved off of my body and smiled at me. He kissed my tingling lips and said, “welcome home to me!”

My eyes had long since rolled back in my head, my body was tingling from my lips to my toes, my pussy was throbbing in rolling muscle spasms, and i couldn’t speak aloud. i did hear myself think, “yes, welcome home to ME Sir!”

i laid there recovering for a good 5-10 minutes as he prepared for bed, and he then got in bed beside me, and snuggled up to me. While i wasn’t moving during that time, my mind was alert. i knew exactly where he was and what he was doing as i tried to recover enough to be able to thank him properly.

He asked, “Did you expect that?”

“Uh…. NO Sir, i did NOT. Thank you Sir!!”

“How’s that for orgasm control? I’d say I controlled every one of those orgasms! Did I not?”

“Oh yes Sir, you most definitely did!”

“Good! Getting where we both want now!” (Where i only orgasm at his command and not before or after… or of my own volition/hand/masturbation.)

“Yes Sir.”

It still took me about another 5-10 to feel “back to normal,” but by then, i was SO exhausted i just closed my eyes and went off to sleep.

Now today, it occurred to me that what happened was a FORCED ORGASM(s). i decided to find and re-read the exact same article that i had read when researching the topic long ago. The lightbulb clicked on in my head. THIS is exactly what happened to me!

Here is the article: Forced orgasms per Healthline

Did you click on it and read that linked article? It won’t take but another minute, but i won’t FORCE you to! Lol.

Exactly how the article describes it, is exactly what happened!

Because i am doubting you actually read the article….. Part of the article says this ….

So for people with vulvas, forced orgasm usually entails (consensually) making them orgasm over and over and over and over without a come-down period between each orgasm”, explains Carly S., a kink-inclusive sex educator and founder of Dildo or Dildon’t, a pleasure product review and sex educational platform.

It could look like having the receiver tied down while their partner holds a high-powered vibrator against their body, eliciting orgasm after orgasm,” says Carly S.

T – H – I – S is exactly what happened. i got no come-down period, he held me in place, held a high powered vibrator and elicited (a lot) of orgasms at his will, not mine. He FORCED the orgasms out of me!

N-O-W i get it…. the concept and the way that the words “forced” and “orgasm” go together! And maybe you do too. Or maybe you already understood and it wasn’t a question… if you did though, why didn’t you force me to understand already?! Ha.

Okay, now i have to force myself off the couch, to the shower, and to work. Yes, going to work is sometimes a forced activity… apparently the same as what a forced orgasm can sometimes be too!




  1. my Master loves to force orgasms, i think He much prefers it over denial when He is making full use of my body! lol although – He also has no problem locking me up afterwards and keeping me that way too! love reading your adventures, Marie!

    • Thank you Mwc! I’m sure when the fitted/better chastity comes in, I will be forced to orgasm AND locked up too. I’m glad I wasn’t this time though! (Thankful for the little things. Lol)

      • Master asked me the other day how i felt about it – i had to admit it is a love/hate relationship, to which He smiled and replied ‘Good.’

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