289 – Caning discipline – (partial) Fiction

So this first part is true. The consequences thereof is what i have made up in my head, as i wait to see what, if anything, will come of it….

The guilt was starting to eat me up. So i decided to tell David, via text, to clear my conscience. Of course, i waited until he was away from the house to tell him. i didn’t do that on purpose really, or… maybe on some level i did.

The text read, “I’m not sure if you care or not, but I’ve orgasmed twice this week without permission. Once was on my birthday and then again yesterday too.”

What i didn’t say was, “and i am telling you now instead of doing what i really want to do, which is orgasm again. Right Now! Because i really am feeling very guilty now.”

The text i got back was, “WHY would you do that??????”

The response was simple… and true. i said, “Because i was selfish.”

What i didn’t add was that, “while i expect that had i asked you, you would have said yes… or…. you’d probably even have done participated and done for me. But i didn’t want that. i wanted ME. i truly was being VERY selfish!”

And the response i received was, “I’d have done it for you. It was your bday.”

i asked, “does it matter that i did it without your help? Or your permission ?”

“YES it does!”

And this is where i thought, “Ugh. You knew this was going to be the result. Now you’ll be punished. Why’d you go and be so stupid? You KNEW it was wrong. It wasn’t even that great of an O because you felt guilty even then!”

My head thoughts continued….. “And honestly…. You deserve whatever he provides. And you need to be prepared to thank him for it too.”

In my head i continued even more…… “You need to be grateful you have a husband who cares enough to want to be the one who provides your happiness, that he wants to see your joy when you orgasm, and … now… he also cares enough to discipline you for bad behavior too.”

And that’s where my head started venturing into the what-if scenarios about what kind of punishment would be fitting …….. fiction starts here….

After a bit more time of anxious anticipation, I received a new text from David. It said, “As you know today is Sunday, and I am already at church (for the tech team support David serves on). When you come to church, you need to have your belt on. You need to come find me and lay the key in my hand. It seems you need to have restriction enforced more again. But make no mistake, your discipline doesn’t stop there.”

“Yes Sir.”

And I did as instructed.

After church, we went to lunch with our son and he got on the road to head back to college from there and we went back home.

David beat me home and when I walked in the house, he was standing right there by the door waiting. He said, “Strip. You will not be wearing clothes the rest of the day.”

“Yes Sir.”

And I did as instructed.

That’s when he looked me up and down, and he smiled. He kissed the top of my forehead and said, “that’s my good girl.”

He produced the key to my belt and removed it. It dropped to the floor with the loud clang of metal that you’d expect.

He told me to “Go lay on the couch on your back. And wait for me.”

“Yes Sir.”

He walked through the living room and into our bedroom. I didn’t dare touch myself while he was gone. I wasn’t too sure what was going to happen next, but I wasn’t going to make it worse than it already was either.

When he came back into the living room he had changed clothes. And he held the leather cane in his hand too. Cringe. The cane is so torturous. He only uses it on me for the most egregious of errors and to drive home the discipline. It works every time.

He came and stood beside the couch that I lay on. As he towered over me, he looked down into my eyes and said, “You are the most beautiful wife when you lay naked like this. I like what I see. Unfortunately, that’s not quite what we are here for. Do you agree you’ve been disrespectful toward me lately?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Do you understand that it hurts my soul to think you don’t want to spend time with me, to allow your pleasure to come from me, to share your body and soul with me? You’ve shut me out by being selfish and taking orgasms that don’t belong to you. I consider it acts of infidelity when you touch yourself and bring yourself pleasure without me there or my permission to do so. But you knew all this, didn’t you?”

I started to feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I was choking back the emotions when I barely got out the words, “Yes Sir.”

He continued, “if you insist on making bad choices, then you will learn the true pain that you’ve caused me. Open your legs. And be still.”

Ahh, here it comes.

I saw his arm move up, the cane went up with his hand. Then I heard the whipping sound the cane makes when it cuts through the air. Immediately afterward, I felt the sting it leaves when it collided with my skin.

While I fully expected to feel it on my clit, I did not feel it there. Instead, it was on my lower abdomen. I immediately pulled myself into a fetal ball like position, but managed to stay flat on my back. I heard the words, “I said lay still. Now open your legs to me once again.”

And I did as instructed.

Tears started to fall from my eyes and down the sides of my cheeks, onto the couch cushion. I wasn’t crying from the pain, but rather the disappointment I had created for my Sir and in myself too.

I saw the cane move up and backward with his hand, and I closed my eyes. I held my breath and waited for it to fall on my skin to make its mark. It came down a little lower on my abdomen this time, but substantially in the same area. And then it happened again but lower yet. He was making his way down to my pussy. I could tell what was coming soon. I was anticipating the pain as I felt the next swat of the cane hit the top of my pubic mons area.

He paused and said, “do you think you deserve this punishment my love?”

“Yes Sir. I wish I didn’t, but I know I do.”

He said, “good. Now open your eyes and look at me.”

I did as instructed.

“I love you so much that it pains me when you take pleasure from me. That’s why you have to learn that this pussy and all the love it has to give belongs to me. ALL the time.”

He continued, “So I am about to deliver five hard strikes of the cane to this disobedient pussy to remind you of the way you are to act. Do you accept this punishment willingly?”

“Yes Sir, I do accept your discipline freely and fully.”

“Good. Now don’t move at all as I intend to deliver these swats in succession. If you move at all or restrict my access, I will start over. You don’t want that, now do you?”

“No Sir.”

“Good. Now lay still.”

And with that, he began just as promised, the first hard swat of the cane directly onto my pussy. He hit the left labia, and the intensity to my most sensitive area surprised me and I flinched. I cringed. I prayed he didn’t notice. But of course, he did.

He stopped and I heard, “tsk tsk tsk. Did I make myself clear about how you were to act?”

“Yes Sir. It just surprised me so I involuntarily flinched.”

“Well, I suppose you now know what to expect and that won’t happen again. Let’s begin again, shall we?”

He didn’t wait for my response, thankfully, as I felt the cane collide with the right labia. I successfully didn’t move. And I felt the left labia get hit again. It stung even more now with the second time leaving it’s hard mark on top of the first. I felt the cane repeat to the right side then too.

I heard my thoughts, “Three more to go. I can do this. Accept this punishment with grace, as you know you deserve.”

That’s when I felt the next caning swat land directly on my clit. It stung so damn bad but I was determined to accept it by laying still. I didn’t want Sir to start over. In another second of time, I felt another sting directly onto my clit again. I didn’t expect two in a row to land directly to my most sensitive spot.

Just one more to go, and I suspected it would be delivered with the most intensity yet. Sir did not disappoint.

The last one was also delivered as a direct hit to the middle of my pussy, straight onto my clit, with more intensity than any of the previous ones. It stung so bad bad that I felt the heat roll up into my cheeks and the tears flowed out freely from my eyes.

Through a haggard breath and tears, I eked out the words, “Thank You Sir.”

That’s when he dropped to his knees and the cane was laid aside. He kissed my lips fully and when he pulled away he said, “THAT was the pain part. Now for the pleasure part.”

He moved down on the couch where he got between my legs. It was just another second until I felt his warm tongue soothingly loving on my clit, pressing away all the pain and bringing about only pleasure. It felt so wonderful that my pussy started leaking fluids immediately.

He lifted his head and spoke to me saying, “You will not orgasm today at all. I will take my pleasure now and because you previously took your pleasure without permission, you will not have that ultimate release today at all.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.”

His tongue worked its magic. I felt him press his whole mouth around my clit, creating a suction on it and slightly pulling at it where it swelled up in response. My jagged breath and moans of pleasure was starting to tell my Sir just how turned on I really was becoming. As I arched my back and started to beg Sir to stop (or else let me orgasm), he immediately pulled his lips away and said very sternly, “NO! You will NOT orgasm!” His hand simultaneously gave my clit a hard slap, telling it to stop seeking pleasure and to remember the place it’s earned.

He waited a hot second and started again. He brought me to the edge of orgasm three more times, taking his pleasure in teasing me while licking my juices up in full but never allowing me to go over the edge.

After four total times of this, I was beyond sexually frustrated and David knew it. He didn’t care. In fact, he reveled in it as he spoke, “being frustrated isn’t too good for you is it?”

“No Sir.”

“Maybe next time you’ll think twice before taking your pleasure without permission.”

Oh I definitely will not be orgasming without permission again for a very long time to come!

And with that, he pulled entirely away from me and stood up. He grabbed my hand to help pull me up to my feet too. Then he said, “Now then. Because I don’t trust yo to be unbelted, you need to go get your belt back on. Snap the lock and bring me the key.”

And I did as instructed.

As I laid the key in his hand he smiled. Then he spoke saying, “I’ll keep the key on me and at the top of every odd hour for the remainder of the day, present yourself to me. You’ll need to ask me to bring you to the edge again and again. Make no mistake, I have zero intention of allowing you to orgasm today but instead making you beg for your release. You’ll learn to ask and receive permission before taking orgasms in the future.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir for loving me enough to met out much needed discipline. I love you Sir and hope to do better by you.”

“You are most welcome my love. While all is indeed now forgiven, make no mistake that the rest of the day is reinforcing the lessons you’ve learned today AND you should plan to be in the belt for a good long time to come as you’ve now lost unbelted, unsupervised, time too.”

“I understand Sir.” I didn’t ask how long the belt would be on, as I knew the question wouldn’t be answered. It was irrelevant.

And he finally finished with, “but right now, I am so turned on and wound up that I think I need to orgasm myself. Get on your knees and prepare to receive my cum.”

And I did as instructed once more.

The end.




    • Probably everything but the caning. David has only used the cane one time and I don’t think he liked it. He may also spank my butt with the paddle, but he wouldn’t probably spank my clit either.

      • Sounds pretty reasonable I was mostly just asking because I once tried spanking my girlfriend on the clit for a punishment and it was way to painful and overkill so it’s no somthing I would recommend to do

  1. Marie, having been caned on my penis and testicles I suspect that there is no issue applying a cane to your labia and clitoris. However it needs to be done carefully… rather than a big wind up and follow though, it needs to be a sharp tap with only about a foot of travel. From my experience I can confirm that it will get your attention without doing permanent damage. As there is lots of blood and limited padding in the area you will not be able to take many strokes without bruising or bleeding.
    Despite this, it is exciting…

    • Merksmith, Thanks for the comment and the clarity. Since it was fiction, I didn’t have firsthand knowledge but made an attempt. I’ve always rather despised reading books (or blogs) where it was just “all wrong” and clear the author really just had no idea. Apparently I shouldn’t be so quick to judge now too. But… you’ve clarified and corrected me in a kind way too. I always appreciate your comments and words. Thank you! Marie

  2. Sorry Marie, I was not intending to correct the story rather just commenting on Mathew’s comment – but I maybe pushed the wrong level of reply button because it does look like my comment is on the story rather than Mathew’s.
    I loved the story!
    Maybe you should ask David to “gently” cane your pussy just to experience it… a tap with one foot of travel ensuring that the cane lands flat on target area (ie not on an angle across the pelvic bone). If you are aroused, I think that you will like it.

    • Merksmith, if correction is needed it’s needed. I’m not immune to correction! ❤️❤️😂😂 Either way, I always appreciate your comments and thank you for your kindness too.
      Merry Christmas!

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