285 – Fiction for now … but maybe not for always.

While this is currently fiction, i intend to ask Sir to read this and make it a reality, if he wants it to be….

Not quite November

“Sir, it is nearly November. Last year, we did NO-orgasm-vember where i edged a lot but you did not allow me to orgasm for much of it. i think if it had not been my big 5-0 birthday, you wouldn’t have allowed me to orgasm at all, but… you were kind. For my birthday.”

“This year though, while of course, it is still my birthday month, it isn’t a big birthday this year the way it was last year So i think you should consider not letting me orgasm this entire month,” is what i said to my Sir.

He looked at me somewhat confused and said, “Why? Would should I not enjoy giving you orgasms whenever I want to? I like seeing you get pleasure at my hand (or tongue or cock).”

My response was, “Yes Sir, i do enjoy getting orgasms from you at the times you allow it. But i also feel selfish. i feel like i have gotten far more pleasure and orgasms than you. And my submission should be about pleasing you, rather not about pleasing me!”

He laughed and said, “well I simply can’t have multiple orgasms the way you do. So of course you get more than I do!”

i smiled and said, “And that is truly wonderful for me Sir, but it does not feel fair. While 11- months of the year, i am content to please you by having more orgasms whenever you want me to, it seems fair that ONE month i abstain. That being denied orgasms for 30-days, i would focus on your pleasure and your happiness and your orgasms, and not my own, if that’s what you’d like too.”

“Do you even think you can hold out that long?” he said with complete skepticism in his tone.

“Well Sir, you have the full ability to make that happen. At whatever point you think i may cheat and be tempted to masturbate, you can put me in my chastity belt and hold the key until whatever point you think it appropriate to allow me out or to orgasm.”

i continued, “But Sir, i won’t lie, i am a little concerned my sexual arousal may be completely lost with full abstinence for 30-days too. i may lose all interest in sexual activities. i may become content to NOT get pleasure at all.”

Sir gave a sly smile and said, “That’s a problem that’s easily fixed.”

That was all he said. No elaboration whatsoever.

i paused before i spoke again, but when it became obvious Sir did not intend to provide any further commentary, i said, “my other concern would be being locked up for too many consecutive days may compromise my feminine hygiene, which could possibly lead to a yeast infection.”

And he once again said, “That’s easily fixed also.”

i wondered what he was thinking but wasn’t sure what to say. i finally just bucked up my courage and asked, “Sir, can you think out loud so i can get a feel for what you are thinking.”

He gave yet another sly smile and said, “you can ask. But I’m not going to say, at least not yet. It’s not Nov 1. But on that day, you’ll know more.”

November 1

i had become pretty unaware of what day it was. Even when it did occur to me that November had officially started, i didn’t even know if Sir was intending to enact any version of my previous suggestions as he had made NO reference or discussion about it.

The day started innocent enough and in the exact same way as always. i was up and out the door to work. Sir was working from home, also same as always.

When i came home from work, we had a same-as-always dinner and evening too. Then we went to retire in our bed.

When i climbed into bed, i was naked, as always. i snuggled up close to my Sir and put my hands down under the covers. i reached and found his cock and said, “this feels amazing Sir. Can i suck you hard?”

He smiled and said, “Sureeeeee.” No smart man tells his wife no when she offers him a blow job, and my Sir is definitely a smart man!

And he threw back the covers and i went down on him. i started slowly, but as his cock grew hard in my mouth i began to move faster too.

i heard him moan in pleasure, which made me happy to hear. He grabbed my head on both sides and started to force my head up and down faster. He was making my mouth fuck his cock. His cock got very hard as i sucked him off faster and harder with every thrust.

That’s when he pulled my mouth off of him and said, “move up and plant my cock deep inside my Pussy.”

“Yes Sir!” No good submissive woman denies an opportunity to fuck her Dominant husband!

i was so wet already without even having been touched at all. i moved myself up and positioned his cock to be able to slide down on top of his rock hard pole. My pussy was suddenly very full as i slid all the way down in one smooth move. i let myself sit for just a second with his cock deep inside me just to feel him fully.

That’s when i looked into his eyes, and he grabbed my hips and he said, “ride my cock now slut.”

And that was all the motivation i needed! i started to move up and down. i wasn’t yet going very fast, but building into it. i felt Sir’s hands press onto each of my hips, encouraging me to go up and down that much more. He very sternly said, “fuck my cock like you mean it. Convince me of how much this means to you slut. Or else I’ll take it away and give it as quickly as i gave it to you. Now!”

And i started riding him like my life depended upon it! i needed to fuck my Sir with everything in me! i needed this for him AND for me. i was taking him hard as i rose up and slid back down on his cock, making my tits bob up and down just as hard! It caused my tits to hurt, so much so i reached up to hold them in place. I felt Sir’s hands slap against the backs of mine and he said, “let go of my tits. I want to see them move and hear them slap against your chest.” So i let go and allowed my Sir’s pleasure to be more than my pain.

It was but another minute when Sir decided we were changing positions altogether. He flipped us over in one smooth move where i was laying on my back. He smiled and said, “the best place for any good woman is on her back with her legs spread wide, and you are no exception! Do NOT cum until I do!”

He didn’t expect an audible answer and I didn’t provide one. Instead it was in my head that i clearly heard myself utter, “Yes Sir” without hesitation. i live for these moments and i refuse to disappoint my Sir!

And he started fucking me with just one intent in mind. He wasn’t making love to me, but fucking me with all he had. He was using my cunt for his needs, and i was proud to be the one he took what he needed from. Serving him this way gives me incredible joy!

This time i heard myself begging him out loud saying, “Sir, give me your cum. Dump it deep inside me so i can feel it drip all night long!”

He was so intent on his task of getting off, he couldn’t speak. i then felt my own orgasm rising and felt panic rising in me. i would not, could not disobey but my body was starting to have a mind of its own too. With desperation i squeaked out, “Sir. Please hurry. i am about to orgasm!”

He surprised me by coming to a complete stop nearly immediately. He pulled out and with annoyance and a twinge of anger he spat out the words, “the fuck you are! This is No-orgasm-vember. And that means this is MY month. You get NO orgasms and I get them all for both of us!”

i was feeling like a disappointment and had sadness wash over me as a result. i was letting my Sir down. I was failing to be a good submissive slut wife for him.

He continued, “open your mouth wide. I don’t need your cunt if it’s not going to obey. Your mouth will do just fine. I’ll go back to fucking it.”

A few minutes later, he orgasmed big! i heard him moan, his cock got very stiff and still, and i felt his hot cum shoot to the back of my throat.

As his cum hit my throat, i instinctively pulled back just a bit. He must’ve felt it as he grabbed the back of my head and held me still with his cock deep inside. He said, “swallow all I give you! Don’t you let a drop go to waste!” And i swallowed as fast as i could to not let him down any further and to not choke too!

When he was done, he asked me how i felt and whether i had orgasmed. i spoke honestly and said, “i feel disappointed in myself that my pussy tried to disobey you Sir, but no Sir, i did not have any orgasms.”

He said, “oh my love, do not feel you have disappointed me. You are the best wife I could ever want or need or hope for! It’s good that I turn you on so much that you are wet and dripping for me. And make no mistake, your desire to orgasm is just a sign of your love manifesting deep inside you. AND you did good by telling me too.” His hand had moved up to cup the side of my cheek as he had said these things. That was when he leaned in and kissed me deeply too, making all my negative emotions wash away, leaving me with deep and complete joy.

When he pulled back he continued speaking, “it was very good of you to not orgasm. That’s how it should be! How close did you get?”

i shrugged and said, “i got close but not too close i suppose.”

That’s when Sir got up from the bed to go to the bathroom. i thought he was going to clean himself, but he returned almost immediately. He tossed my favorite vibrating dildo at me and said, “Here. Edge. Now. Do NOT orgasm! But get close. And stop.”

“Yes Sir.”

And i did so in a matter of a couple of short minutes. It didn’t take long and i was at the edge of orgasm! i pulled the dildo out of my pussy and said, “i nearly went over the edge and orgasmed with that one Sir.”

He said, “Good. Do it again.”

“But Sir.. i will….”

He cut me off saying, “you WILL do as you are told. I said do it again. Edge but do NOT orgasm. Get even closer to the edge this time.”

So i did. i used the vibrator for a minute and was about to orgasm again, so i knew i had to stop immediately. i pulled the vibrator from my needy cunt, leaving it empty and feeling so desperate to orgasm.

With that, Sir said, “Do it again.”

“A third time Sir? i surely will….”

He cut me off again saying, “you surely will get punished if you continue to argue with me. Now get busy woman!”

So i did. i cringed as i knew it was going to be only a few seconds before i would be at the very edge again. Not to mention, i was getting fearful that i would orgasm accidentally. As i finished, ever so quickly, i pulled the dildo from my pussy and rolled over onto my side, squeezing my legs together to force the orgasm to go away and not allow it to escape!

That’s when Sir said, “go put the chastity belt on. You’ll wear it to sleep now.”

So i did. i put it on. Without a single utterance of discord.

When i climbed back in bed, Sir smiled at me. He said, “wife, you are the best. I am so grateful you want to please me the way you do. I have decided that your suggestion of abstinence for you for NO-orgasm-vember is an amazing one. Every night, I will use whatever hole I want to get off. And every night, when I am done, you’ll edge yourself three more times. Then you’ll sleep in your belt.”

He continued, “this should be a valid solution to your two problems… 1) you will be edged and get near orgasm, wanting it so badly, but getting no release. This will keep your sex drive high and you’ll find it hard to lose interest. And 2) you’ll sleep in your belt. In the morning, you can take it off but I do expect you to practice self control and to deny yourself any and all orgasms. The reason you should wear it to sleep is that so soon after edging, you may be tempted to finish yourself off after I go to sleep but we won’t allow that this month at all.”

He finished with, “THIS is going to be an amazing month my love. I may allow you to orgasm on your birthday, but that’s 25-days away, and I haven’t decided on that yet either. Do not bug or for that matter even ask me about getting to orgasm on your birthday, as I’ll probably deny you an orgasm even then, to serve as punishment for annoying me about it.”

He finished with, “All I know for sure is this month is about me, and not about you.”

i leaned in and i kissed him. As i pulled back, i thanked him for allowing himself to feel a month full of pleasure while using me to please him, which gives me pleasure also. All the while, loving me so throughly too.

This is indeed going to be an awesome month… i hope. i think. i may be pretty sexually frustrated by the end, but i will definitely not lose interest in my Sir or sex!

The end. Now to share this with Sir and see if he wants to use any, all, some, or none of it this month. Ultimately the decision is, as always, his alone to make. Happy November!



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