Day 13: My Submissiveness

Day 13: KINK APPEAL…Explain as best you can what the appeal of kink/BDSM is to you? Why are you drawn to what you’re drawn to?

i am drawn to submission. And my husband is drawn to control. So it’s a good fit!

And why am i drawn to it? It a very simple……Because it makes my husband happy, which makes me happy.

i mean seriously… does there have to be more?

Seriously. Why wouldn’t every woman set out to have a happy husband?! If you love your husband, you WANT him to be happy! Right?!

Ok, so there might be more to it too…. like the ability to let go, let someone else, to not worry, to not have to make decisions, to go with the flow, to not be in control ALL the time… or none of the time!

And… i am also into Domestic Discipline. Or said more plainly, “spanking”.


Because when the first kinky thing (my submission, his Domination) fails, there has to be consequences!

So if you are wondering “why does there HAVE to be consequences?”

Well that’s simple. EVERYTHING has consequences. At least every decision does. Maybe it’s not a significant consequence, but there definitely is one.

What do i mean? Well, ok, let’s talk specific examples……

You decide to run the red light… you could get a ticket from the cop who saw it, you could get into a car accident, or maybe you got away with it… but your conscience knows, you didn’t make a good choice.


You decide to stop at the red light…. and the car behind you doesn’t stop so you are still in an accident, or maybe not that bad but simply that sitting at the light just causes you to get to work late and now you have to explain to the boss why you are late.

Life is full of alternative choices .. or… consequences.

So WHY wouldn’t a relationship also have consequences?

If i upset David, or i don’t do as i should or as he’d expect, i get in trouble. And before DD, it would just mean a huge-ass fight (!!!!) but now….. it results in his arm muscles getting stronger as he perfects the swing of the paddle as it collides with my bare ass.

And i accept it. Willingly.

That’s what i’m into and why it appeals to me. ❤️




  1. Just out of curiosity, Marie, were you a kid who loved rules? Because I was, even though I grew up in a pretty laid back household, I really appreciated having rules to follow. I always wondered if other submissive women were like me as kids.

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